How Well in Advance To Prepare For Your Child’s Birthday Party

As we grow up the charm of birthday parties fades away slightly, or best put our idea of celebrating changes. A birthday may mean a one year less to the numbers we have, it may well become a reminder of us getting old and wrinkle faced. From the independent you, one year down reminds you that you are approaching to the years of dependency again, which we most often refer to as second childishness. However, when we talk of kids, it’s the complete opposite. Birthdays are grand events in their lives, actually milestones. Each birthday is a step forward to being independent, getting the charge of their life in their hand. Birthdays for really young, the toddlers, mean nothing else but a day of extra indulgence and pampering; a day to have fun and enjoy. And that’s what makes childhood the best phase of our lives.

Birthday party

As parents, you must contribute in making this time for the kids as much cheerful and joyous as it possibly can get. Making efforts to arranging for them memorable birthday parties would be a wonderful step in this regard. So getting all birthday party supplies for kids, setting up innovative activities, arranging for sumptuous food, dressing them like angels from heaven, getting all their favorite pals together is the way to go. And this is not a day’s work, you will have to plan and prepare well in advance.

Here is a rough guide for you to picture when and how the party arrangements should be made-

Start 6 Weeks in Advance:
Deciding on a party venue, and making bookings requires you to plan not 1-2 days before, rather 6 weeks in advance would be a safe bet. So that you don’t end up finding all advanced booked places.

Venue bookings also depends on the number of guests and your budget, so a thought over these points too is needed.

Four Weeks Before:
Start with the invitations, so as the guests will have ample time to confirm their presence. Plan out activities and games to be conducted on the day, and browse through kids birthday party supplies online to place orders or get an idea and then go shopping yourself.

Also sit back with your child and select a birthday party dress with her, or again, go shopping outside.

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2 Weeks Before:
Re-check the supplies and determine if something is missing. If the supplies haven’t yet been received, check on the status of the deliveries. You don’t want any panic at the last moment.

Get alterations done to the party dress of your child if needed. Do check on what would you be wearing too.

1 Week before:
Pack the party favors, get confirmations from the guests to make sure you have apt arrangements made- neither too much nor too less.

Place the order for the cake. If you are planning to have a customized cake design, the bakers may require a little time to deliver upto your expectations.

Check the menu, and finalize it. If you are cooking yourself, make sure all the ingredients are now bought.

On The Day!! Party like a child with your little one, immerse in the celebrations, attend to all the guests, and because you prepared all in advance well, birthday party supplies were all arranged, other things were carefully checked-on; all will fall into place and you can have a blast.

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