Buy Baby Clothes Online In India And Have a Surprise Baby Shower

Baby Clothes Online In India
Just like in the west we too celebrate baby showers in India which are called “godh-bharai”. It is a wonderful custom in which all the people that are close to our hearts come together to congratulate the expecting parents and welcome the arrival of a new member into the family. With the changing times our traditions have slightly changed and we have now adopted western style baby showers. For those that still live in families with conservative thinking it very often happens that a close friend will host a baby shower at their place as a surprise for the mother-to-be.

If you are planning to give your close friend a surprise baby shower here are some points to keep in mind:

• You need to first be a little sneaky and get hints from the mother-to-be about that sort of things she likes. Being close friends I am sure you will already know but it is always safe to snoop around.
• Next up if you break down all the events and activities you want to have at the baby shower it will become a lot easier to plan things out. Try to include one or two more friends with you so that you are not over-burdened, and you know what they say “two heads are better than one!”
• Draw-up a list of all the people that you want to invite and are close to your friend that is expecting. You don’t want to invite someone that your friend doesn’t like too much, it would spoil the whole thing. If you are inviting men as-well, than make sure to get the expecting father on board. Preparing the guest list is quite possibly the toughest of all tasks.
• Make sure that the date you have picked to have the surprise baby-shower is suitable to everyone.
• For the decoration, gifts and party favors it is best to pick a theme. Choose a gender neutral theme because in India you will not know whether you are expecting a baby girl or a baby boy. This is also important because you can plan all the games, music and activities based on the theme you have selected.
• Send out invitation cards that follow the theme you have selected and also ask all the invitees to stick to the theme and of course to keep the baby-shower a secret. Also, keep in mind that not everyone can talk a day off on short notice, so send out the invitations two or three weeks before the baby shower. This will give everyone ample time to prepare.
• Food is very important for any party and especially for a baby shower, so plan out the menu according to the taste of your main guest. If you are hosting the baby shower for quite a few people than it is best to order the food from a restaurant or get a caterer to do it for you. Otherwise you can also prepare food on your own.
• Next up are the gifts. If you are not sure the safest bet would be to gift your friend baby clothes. No expecting couple can ever have enough baby clothes. You can buy baby clothes online in India from BabyCouture. We have a wide range of baby clothes that are all handpicked keeping in mind the comfort of a baby and their gentle skin. Also if you do not have too much time but want to buy baby clothes online in India from BabyCouture we offer express delivery for all our products across India.

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