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Kids Swimwear Collection 2017


The heat is beginning to gain pace and before you’ll know your kid’s swimming classes will begin. Are you prepared for that? Did you just say that there’s a lot of time for it and you’ll arrange the costumes by then? April has just started and it’s already too hot. The temperatures are soaring every day, air conditioners are being repaired to bear the heat and you feel that swimming is a far away schedule? You have no idea when suddenly your kid will get up and say that he needs to be at the swimming class, what then? Isn’t it better to have the swimwear handy for any such ‘emergency’? We present to you our latest collection of kids swimming costume that will make swimming a trendy sport for your little one!

Funky Ruffled Pink Top & Polka Swim Suit Set


This stylish swim suit will match up to your kid’s demands in just the right way. The halter neck bikini top is super cute with three layers of ruffles in the stylish pink color. The bottom gives it a perfect contrast with a design of polka dots in black and white. The swimsuit has a perfect fit with elastic that will make swimming for your little one a mind blowing experience!

Pretty Turquoise Floral Swimsuit


A very stylish piece in the swimwear category is this one. The bikini top is printed with cute ruffles adorning it. The big bow in the center adds to the cuteness and makes it all the more wearable. The bikini bottom has a little skirt to it that gives it a nice feminine touch. The skirt is turquoise with pretty prints adorning it and pink ruffles on the hem. A little bow at the waist also adds to the cuteness of the attire. A cute cap completes the outfit that not only protects your baby’s head from the sun rays but also increases the style factor of the swimsuit!

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Rose Prints Lovely Flower Swimwear


Your little girl will love to own a swimsuit in her favorite pink color. This piece has a stylish halter style top with lovely rose print. The hot pink bloomer gives it a perfect contrast which has lovely ruffles on the hem. There is a lovely little cap with the swim set that matches the top in the rose pattern. The cap will protect your baby’s head from the summer heat while she swims in her elegant self wearing this pretty swimming costume.

Golden Green Mermaid Funky Swimwear


This is a very stylish piece in this category that will surely impress your little girl. The bikini top is in metallic gold color and is of halter style making it look super stylish. A big bow in the same texture adorns the front of the top. With the same fabric in metallic touch, a headband is made that matches it perfectly adding extra grace. The bikini bottom is designed such that it gives the impression of a mermaid’s scales in green metallic color. The overall set is ideal for any little girl’s swimming sessions!

Hottest Pink Tassels Funky Kids Bikini Set


A beautiful swimsuit in the striking combination of pink and yellow is sure to turn heads in your little girl’s direction as she swims across the pool. The bikini bottom has a filled skirt to it in the color pink to make it look super stylish. The bikini top is very stylish with ruffles on the bodice and pink tassels below it with a touch of yellow to give it the much needed contrast!

These pretty swimsuits are a must have for your little girl to beat the heat with her swimming skills. Buy kids swimwear online India and make these summers full of fun for your little baby girl!

How to Organize a Memorable Outdoor Birthday Party

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.”

party themeEvery parent dreams of organizing a birthday party for their child that is cherished by the little one for years to come. Organizing Kids’ birthday party also provides a chance to the parents to use their creative side and come closure to their kids. Start thinking about what your kid will like, what will make him/her extremely happy and excited, what will fill his/her heart with love. It’s all about planning something which will make your little one feel special. Nowadays, you can find endless ideas for making the birthday celebration grand and unique.

Outdoor Birthday Parties are a great hit when it comes to organizing a unique event. Parents can hire event planners for such an event or they can plan it by themselves. Nowadays, planning a birthday party is not such a fuss. Unlimited ideas are available on the internet and with the help of newly launched mobile applications; a person can organize a great party.

To throw the best outdoor birthday party, parents should keep in mind the child’s interests. Right from selecting the theme, choosing the menu, decorations etc. the child should be involved in everything. After all, it’s the child’s big day.

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For making the big day bigger and full of excitement, one should make a checklist of all the things that are required so that nothing goes wrong.


party lawnThe first and the foremost thing required for an outdoor event is choosing the best location. The location that you choose should be where your child and his friends can play and have a good time.

Party Supplies

party supplyIn order to make the birthday party exceptional, one needs theme based birthday supplies. With the help of online shopping websites, it has become easier for parents to shop for all kinds of birthday essentials for the party. Every other kids shopping website has Birthday party supplies for kids. There are various themes that can be chosen for girls and boys. For girls, the most famous themes include princess themes like Elsa, Cinderella, Snow white etc. And for boys, it can be Spiderman, Minions, Superman etc. Kids party supplies in India can be ordered from various websites or physical stores. For working parents, online shopping websites have become a boon. Which give them a relaxation from going to a store and shop.

