Dress your Daughter as a Princess on her Birthday

Every girl deserves and dreams of looking the best on her birthday. Parents try to make every birthday of their daughters special and memorable for them. So, if you are one of them, here’s how you can make your daughter’s birthday the best.

The first thing you need to do is look for different ideas to implement the royal themed party for your daughter’s next birthday party. Then you can make the necessary arrangements for the decorations with castles and balloons.

Since the party is royal-themed, you can request the guests to dress as one of the people from the royal setting except for the princess, so that your daughter feels special that day. After all this, you need to proceed to the most important part- to dress your princess.

Choosing the dress and then making your daughter ready for the birthday is the most important and fun part. You would want your baby to look the best in her birthday party dress, and also, she should feel pretty on her day.

Choosing the Dress 

To choose the perfect gown for your baby girl, you have to know her style. Then you need options from which you can choose. Here are some of the examples of the type of dresses you can choose.

1) Blue Is Always Royal

Aqua Blue Cold Shoulder Asymmetric Dress for the Girls - babycouture.in

Blue is one color that will always showcase the royalty in the room. You can go with a blue coloured flared gown with cold-shoulder sleeves and a lot of sparkles and flowers. And if your daughter loves the blue color, then it is the perfect birthday dress for a girl baby.

2) Orange Is The Next Pink

Orange Silk Asymmetric Sleeveless Gown for the Girls - babycouture.in

When we go looking for birthday dresses for girls, we often look for pink, but not anymore. Orange is a color that is fast gaining popularity amongst girls.

You can go for an orange gown that will look perfect on your daughter. The gown can be sparkly, or you can even go for one that is simple with an elegant golden floral belt.

3) Yellow Dress With Jacket  

Fancy Yellow and Blue Girls Gown and Jacket Set-babycouture.in

Another option which you choose is a yellow coloured knee-length frilly party frock for kids a lot like Belle in Beauty and the Beast, and also have a blue coloured jacket over it. This ensemble will make your daughter look like a royal princess and also a diplomatic one, making her powerful.

4) Black and Gold is Classy!

Miakki Graceful Darcy High Low Gown-babycouture.in

The next option for you is a black coloured sleek gown with an asymmetric skirt. Not only this, but the gown should also be adorned with golden flowers and a golden border at its seam. This dress will make your daughter look beautiful and classy for her evening and is the perfect birthday party dress.

After choosing the gowns for the birthday party comes the shoes.


If the dress is important, then the shoes are more important as they make the dress look complete.

1) Golden Goes with Everything

Flowers & Gold Kids Sandal-www.babycouture.in

If you are choosing the best pair of shoes that will go with your daughter’s birthday dress and she can use it afterward as well, then you can go with beautiful golden sandals.

The golden is like black; it goes with everything and also screams royalty. Having a little floral design makes it more beautiful and elegant.

You can also go for the same coloured sandals as the dress, or you can go for something contrasting. This is upon you and your daughter.

After this, all you need to do is find the right accessories. The accessories for hair and others like a simple and cute necklace with a small bracelet. You can also buy a purse or a wand to complete the look of your princess for her upcoming royal birthday.

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