Send A Gift This Christmas To Kids Who Need It The Most

How are your Christmas preparations going? The cookies made, recipe of cake finalized, gifts for kids already in place? You’ve also hitched Santa in your celebrations? Great! This festive season is going to be a blast for you. We are very happy for you. But did you notice there are many children around you that are not so fortunate to celebrate Christmas?


These are the kids that need you to make their festival special. Whatever little you can do, put in your bit and bring smiles to little souls. They will shower you with smiles and blessings, the best they can muster. The satisfaction you’ll feel on seeing their happy faces will make it worth your effort. So check out who needs you this festive season and how you can help!

Children In Crisis Areas


The world is a large place and we are too small but even then we can make a difference in somebody’s life from miles away! There are many charity fund raisers who aim to help people across the globe in times of calamities. There may be little kids out there with no joy and barely any basic amenities. They need you and you can do your bit in bringing smiles to them. Just get in touch with such agencies and donate toys, clothes, baby essentials to them. Your love for those kids will travel in small packages to that area and bring joy to the tormented souls!

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Answer A Letter To Santaanswer-a-letter-to-santa

Many children write letters to Santa and drop them at the postbox. You can volunteer at the post office, select such letters and reply to the kids. Many a times these kids are in real need of help and your little effort might help them a great deal. You could even buy them gifts as suggested in their letter and get it dropped to them. In case you know someone around your house who needs help in the form of Santa, pitch in. He might have left a letter in a sock, get it and answer his wishes to make him happy!

Homeless Child


You’ve seen kids sleeping on the streets? Those little homeless kids need your care more than anyone else. When they have to go through a lot of struggle to make ends meet, how can they plan a celebration? They are also little kids who have dreams and wishes which are restricted by the limited finances they have. Why not buy a small present for them and drop it near their blanket at night? You can only imagine their face when they wake up to a gift on Christmas morning!

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Child in Hospital


There are so many kids who will have to spend their Christmas tucked in a hospital bed. Very unfortunate it is. You can’t ease out their pain but can certainly help them find little joy in their life. Go to your nearby hospital and check for the children supplies there. Many hospitals keep craft supplies and small toys ready for kids, you can contribute in that. It will be so much help to the kids in pain and their families who are suffering equally!

Child Living in Poverty

Child Living in Poverty

You might have seen the kid who comes along with your domestic help. He hangs around while his mother does the chores for you. He might have seen your kids, their toys, clothes, etc. Its festive season for him as well and even he wishes for a few presents on Christmas. He is also waiting for his Santa to trot along and surprise him with little gifts. Can you be his Santa? Your little presents will bring him much happiness!

Lets join hands and make it a special Christmas for the kids in need. Their happiness and joy will make your celebrations even better with the satisfaction of helping a little kid. May you have a Merry Christmas and make it merrier for the underprivileged!

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