Food Menu

food menuKids have become very particular about what they eat nowadays. With so many options and food chains opened these days, the taste buds of all the children have become quite similar. On the other hand, parents can opt for a simple food menu and make the dessert interesting. The best option is to opt for a sundae station in which kids can choose their own ice-cream or yogurt flavors. Another option is serving cupcakes with other kids’ friendly toppings such as marshmallows, candies and sprinkles.

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Return Gifts

return giftAhaaa!! Kids normally gets excited, even with the thought of going to a birthday party and receiving a return gift. Therefore, it should be special and interesting. If you are throwing a party for your little angel then the most memorable thing can be a souvenir that can be given to each child with sweets. And if you have a handsome birthday boy, then you may try something like projector watches. The most unique way to make the kids happy in your little baby’s birthday is to customize the return gift options, so that their friends can remember the day forever. You can also team it up with cupcakes, macaroons, sweets, chocolates, stationary items etc.

The main idea behind choosing an outdoor birthday party is to make your child feel special. Hope these ideas has given you an energy to start thinking about how differently and creatively you can plan your kids birthday.

Super Amazing Balloons: Party Supplies You Must Have

Balloons make for the most essential items of party decorations, especially  for kids birthday parties. Colorful balloons help in creating a cheerful ambiance. These inflated balls of joy have never ceased to fascinate us all. It is for this reason that balloons which were at the time of their invention used in military communications, transportation and scientific experiments; soon began to be looked as enchanting items that one could have some fun & play with. And then came all forms of balloons from the hydrogen filled rubber balloons to the foil balloons to the chemically treated latex ones.

Today, party balloons come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The heart shaped ones to Disney character balloons. They can be as large as the size of a man, or small like tennis ball. The styles and designs are flabbergasting. You gotta look at the amazing choice of these awesome party supplies online to get the idea. So here you go-

Party Balloons that are not mere inflated rubber balls!

Gold Bling HAPPY BIRTHDAY full Set

Ever thought of an entire balloon alphabet set that could instantly lift up any birthday party decor? Here it is. Who wouldn’t be delighted to have them for their birthday?!

Throwing a themed birthday party? Superhero or princess theme, or is it the trending Minion Theme Party? Make the party venue alive with these terrific party balloons which will suit your theme just so perfectly.

All Favorite Minion 36 Inch X-Large Balloon


Spiderman Wow 36 Inch Full Size Balloon


Hello Kitty Love 36 Inch Large Balloon


All these super amazing balloons are 36 inches. Big enough to grab the attention right?

Now, you can’t just have one amusingly big fat balloon and be done with the decorations, right? So, do pick up some usual ones too. And, if you please, buying a balloon inflator would only be a helpful addition.

Party Balloon Inflator Manual

I Love Colours Heart Shape Balloons Set of 8


Exciting, fascinating, amusing and happening; get such unique eye-catching birthday party supplies and your kids will love you for making their party so rockingly amazing.

Gift Ideas For Your Little Nieces and Nephews

Do you have a little niece or a nephew you absolutely dote on? Is he s/he the apple of your eye and you treat the little soul as your own? Then, with the showering of countless hugs and kisses, we are sure you must have been leaving no chance to pamper this bundle of joy with lovely presents now and then. However, apart from the toys they can play with, it sure is a hard task to find appropriate gift items for infants who are too small to make use of much of the things your adult mind could think of. So, while shopping for the little one making a meaningful choice essentially requires a lot of brainstorming.

Sure enough you could buy a lot of stuff like nappies, baby bathing products, strollers and all, but they seem like more a present for the parents than the child. So apart from the toys, one thing that we feel makes much sense to be opted as a good gift choice for your niece or nephew would be some delightful clothing sets. And they are easy to be shopped too. Just use the internet and hit buy on your favorite newborn baby clothes online. The range is fabulous. Here are some sample choices for you:

Red & Silver Sequin Tutu & Headband Set

red-silver-sequin-tutu-_-headband-setThis one could be presented to your little niece as an advance birthday girt. The gorgeous tutu dress with stunning sequins will make for a delightful dress for her to wear on her birthday party.

