Know About the Harmful Effects of Force-Feeding Kids

Parents always want to feed healthy food and balanced diet to their kids which help them in growing fast. In order to make sure that kids intake an adequate amount of proteins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, parents try to force-feed them which leads to many harmful effects. Some of the negatives effects of force-feeding a child are given as under.

effects of force-feeding a child

Hate Meal Times

In case, meal times at your home is about threats, screams, or struggle, then it is very difficult you can get your kids to have happy meals. When your kids will see you bringing a food plate, he/she will start showing you endless tantrums. Your kids will be very less concerned to know about what’s on the plate and it will take them to a panic mode.

Food aversion

There is no doubt that kids are always picky. Most of the times they hate healthy food items such as vegetables, milk, egg etc. It will make you tense to the extreme and you try your best in order to make him/her eat these food items forcibly. Though you may be successful to make your kids eat these items, but this will lead to the development of food aversion. Therefore it is your responsibility to understand your kids perspective.

Unhealthy eating habits

When your kids say “no” to you, then you should listen to them. If you ignore their sayings, it will never help them in developing healthy habits and it will lead to obesity. Because he/she won’t be aware of when he is full and when he/she should stop eating.


If you continue to feed your child forcefully, then it will give them trauma and panic attacks. Even, a single sight of food will make them feel so uncomfortable and the bad memories of screaming & threatening will come into his/her head. Your kid will never become a healthy eater. It will bring so much negativity for food in their mind and  will try their best to avoid food.

Lost Appetite

When you will fight with your kids for the food in a daily routine, they will lose their appetite. Even, they won’t be any longer eager to eat his/her favorite food items. The thought of eating food will cause them nauseous and make them sick.


Most of the times when kids try to avoid the food, the parents feed them forcefully by pushing food in their mouth with a thought that they will swallow it properly. It is dangerous for your kids and sometimes it results in vomiting. It will make him/her feel giddy and even, increase their hatred towards food.

Unfamiliar with the process of chewing

When you feed your kids without their wish, he/she will try to swallow the food down their throats. Your kids won’t follow the process of chewing or tasting the food that he/she is eating but only try to finish the food earliest. It will cause so many poor eating habits and many health problems.

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Learn about all the negative effects of force-feeding a child and try to present food so beautifully with a good taste in order to keep him/her healthy and fit. Don’t give them junk food, cold drinks and any processed items that are unhealthy and has a lesser nutritional value.

Know About the Harmful Effects of Force-Feeding Kids was last modified: January 25th, 2019 by Baby Couture India
Know About the Harmful Effects of Force-Feeding Kids
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Know About the Harmful Effects of Force-Feeding Kids
If your kids are picky eaters and you need to feed them food forcefully, then you should stop doing it from now. Know about all the negative effects of force-feeding a child that is mentioned in our blog of BabyCouture. Look for another way that will increase their interest in eating food!
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