A guide to finding the right fit for your little kids

As a beginner in parenting, one of the tiresome challenges is the topic of baby cloth sizes. Clothing sizes are confusing for even adults also than for babies it is much worse. Baby couture is going to make it easy for you from newborn to toddler stage, here is an ultimate guide to finding the right fit for your little kids. 

When it comes to dressing your little ones there are so many things to consider. Aside from the obvious questions about clothing type, there is another issue of clothing size for your toddlers. You can buy the best baby clothes online from baby couture available in all sizes from newborn kids to 15 years old kids. 

How to measure baby cloth sizes?

Perfect size for your little kids can be determined by the weight and age of your baby. But babies develop and grow at different rates, some baby brands also offer slight differences in sizes. At this stage buying a wardrobe full of size 0000’s will be a waste of money and time you should focus on buying some basic singlets and grow suits in size 0000’s and more on size 1’s which can be used by your infants for much longer. You can buy baby clothes online for newborn kids at baby couture, we have a large variety of clothes available in trending colors and textures.

For toddlers


It is always confusing to move up from size 2 to 2T, sizes are now changed from babies to toddlers. And if you are even wondering what is the difference between the two sizes then simply put if your kid is now walking, then it has now upgraded to size 2T and up. Your kid is now more active and clothing styles for them are also changed to accommodate your kids’ mobility. 

Useful tips to find the right fit for your baby

Whenever it comes to dressing your baby, clothing size is one of the few considerations. Given below are some additional tips to help you make more efficient and smarter choices:

  • For your infants you need to make more practical choices, you should always prefer quality over quantity. As your baby grows quickly at this time so you dont need many baby clothes at this stage. Also, newborns do not get their clothes dirty so easily, so their clothes are always bound to wear and tear longer. If you are buying before your kid is born then prefer buying gender-neutral clothes.
  • Never get too much overexcited and buy too many clothes ahead of time. This is a very common mistake that many newbie parents make, some babies are born big in size and can only wear newborn sizes for a shorter time. So it is very important not to buy too many clothes too soon. 
  • When choosing clothes for your babies always consider their comfort. Babies do not love clothes that have to be pulled over their heads so avoid separates. 
  • As a parent consider your comfort also, you need to avoid complicated clothes because that will be hard for you to put on your toddler. 
  • You should buy a size ahead of your baby’s age so that they can grow in those clothes. This thing can also help you to spend less on baby clothes. 
  • You need to buy clothes for your little toddler with simpler fastenings. Leggings or pants with elastic waistbands are an ideal choice and you should avoid clothes with buttons or any other extra accessories because at this age kids are curious and accidents can happen.
  • To make your baby comfortable for more time, anything in cotton will go along. They can also avoid irritation. Clothing materials that are stretchable can also be worn by your kids for a longer time as they grow. 
  • You need to pick more durable clothes for your toddler. As they are filled with excitement at this age so they are prone to making their clothes dirtier and damaging them. 

Following these simple guidelines will not only save a lot of money but also a lot of time. At babycouture you can buy baby rompers online to dress your toddler the best. Dressing your baby is a fun experience without any hassle and mistakes. Hopefully, the above guide can help you to avoid both while finding the right fit for your little kids.

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