Navy Blue Cute Tie Baby Boy Romper & Cap

navy-blue-cute-tie-baby-boy-romper-_-capThis is an adorable romper set that you could pick for your nephew to look dapper and gentleman like. Sure the parents of the boy will appreciate your choice, and you may get the priciest giggles from the receiver of the gift too.

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Superman Baby Romper With Satin Cape

superman-baby-romper-with-satin-cape3Babies instinctively develop a liking to cartoons and superheroes from the very start, maybe as we provide them that kind of an exposure. Well, whatever be the case, this superman costume set would be a wonderful gift choice for your little nephew.

One Shoulder Rosette Baby Gift Set:

one-shoulder-rosette-baby-gift-setThis one shoulder rosette baby gift set is an ideal choice if you are finding something stylish and eye pleasing. The pre-walkers included in the set make this an all the more thoughtful gift pick. Just imagine your niece in this- Gorgeously adorable!

Cute Peach Tie Baby BodySuit

cute-peach-tie-baby-bodysuitThis unisex peach bodysuit could be a great pick for your little nephew/niece. And if it is an advance gift for the yet to be born baby, then it is the safest bet. It is comfortable, made of fine cloth and totally adorable.

If you like any of the above baby clothing sets, then click on the pictures to shop them right away. However, you may checkout other baby clothing online options too to choose what to you seems the best. For at the end your motive should be gifting the kiddos not just fancy presents but ones that serve a purpose too.

Beautiful Indian Baby Names

The best gift any parent can give his newborn is the name he will be recognized by all life long. What’s in the name? Well, a lot. True, that it’s not someone’s name that decides his destiny (although many cultures and beliefs state that it does play a role). Also rational is the point that one is known not by his name but the deeds he does. But let’s face it, ultimately it all comes down to recognizing and remembering the person by his name.Moreover, it’s an expression of saying what the little joy of bundle means to you when you bestow him with a name. So, naming the infant is the first milestone of parenting, and shouldn’t be taken too lightly.


Here are a few things to keep in mind while selecting a ‘name’ for your baby:

  • A nice sounding name is not enough, it should mean something to you and your spouse. For example, Adira, the name that actress Rani Mukherjee and director producer Aditya Chopra have given their little one, has Aditya’s ‘ADI’ and Rani’s ‘RA’.
  • Take into consideration your rituals and beliefs. While we, don’t feel it necessary, but if you are a religious person and believe in that stuff. Take time and find a name that suits both your personal liking as well as the customs.
  • Choose a contemporary name. Remember, it’s the baby’s name and not yours. While the little soul may not be ready to share his opinion right now, he may have a problem with it later. Many a times, it happens when children start going to school and are teased by the peers for having an old fashioned name, resentment starts building up.
  • Be open to suggestions from family and friends and let them have an equal say. They are as excited as you are to welcome the new member, and may have invested a lot of thought in coming up with the best name possible. You can take everyone’s word and together decide which one is the best.
  • Last of all, while we advocate gender equality and always encourage parents to bring up their kids free from the societal gender constructs, but we’ve often seen, most kids like to have a name that is not gender confusing. For example, I have a female friend by the name of Pankaj, who till date holds a grudge against her parents for not finding a better girl name for her.

Here are some of the best Indian Baby Name suggestions we have for you-

Baby girl names:


Names that signify your girl is your most priced possession/blessing– Nidda, Hazeena, Niddhima, Varya, Nidhi, Shreenidhi, Annam, Aradya, Devina, Khair, Nimah, Tanusha, Unjali, Vashnie, Arshi, Arshia, Dhivja, Diana, Divyani, Manna, Zahra.

Happiness/Joy– A Harshali, Harshala, Shadmani, Amoda, Hanna, Tusti, Rashika, Amoda, Bhagya, Hana, Hanit, Harshala, Harshika, Muskan, Shadmani, Tusti, Harshi, Harshitha, Jovita, Mudita.

Other unique baby girl names: Mayra, Shivanya, Saanvi, Kiara, Prisha, Avni, Anaisha, Nita, Jivika, Eva, Dhun, Gazal, Abida, Samiyah etc.

Popular Baby Boy Names:


Ivan, Moksh, Ojas, Farzan, Vihaan, Aarav, Arsh, Reyaansh, Abhay, Daksh, Dishant, Aahil, Abhik, Kaushtubh, Josuah, Rishit, Tanay, Vihag, Zian, Tapas, Paarth,Usman,Varnit, Ahaan, Agasthya, etc.

