11 Latest Punjabi Outfit Trends for your Kids

The love for ethnic wear is not only prevalent among adults but little children as well. These tiny tots undeniably look adorable in these beautiful outfits. Further, the kids' fashion stores these days have a vast range of Indian outfits at display.

When it comes to ethnic wear for kids, Punjabi dresses is almost a category now. These are so colorful and full of life that every parent out there wants to see their little munchkin in these outfits at least once. Besides, for occasions like weddings and festivals, a Punjabi outfit is an ideal selection.

However, with the massive collection of these available online, choosing the perfect one for your kid can be quiet a task. Also, you must know about the latest Punjabi outfit trends, as well. For this, we have a list of the best outfits for your kids. Have a look:

Latest Punjabi Outfit Trends for Your Baby Girl

1. Traditional Punjabi Salwar Suit

Traditional Punjabi Salwar Suit

When it comes to choosing a Punjabi outfit for your little girl, a traditional salwar suit is the first choice for all. It is because such an outfit is something that Punjabis usually wear in their every-day lives. Also, the design of this kind of an outfit type is such that it is sure to keep your baby girl comfy.

Further, the Punjabi outfit that we have here is a beautiful salwar suit. It has a beautiful blue and pink color combination. And the pompoms on the outfit make it a trendy selection. You can easily find it and such similar outfits in kids' clothing stores online.

2. Stylish Dhoti Kurta 

Stylish Dhoti Kurta 

Just like salwar suits for girls, a dhoti kurta set is also a great Punjabi outfit choice for your little princess. Further, the only difference between the two is the salwars in the set. This kind of outfit has a salwar that looks like a dhoti. And these dhoti salwars look quite trendy.

Therefore, when looking for a Punjabi outfit for your baby girl, you can choose a stylish dhoti kurta set with a unique dupatta style. Be it a wedding function or a small puja at home; this dress is ideal for all occasions. Further, kids fashion these days has a variety of styles when it comes to the Kurtis that come with these sets.

3. Mirrors and Sharara

Mirrors and Sharara

Apart from the regular salwars and dhotis, you can even opt for a sharara set for girls. Although this is not what you can call a perfect Punjabi outfit, shararas are quite popular these days. Further, you can look for a mirror embroidery style to complete that Punjabi look.

The Punjabi outfit that we have here is a beautiful deep blue sharara set. The mirror embroidery on the Kurti is what makes it a splendid choice. Further, when you adorn your princess in this, always remember that accessorizing is the key. For this, you can readily get kids' accessories online.

4. Peplum Style

Peplum Style

When you want something different for your baby girl rather than the regular salwar suit, you can opt for a peplum style Kurti set. Further, a Punjabi outfit is among the few clothing choices that come in a variety of colors. However, you can still opt for the classic black styles.

The clothing set in our lift is a perfect Punjabi outfit choice. The little lace detailing on it is stunning. Further, the embroidered bottom is what you will like the most in it. Adorn your princess in this and watch her rock any Punjabi function or a wedding.

5. Sari and Ruffles

Sari and Ruffles

Embroideries are something that Punjabis love a lot. Therefore, when your little one needs a wedding guest outfit, especially for a Punjabi wedding function, this can be your go-to choice. Further, you need not worry about the color and style of the outfit. You can find plenty of them online.

The ruffle sari that we have here is something unique that you can find under this category. Though a sari may not be something that you can call a proper Punjabi outfit, your baby can still wear it to any Punjabi event.

6. Ethnic Anarkali

Ethnic Anarkali

Another great style for Punjabi festivities like Lohri and Holi is ethnic Anarkali suits. This Punjabi outfit can come in a variety of styles and embroideries. Further, you can choose from the floor-length to the calf-length styles.

The Anarkali in our list has a unique green color, and the little booti embroidery on it looks incredible. The pompoms on the dupatta are precisely what a Punjabi outfit needs. Therefore, you get your princess such an outfit.

7. Pastels for the Summer

Pastels for the Summer

From the trendy peplum styles to the stunning cold shoulders, you can choose between multiple styles when it comes to kids wear in pastel hues. The set that we have here is a beautiful selection in girls' ethnic wear. It is super comfy and stylish.

Moreover, to go with such an outfit, you can get your princess a pair of matching sandals. Also, you can style her hair in a long braid to go with it. Getting some dainty jewelry for your doll is also an excellent idea when you adorn her with such a party wear outfit.

8. Velvet for the Winter Wedding

Velvet for the Winter Wedding

Punjabis celebrate different festivities all year round. Therefore, you need a Punjabi outfit for girls that your little doll can wear even during the chilling weather. For this, velvet is an appropriate choice.

The velvet Anarkali and dupatta set that we have here has a beautiful teal blue color. The embroidered hem of this Punjabi outfit is stunning, and the pompom at the waist adds to its style quotient. The best part, the fabric is a little thick and can prevent your princess from the cold with some layering.

Latest Punjabi Outfit Trends for Your Baby Boy

9. Punjabi Traditional Kurta Salwar 

 Punjabi Traditional Kurta Salwar 

When it comes to little boys, people consider that the clothing choices are limited. But, if you need a Punjabi outfit for boys, there are plenty of options. A Punjabi traditional kurta and salwar set is something that is the most common in this category.

The set that we have here on our list is printed and maroon in color. On pairing with a white salwar, it looks fantastic. Further, you can even get such sets in solid colors and a variety of other prints and designs.

10. Sherwani for a Punjabi Wedding

Sherwani for a Punjabi Wedding

A Sherwani is another Punjabi outfit choice for your little star that you can get. Be it a wedding or festivities like Diwali; such a clothing choice is sure to win hearts. Further, you can get it quickly. You just need to look for the best online kids' clothing store.

Further, the sherwani here is a bit different from the regular ones that you can get. It comes with an uneven hem and stunning embroidery on the side. And the powder blue color that it has is quirky. You can, however, choose from the multiple colors available online.

11. Punjabi Dhoti Kurta

 Punjabi Dhoti Kurta

Just like a Salwar Kurta set, you can even go for a dhoti Punjabi outfit for your little prince. The one here is, in the true sense, a smart choice. It is further your perfect answer to all your little ones' wedding fashion needs.

Thus, you can give your rockstar a refreshing new look this festival season with such Punjabi dresses for boys. The dhoti set is sure to look adorable on your little munchkin. However, when you adorn him in this outfit, do not forget to pair it with a matching set of shoes, as well.

This is all we have on our list. However, your choices do not end here. For a perfect Punjabi outfit for kids, you can even explore various kids' collections online. Happy Shopping!

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