5 Signals Which Prove Your Little One Would Be A Future Genius


Although, each and every parent would feel that their little one is gifted, but being a parent you need to understand the fact that a genius child is a rare occurrence. If you are fortunate enough and your tiny bundle of happiness is amongst one of those possessing unimaginable intelligence and extraordinary skills, he would begin to show the signs in his early days, specially infancy!
So how do you tell that your little one’s IQ is topping charts? Will he be that future little genius whom the world would praise? It would be best if you identify the signs of genius early and help in developing your child’s skills. You need not to pressurize your little one just because you have noticed few signs. We have penned down few tell-tale signs which show the potential of your little genius.

Meets Milestones Early

There are a few milestones like starting to talk, walk, read etc which parents set for their little ones. If your child starts meeting these milestones earlier than expected then you have a strong signal that your child might be gifted. This is the right time when you should be looking for doing something out of the box for enhancing the developmental milestones and skills well ahead of his squints. Like, your genius child might start talking more complexly than his fellow mates.

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He Remembers Places And Faces Which He Doesn’t See Frequently

Most children forget faces and places which they don’t see often. Their world is restricted to parents, siblings and people they see everyday. However, if your little one recognizes people who live separately and don’t visit him often, there is surely something genius going on. An unusual strong and sharp memory is also the sign of high IQ and genius.

Your Child Has Interests Or Hobbies Which Aren’t Usual Of His Age

Playing with clay, jumping in the backyard, collecting stones are few of the great childhood activities which every little one indulges in. But does your tiny bundle of happiness has interests which seem different or unusual from other little ones of his age? Does your child likes reading time, flipping through books on study table, or has keen interest on knowing how airplanes fly? If your child can figure out the date or day months away, it is time for you to recall your algebra knowledge to keep up with your genius.

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High Level Of Alertness And Awareness

Blessed little ones usually have a high level of alertness and awareness and it is a great sign of being a junior Einstein. If your child is a genius, he would be able to connect efficiently with voices of the people he recognizes. Similarly, he would be able to make an early eye contact with the people he knows . When in the company of a stranger, your little genius would be alarmed. This depicts that your baby is well aware and alert of his surroundings at a tender age and is not a usual child.

Less Sleep

Most genius babies don’t sleep a lot. However, this thing initially would alarm you as babies love to sleep but you need to understand the reason for your little genius’s lack of sleep. A genius baby possesses a sharp mind and memory which is always thinking of something every now and then! Your little one might try to focus on particular things when you put him to sleep and hence he might not get to sleep and relax properly. Therefore, if your baby sleeps less, need to worry and rush to doctor in a whoosh. He might be a future Einstein!

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