There’s no dearth of unique and pleasant sounding names. If you haven’t found the perfect one for your would-be born yet, just a little research and oodles of tender excitement is all you need to pin the best one. So get started now. Good luck!

Throw An Awesome Baby Shower for Your BFF!!!

baby_shower_logoFriendship goals- Setting these is one of the best pastimes for little girls. These goals are long stretched and you literally end up planning your entire life, like your graduation party dress, getting drunk for the first time, having a hen’s party, attending each other’s marriages and well, probably throwing a baby shower too.

So if you too have shared such sweet visions in the past, and today you are at that turn where she is soon going to be blessed with a two-legged bundle of joy in her arms, then get ready to accomplish one more friendship feat by throwing for your best buddy an awesome blossom baby shower.

Read this post and take a few cues as how can you arrange a baby shower that will make the would-be-mother have a blast before THE Blast 😉 Many useful ideas for baby shower gifts have also been weaved into this post.

Now, if it is not going to be elaborate event, where too many people are being invited, but a close-knit affair, then it would be fun idea to have the expecting mom make a wish list. You can then share it with the other girlfriends being invited by including it with the invites. It will make it easier for them to pick the gifts. Also keep an eye on your friend’s recent shopping, and make sure the big baby items, she and her hubby have already bought, do not make to the baby shower gifts by any chance.


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And before deciding on the gifts for baby boy/girl you are going to buy, gift for your BFF, whose soon going to gift you the sweetest cuddly, should be sorted. Because you are hosting the shower itself, no particular gift is required as such, however, post the event, you can gift her a custom made album of photos of the baby shower.


Next, don’t ponder on the party venue much. The best place is obviously her home. You may even discuss it with her, whether it’s convenient to host the shower at her place. But for any reason if that isn’t feasible, make it your home then. During the last phase of pregnancy, it is best that she doesn’t have to roam around much and gets to be at a comfortable space at all times.

For the decorations, sky is the limit. You can experiment with themes. Keep it simple or think of an out of box theme, and decorate the place according. For instance, how about serving the beverages in baby milk bottles, or ordering a diaper cake if you really want to have some crazy laughing while celebrating the impending birth.


Arrange for some video messages from those who cannot be there, so as the would-be-mother doesn’t miss out on any blessings that may come her way. Getting messages from her parents and in-laws would be really a special arrangement. You can also include a message from the would-be-dad (as he won’t be a part of the all girl affair). That can in future even serve as precious gifts for the baby girl/boy, when he listens to how anxiously people had waited for his/her arrival.

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Keep the dress code as maternity gowns or at least don’t dress too sexy to give complex to the fat-tummy-pregnant woman. She is going to be the star of the shower, so make her feel special in every way.


Let the gift opening session begin early, because the time the mother to be starts unwrapping those baby shower gifts, with it will unwrap another session of maybe high emotions, or some hilarious comments. Keeping it for the last minute can ruin the fun.


So, these are our heartfelt suggestions for you to arrange an amazing baby shower. Hope you enjoyed the read and could use our tips.

Top Christmas Gifts for Babies & Toddlers

So are your little ones all pepped up for Christmas? And are you making efforts keep their excitement going? Well, because if you are not, it will be a great let down for them. If your child has had any exposure to this Christian festival and the Santa tale, they definitely are aware of the gifting ritual too. So you’d better not disappoint them. Let them not hate Santa as well as you for dampening their festive mood.

And, if you are trying to get away with the excuse that your infant is way to small to understand or know anything about this lovely festival; don’t you want to introduce it to them by showering some cheerful gifts?

So, too young or just a tad bit old (by which we mean your kid knows, it no Santa who comes down the chimney to deliver his gift), spread cheers and smiles over your children’s face by giving the choicest of gifts this Christmas. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Find that wish list your kid is sending off to Santa and get them exactly what they’ve wished for. What would make them more happy than having their heart’s desire fulfilled.

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2. His own Santa teddy could also be a nice thing to gift them on the occasion. You know kids don’t just love that big fat man for the gifts he brings, but also for that endearing face behind the snowy long beard and the huggable belly in red robe.

^8C7D43F49F2B05577CE92A8916E5AD9D224A2C91E992CA119C^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr3. If you are among those parents who wish to take fun and learning go side by side for the kids, then gift them something of that likes. Coloring books or maybe a book of carols (if your child is old enough to read), or many story books that you could read to them at bedtime.

