5 Rules for Disagreements in Sibling Fighting


Being a mother to two kids of similar age group, you might often head to a day dreaming session of seeing them play together. A slide show of laughing, giggling, playing, sharing, taking turns might run through your mind. A smile appears on your face on seeing immense happiness and love between the siblings. Then a loud shriek from your kids’ room bursts your bubble of happiness! Welcome to reality, sibling fights occur and occur in a way that might not be a pretty sight at all. They disagree, are impatient, fight, hit and create a mess that resembles a hurricane in the house! So what’s the plan of action? How are you going to deal with this everyday scenario? Pulling them off each others’ back every time sounds like a solution to you? If not, read on to know 5 ground rules that you can lay to make things easier and less ugly at home!

Don’t Come Running


This rule is great for the kids (and parents, of course!) and allows independent behavior. Getting involved in petty fights not only makes them dependent on you but might also force you to take sides. You know what that will lead to, right? Favoritism and partiality are the words you’ll be hearing more often then. So make it clear to them that they will have to arrive on a conclusion on their own and not drag parents into it!

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No Name Calling


Losing temper is common even with adults so you cant imagine the little ones keeping their cool all the time. But be strict with them about name calling, which will not be accepted no matter what! Teens these days have their ears burnt with abuses outside the house and encouraging the wrong behavior they are subjected to is not a good idea. It hurts the other one and is not appropriate for home environment. Lay the rule strictly, “no name calling”!

Time Out


Since name calling is not allowed, what will the kids do when they see themselves losing their calm? Excusing themselves from the situation for a few minutes is the ideal response. It will not only prevent the scene from turning ugly but will also help the child get his mind back on track. Taking a break cools them down and they can see things in better light which enables them to reach a conclusion. So chances of unresolved disputes are minimized!

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Not Getting Physical


You might think that this rule is important for only preschoolers as teens won’t get physical but its not really like that! Most teens wont throw punches at each other but pulling hair, pushing and getting into each others’ face might happen. Set the boundary here, physically hurting is not accepted and should never be seen. A bit of tumbling might be allowed but only in the fun way. Solving issues through reasonable points should be the focus!

Pick Your Battles

fight for food

Not every battle is worth fighting for! Tell them to let certain things go and avoid fights as much as possible. They would themselves understand that a stolen t-shirt is not worth fighting for. Sometimes little things can be sacrificed for a life long relationship. Enlighten them with this knowledge and they may reduce their fights by some small bit!

There may be rule breaking in the beginning but slowly and surely the keynotes will sink in. Create the rules, adapt to it and you might end up with a bunch of kids who can deal with petty issues maturely, all by themselves! It will take time but its totally worth the effort!

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