Ever Wondered How Much Clothes Does Your Kid Needs?

One need to take care of so many things when one becomes a mother. Being a mother is a big responsibility to hold and perform. You need to take care of not only the kids but the whole family all together. You need to take care of what your kids eat, what clothes they required and even what they poop. Big of a responsibility right?

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Well ever thought of the over flooding baby closet. You have collected all they need, actually much more than their need. We can understand clothes no matter how much are never enough but a slight thought and a bit mind exercise can save you from the extra burden of taking care of those unwanted piled up clothes. Let’s glance down to see how much clothes do kids needs? Let’s figure this out and see if you are on the right track or you need to minimize some clothes or you need to shop more.

Getting a perfect answer to this question won’t be that easy, so we have found out a way to make it one. Why not just consider some factors to get the answer. Say like,

You have 5 pair or just 2, they should be comfortable to wear. If they aren’t get them out of the pile. Yes! They are the extra you are taking care of and getting nothing in return. Moreover, your kids just hate to wear them.

Style these days aren’t just restricted to grown ups but are also considered something essential by kids. If you go to shop you’ll get plenty of styles to choose from and you just cannot pick every. You need to be choosy.so how are you going to make a choice? The best way is to make your kid try and pick the one best he looks best in. Shop accordingly then.

Children these days have their own preferences so you just can’t pick all yo like, you will have to listen to them. You should know what they don’t like as getting them something they don’t like will add up a dress in the closet which will never be used. Now when you know the factors on the basis of which you can sort the clothes, let’s start with the job. Also you can take out the clothes which might be their and yours favourite but no longer fits them. You can donate them and feel good. The ones you don’t need this season can be stored at the back or in a chest or something. Also take off the clothes which have stains you are unable to take out. Come on, even kids need to show represent themselves, they can’t wear dirt.

All sorted? Now let’s have a look upon the real answer. Let’s see what all a kid must have.

Let’s speak of the baby girls first.

Bottoms: six to eight bottom wear is including shorts, skirts, pants and leggings.

Tops: about a dozen is enough which includes all the type, tanks, half sleeved, full sleeved, T shirts, shirts etc.

Dresses: three dresses are enough but if your girl likes them a lot, include more two.

Jackets: two jackets are enough

Underwear and Socks: kids dirty them a lot, so a dozen of both is required.

Sleepwear: at least five pairs of Pajamas including shorts and night gowns.

What about the baby boys? Do they need more or less?

Bottoms: six bottom wear is enough including pants and shorts

Tops: a dozen of them including collared, simple T shirt and Polo ones.

Jackets: boys love to wear jackets so get them at least three of them.

Underwear and Socks: a dozen will work but if he’s into sports get two.

Sleepwear: same as the baby girl, five pair at least including, Pajamas, boxers, sing;let etc.

So now we assume you have a clear idea about what you need to take out from your kids closet and what baby dress online shopping required. Ahh! All sorted.

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