The 4 Stages Of Capturing A Perfect Shot Of Your Kid


Baby photo-shoot sounds so adorable that you completely forget that the process of accomplishing a picture perfect moment is no candy lane! You do get tempted by baby shoots you’ve seen online, understandable. But have you seen ‘behind the scenes’ pictures? An adorable picture of new born sleeping on father’s back was not easy. It took numerous takes and tissues (to clean baby’s poop) to achieve the perfect shot! So do you really think you can capture the ideal shot, that too of a group of kids when you are no trained photographer? You can dress them impeccably in coordinating outfits, manage light, get cute props but can you guarantee a great pic? Its not so easy and most of these baby shoots go through 4 stages. Believe it not, it does. If you’ve ever tried to click a ‘picture moment’, you’d totally relate to these stages, so read on!

Stage 1: Optimism


You start off with loads of positive energy, zeal and enthusiasm to capture the adorable souls. Just look at them, freshly powdered skin, those little pieces of fresh clothing, neatly combed hair and the baby lotion fragrance. They look like little balls of cuteness, ready to be clicked. But wait, you gotta arrange them in the right order. Ah, now they look perfect. Just the perfect pose, you are going to get the perfect picture that you can upload as your profile pic on social media. This is the moment of glory, just done almost...

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Stage 2: Reality


Kids, just smile. Oh no, some of them are making the picture face. The one with a fake smile plastered without any soul and reality on the face. Ugh! Try and be more normal kids, with the real expressions, right! Well, did they take it a touch too seriously? One of them has taken it as a signal to show how unhappy he is to look neat and stand still for a picture. Ask him to look less ‘normal’, now he looks fine. Should we get a picture then? No! The focus of the camera is out of place, lets fix it first. Once your eyes wander back to the kids, they are all looking in different directions. The whole set up has crumbled down, no!

Stage 3: Desperation


All this re-organizing is testing your patience. You are repeating instructions with an edge in your voice. “Stop moving”, “Stand still”, “Look at me”, “Smile normally”, “Get back here, HERE”, “STOP MOVING”, “STOP”. There is no end to these pleadings and threats. “Oh come on, just stand still and smile.”. You could have finished it off 2 hours ago, only they hadn't decided to make picture faces or thought roaming about would do the pic some good! You are getting desperate, just one picture is all you want, cooperate!

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Stage 4: Defeat


The hopes of capturing the ‘perfect’ shot have dropped. You have given up your efforts to get them to maintain a cute pose and snap them. Rather all that is on your mind is to get a picture clicked with all the kids looking into the camera and clipped together to somehow fit into the frame. Once that is decided, with the speed of light you click numerous pictures and because you are too tired you call it quits! The kids scatter at the mere announcement of it. But once you settle down to delete the ones that are blurred you realize you are left with pictures where everybody is looking everywhere. Nevertheless you decide to post it because that’s the best you could manage!

The pictures you capture at the end are no where close to what you had imagined but deleting them would mean a complete wastage of efforts. So you post it with a caption, “Candid pics of kids, just so adorable”, pretending you weren't trying to get them to pose for it. That’s a little secret of yours, safe with us!

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