Greatest Birthday Party Favors Kids Want

Kids Birthday Parties are incomplete without party favors. A perfect end to a fun party is bidding goodbyes to the young guest by handing over to them some exciting goodie-bags to take home. For little kids, gifts and return gifts are a very important party of the celebrations. So while the birthday boy/girl is ever so thrilled to see loads of gifts piled up, the little guests are at a lookout for the party favors kept at some corner from the minute they step in. It therefore becomes essentially important for the party organizers to put in good thought in selecting the return favors in order to make the bash a success.

Listed below are 6 of the best party favor ideas your kid’s friends will love. Take a quick look and get the birthday party supplies ready:

Themed Party Favors

minion party favorsIf you are having a theme party then giving away theme inspired return gifts makes a lot of sense. For instance, if you had a minion theme party you can gift away little minion toys or candy hampers which are a rage these days. You’ll find them easily in any gift shop. If your theme involved a superhero theme, then better than the superhero toys, you should pick up face masks to give away. For a princess theme party, let they little princess’s take home cute tiaras as a fond memory of the party. Similarly, with each theme you will find an appropriate item that could be given as a sweet memory of the great bash you threw.

Origami Kit

origami kit

A thoughtful party favor for young kids could be an Origami Kit. While drawing books and color sets have become boring, origami kit could be an engaging gift for your child’s toddler friends to take back home. As much as kids will enjoy this fun creative gift, their mothers will appreciate your choice of picking up a useful return present.

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Temporary Tattoos

glitter tattoesBet the kids will love this one. Getting tattooed is the coolest craze kids are going gaga about. So how about buying a tattoo kit (more fun would be if you get glitter tattoos) and then turn a tattooist at your child’s birthday party. This way you get a fun activity for the party and also the party favor. If you think this doesn’t count as one, why not? They’ll be taking their inked arms home right 😉

Playing Cards

playing cardsIf you think, it’s a useless item to gift away to toddlers as they won’t be able to play with them, then you may be wrong. A deck of cards can turn out to be a wonderful party favor for pre-schoolers as it can help with their numbers and color recognition in a fun way. Add to that the great variety of themed cards available these days, playing cards will be a delightful gift for the tiny-tots. You can order them online, or pick some from a store near you.

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Bubble guns

bubble gunIt would be hard to find a child who doesn’t like to play with bubbles. So another fun party favor could be bubble guns. They are inexpensive and easily available. Checkout kids birthday party supplies online for fun party favors and you will sure get soap bubble kits. Pick the bubble guns only if you are going to use them as party favors to gift really small kids, as the other ones that need you to blow out bubbles need a little more coordination which toddlers may not yet be ready for.

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