1.74. Learning is not just through books. There are other ways in which you can help their mental development. Gift them an interesting jig-saw puzzle or Rubik’s Cube or some fun block games.

1.45. How about some advance Christmas gifts too. Gift your child some long stockings in advance, to fill them with more gifts on the Christmas eve. Apart from these, a Christmas tree and decoratives to festoon the tree. And yes the adorable Christmas caps are also a part of the advance presents.

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6. Like any other festival, celebrating a festival becomes even more delightful when you dress up for it. In India, wearing new clothes on special occasions is anyways a good ritual. So gift your toddler new clothes. You’ll find a wide range of Christmas themed attires online and otherwise.

christmas_special_kids_fleece_set(Click on the picture to buy.)

Make Christmas all the more merrier for your kids with the lovely gifts. Merry Christmas to you 🙂

How to throw a BIG kids birthday party on a small budget?

Kids are loved by everyone. Whenever a child’s birthday arrives, that day is the most precious day for the parents. Where kids enjoy their special day with their friends at school, parents at home do all the work to make the perfect arrangements for their child’s birthday party. The main thing to consider while planning a birthday party is, the budget. Now, there are some parents who love to spend enormous amount of money on their kid’s birthday parties and then there are some smart parents who spend less amount and are able to pull off the party just like an expensive one.

You must be thinking, how do those parents do everything within budget and you are still not able to decide the budget for the cake. Let’s take some points into consideration and learn some tricks to throw a wonderful kids birthday party on a minimal budget.

Select a theme and do everything according to it:

festa-frozen23Now, there are so many ideas of having a birthday party themes in India that your child would love. For example, if your are going to have frozen theme, that does not mean you have to do everything from decoration to tissue papers accordingly. Just using the same colors like blue will be a good option.

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Food options:

foodYou do not have to have so many food options for the guests. Having less and tasty items are better than having many and average tasting items. Guests come to enjoy and they can even enjoy if there are less eating options. Do not spend extra money on food.

Baby boy dress:

style_me_elegant_white_vest_tuxedo_shorts_set_3Your baby boy just turned one. How about you spend good money on the first birthday dress for your baby boy and bring a smile on his innocent face. Buy first birthday party dress online for your baby boy and if you want, you can save money buy purchasing dress online on sale.

Ditch the DJ:


You do not have to spend unnecessary amount of money on the DJ. Bring your laptop and speakers from home and create a playlist of all the party songs before hand and play them at the party. Do not forget to include remix of songs for extra groove.

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Choose a cheaper venue:

venueYou should not spend all your money on the venue. Choose a place that suits your budget the best. You can also do great birthday party decorations in India these days and once the decorations are done, you will be surprised to see how elegant that budget friendly place turned out.

Baby girl dress:

diva_silver_pearls_studded_princess_kids_party_dress_1There are so many choices in the girls section and you can easily gift your princess the best dress ever made. Now a days, birthday tutu dress for girls is very much trending. So choose best  first birthday party dress for baby girl and watch her shine like a star in that dress.

Introduce fun games at the party:

musical chairsIt’s the job of host to introduce various unique and fun games at the party. Games that can be enjoyed by both parents and children must be included. If you are unable to introduce any new ideas play some old games like musical chairs, pictionary, bowling, etc.

Party supplies:


Now, you must have a question in mind that is how to decorate for birthday party on a budget? It is not that difficult task to decorate the venue on a budget. You just have to find a shop where you can buy all the supplies in bulk and if you are unable to find that, buy birthday party supplies online in India.

Try to adopt all the above mentioned points and in these points you have the answer to how to celebrate 1st birthday of baby girl or a baby boy. If you are serious about saving your hard earned money and at the same time want to throw a perfect birthday party for your child, these points will work wonders for you and you along with your kid will definitely have a blast.

Is Santa Real, Mommy?


With just a few days left to the Christmas, everyone is getting ready to celebrate this great festival. People are buying gifts for near and dear ones. Small children gets super excited about this holiday because they believe a big man dressed in red with his face covered in white beard would come riding on a sleigh pulled by 8 reindeer s and a Rudolf, to gift them with the things that they want. Children also write letters to Santa Claus giving him a list of things that they desire for Christmas. They believe that Santa lives in north pole with his wife and 3 elves and goes all around the world to distribute gifts to children. You do not have to tell your child to believe in Santa Claus, they automatically do maybe due to the fact that their friends believe in him or they have read or heard about him from somewhere. Whatever the reason is, as long as they are receiving the gifts that they desire, they continue to believe in Santa.

