Here’s What You Should Know Before Shopping for a New Born Baby

To all the new parents, congratulations! You have the most beautiful, messy and chaotic days ahead of you that you’re going to power through.

Love for the new baby takes your first priority and love for shopping for the new born baby comes a close second or third.

Since parents love shopping for the cutest little clothes for their baby, it’s necessary for them to remember a few things before doing so. 

After all, even the most stylish clothes and accessories with fancy embellishments will not ensure that they are a perfect fit for the baby.

We’ll be taking you to learn not only how to buy the right apparel for your baby, but also stop you from spending on unnecessary attires. Eager to know how? Read on to find out.

1) Prioritising comfort.

Trust us when we say, the soft supple skin of new born babies are extremely sensitive to outside elements.

And the first mistake new parents make when they shop for their babies, is going for cute and fancy clothing immediately after they’re born, sometimes even before.

Since the tiny bundle of joy has skin that can react easily to anything, it is imperative that you opt for super comfy clothes over the trendy options. 

Think clothes in fabrics like 100% cotton, organic threads and practically anything that feels light and airy.

Do keep in mind that you need to avoid any of the dresses for newborn baby with back details (buttons, bows, embellishments, etc.) for the new born baby.

Why? Because most of the time, new born babies usually lie on their back. And it would be really uncomfortable for them to have something digging into their back.

2) Placing convenience next.

It would do well for new parents to remember that they will be changing the new born baby’s clothes quite a few times in a day.

It will not be convenient if they are difficult to put on or take off. Hence, choose clothes that are easy to wear and remove, like onesies or singlets.

Points for you if you shop online dresses for kids in colours that won’t fade easily, since you’ll be washing them multiple times a day.

3) Seasonal clothes check.

While that chic looking baby sweater with its  tiny sleeves look the best for your baby to wear the coming winter, parents should remember that their babies will be growing at a rate faster than they can imagine.

Hence, shop for kids dresses that are enough only for the next 3 months. 

4) Don’t shop for the future.

Do the shopping only for those apparel that are of immediate requirement for the baby, excluding any and all cute clothes and accessories.

When you’re shopping for the new born baby, it’s easy to go overboard.

So limit all the expenses for new born babies to their instant necessities and don’t buy for the future.

5) Baby wardrobe checklist.

Don’t know where the baby closet should expand and by how much? Refer to the checklist below to get the idea.

This is only a general rule and not absolute. You can experiment with the size of your new born baby’s closet by either expanding or scaling down its size as per requirement to cater to your needs appropriately.

1) 5 onesies/ singlets/ bodysuits: These are easy to wear and remove, are perfect for daily wear and fuss free. Opt for ones with wide holes for neck and legs so that you don’t accidentally tug or pull while you’re dressing your baby.

2) 5 pairs of matching baby sets: These are comparatively fancier than onesies, reserved for occasions when you’re going out with your baby. You’ll need to ensure that the elastic at the waist is comfortable and soft for the baby.

3) 3 cardigans/ sweaters: Babies are more susceptible to weather changes. Keep a cardigan at hand in case it gets cold or windy where you live.

4) 3 hats/ caps: To keep your baby comfy and warm, these are necessary when the temperature drops.

5) 3 booties: Shoes aren’t necessary for the baby as they’re carried everywhere. However, it’s better to keep their delicate feet protected from sudden weather changes.

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