Essential Photo Props for your Newborn

Your baby is about to be born and you are already on the cloud Nine! You are preparing the room for your baby by painting walls and hanging beautiful curtains. Finding the perfect and comfortable crib along with warm blankets is the topmost priority. Soft toys are bought from the market and every single thing is prepared for the arrival of the newborn baby. Many people love to click pictures of their baby in order to create sweet memories for them to look on in the future. So how about adding photo props that will just brighten up the pictures.

Nowadays, using beautiful baby photo props is the new trend that is followed by most of the parents. Different kind of props is available that will just help you to enhance the  charm of your charming baby.

Tutu dress props:


Tutu dresses are beautiful, vibrant, elegant, classy and every single best word you could think of. Be it a birthday party or a wedding or simply a photo shoot, tutu dresses are the best. They make best photo props too. Dress your baby in a classy tutu dress made from soft and best quality material and watch your kid shine up like a star.



Provide the warmth of love and care by wrapping your baby in beautiful and smooth wraps that will not only give the much-needed comfort to your baby but will also help you to get the perfect picture of your kid that you were waiting to get for so long.

Mermaid props:


Little mermaid props makes your little angel look totally like a princess. This is the one of the best props you could use in order to capture a perfect moment. You can get best quality mermaid props online for your little princess.

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Purchase some best quality blankets for your baby and the ones with great texture and soft touch will make best photo props. Do check the quality of the blankets before buying them and once you are sure that a certain blanket will not be harsh on your baby’s skin, buy it and, later on, use them as props to get best pictures of your baby.



Wooden crates are versatile and they can become the best props. Just place a soft fabric in them and then pose your baby on their back or tummy by swaddling the baby in a beautiful piece of cloth. Use crates to click that oh-so-pretty picture of your baby.

Faux Fur:

faux fur

use the evergreen faux fur for the next photography session. They are easy to use and not so difficult to wash. Comfortable and soft textured, faux furs are great for baby to sleep on and it will also make an excellent photo prop. Happy baby on a comfortable prop is a mantra to get flawless baby pictures.

Hats and headbands:


Funky and cool hats or phenomenal headbands, whatever you pick for your baby just make sure it is cozy and safe. A baby in a cute headband or hat sitting in the chair posing for pictures is the best way to imagine how cute your baby will actually look while wearing those.

Just remember, whatever you do to click those beautiful baby pictures, keep your baby’s comfort in mind. Use only those baby photo props that will enhance the total look of your baby and not become the show stealer because your baby should always remain the eye candy of the photographs. Keep it simple and keep every other person amazed!

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