But what would you do if your child comes running to you asking if Santa is real? At that time what is going to be your instant reaction. Would you burst the bubble and tell him the truth about Santa not being real or would you let him believe in what he thinks? Some parents believe that telling a child truth about Santa is going to be the best way as they won’t be called liars in the future. But some parents believe in keeping the spirit of Christmas alive because they know, one day their kid will eventually know the truth.


Remember Phoebe form the famous U.S. sitcom FRIENDS? When she and Joey were discussing about Santa Claus being real or not, that was the first time when Phoebe found out that Santa isn’t real! She was of course bummed out but she didn’t let any of her friends notice that she believed in Santa Claus. Similarly, your child will also find out the truth about Santa Claus one day and you should not destroy his beliefs at a very young age.


If your child’s sweet and innocent mind wants to believe that Santa receives all his letters and that he brings gifts on 25th December every year from that list by sliding down through the chimney when everyone is asleep and crawls up through the same chimney to go to another kid’s house, let him believe in it. Do not think that you are letting him believe in something blindly but rather look towards the positive side of it like your child is cleaning his bedroom on his own for Santa or baking cookies and warming milk for him when ever he will come to drop the gifts at night. Avoid spoiling the excitement of your young soul and let him enjoy the holiday the way he wants to enjoy it.

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lighten bag

Narrate the story of St. Nicholas, the real Santa Claus, to your children and tell them how great a person he was. How he was so rich but gave up his everything to help the poor and needy. After you tell this story to your kids, they will believe that Santa Claus is not just a man who flies around the world to distribute gifts to the children but also teaches us about doing sacrifices and helping the ones in need.

So, let your child believe in whatever they wish to believe in. Just tell him, If you believe in God, There is no harm in believing in Santa too.

How to Photograph Your Child’s Birthday Party?

Photographs hold immense importance in our lives. They are the best way to cement moments which will be cherished long after that instance of joy passed by. There are times when for no reason, you feel like clicking random pictures (well, life is indeed an aggregation of these random moments only). However, some special occasions require you to plan before capturing for the frame. For instance birthday parties, in particular,kids birthday party. These are one of the most looked forward events for parents as well as the little kiddos, and provide opportunity to steal some precious emotions and expressions.

Whether you be the photographer yourself, or hire a professional (or hand over the responsibility to a friend); whatever be your choice, there are certain kinds of pictures that you must get clicked to make the most of this special time.



A lot of pain is taken in order to get the perfect birthday party supplies for kids. From items to decorate the place to the cutlery to the food and the cake. Click them after the final setup is done. Before guests arrive, take a picture of the party place. You don’t always need human figures to bring alive birthday party pictures.



Children are best clicked when they are not aware of it. No posing, only capturing the real moments. Click them while they are having a hearty time with their friends or munching on the delicious food you’ve prepared or are admiringly staring at their birthday cake or the decorations.

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Play with the Focus:


Take some close-ups. One at the time of cake cutting for sure. Focus on your child’s face, and the smoke of the flickering candles as the birthday girl/boy blows them off. The background is irrelevant, just that moment matters. You can even focus on a particular kids birthday party supply, like the birthday banner, which was bought because of the special liking of your child.

Click the guests:


When your child would re-visit these memories, it’s not his face alone that s/he would want to see. The guests make for an important component of the party, and so should definitely be captured generously. Happy pictures, smiling faces is all you need to focus on.

Family pictures:


It’s your child’s birthday and who would be more elated than you (guess, not even your little monster). So make sure you are not all engrossed in organizing and hosting the party, and can’t get some pictures with the birthday kid. Show them your love. You don’t have to pose for it. Just ask your photographer to be looking out for some candid shots when you and the kid are bonding together.

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Gift Opening:


That’s the time when you’ll have to capture so many expressions. Some of surprise, some of bafflement and some of sheer joy. Just have the camera ready to click as the child unwraps all his presents.

A Bit of Posing Too:


All candid, is no fun. We can do with some posing too. Noticed how little kids today get instantly excited to pose when they see a camera around. So let them have some fun. You could even arrange for a special birthday photo-session wherein the birthday kid as well as the other children can pose with beautiful baby photo props. This will not only get you some unique party pictures, it will sure add an extra fun element for the kids.