How To Dress a Baby Boy

The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children.

Well! The good news is that you have become a mother of a baby boy and the happiness and joy is overwhelming and you are on the 9th cloud and why not its a good news. Its a new day,a new beginning and everything around you is going to change; your interest,your daily routine, your eating habits because of a new member in your family. Though, we all know that when it comes to shopping for babies we all are super excited for a girl in comparison to that of a boy, because girls have ample of option however we fail to find more varieties for boys.Therefore we are here to share how you can be creative with your baby boy’s attire.

Now days we are in the era of having lots of choices be it eating joint,buying clothes online, going to any holiday destination, we have options, similarly we too have so many option for baby boy birthday dress we can find different kinds of dresses for the baby boy as well. Earlier we use to deal with the problem of not finding sufficient varieties for the baby boy but now we do have.

Let us have a look on how we can dress up a baby boy in different attires:


baby 4All new born babies looks alike. Doddle spent their early days wearing onesies of their siblings. You might have wore them too in your childhood. Mostly people make their children wear self knitted clothes like cute little kitted socks, sweaters, caps in different colors pink, blue, purple, etc. Which enhances their innocent look and make them look more adorable.

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Older Infants

baby 3As he will grow up,you will be open to more choices. You can add more clothes in his closet like rompers, shorts, collar shirts, lining shirts and you can also style him by adding cute accessory according to his clothes. In winters mommy’s do have options like a matching cap or colorful socks which add will add some freshness and style top the attire.These ideas are easy to put up and make you baby boy comfortable too.

Young Toddlers

baby 7However with the time the proportion of  baby boy ‘s body change and he becomes more of a toddler and less of a baby. In this stage we can put him in pants, denims, khakis anything not strictly made of knit fabric. It all about the difference in his appearance with the growing age. You can also try some stripped shirts or some cute patterned shirt, which will make him look cutest kid on the block.

Older Toddler

baby 6With the passage of time people you will get to know an ample of styling and dressing style for your little boy. Some plaid shorts and bright color collared t-shirts with cute different belts on the waist will be a cherry on the cake and this will make your little boy look more cute and alluring.

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baby 1When dressing little boys just think they are mini man you can simply gear them up in you favorite fan clothes and you have no idea how adorable your baby boy is going to look in those attire. These favorite fan clothing is easy to find on baby clothes for sale so they won’t even be a pinch on your pocket since they will be on sale.

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