Special Checklist of Essentials to Enjoy Picnic with Your Toddler

Picnics are the best time for a family to spend quality time with each other. Everyone appreciates a change from the daily routine and prefers spending time outdoors. A toddler going for a picnic for the first time will be as excited as going on a Disneyland trip. You will be all smiles when you look at your toddler's excitement.

While going for a picnic with your toddler, you should not forget some important stuff. Here is a checklist of picnic essentials you would require while taking your toddler on their first picnic.

A Blanket

Baby blankets

Obvious, isn't it? The blanket is the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear picnic. Pack a large, comfortable, clean blanket to spread on the ground. You kid will enjoy having their lunch there and lying down in the open looking at the sky.

New Dishes

 Dishes for baby travel

Since a picnic is an entirely new experience for your kid, allow them to try out some new dishes too. You can prepare some delicious pasta salad for your kid or sandwiches using mayonnaise and cheese. Pack some burritos and chips as well.

Cool Drinks

Cool Drinks for babies

Apart from sufficient drinking water, carry some cool drinks that your child will love. You can buy or prepare fruit juice, limewater, summer punch, or Sangria for your kids and yourself. Carry some ice packs with you since these drinks will get hot under the sun while you're driving the car.

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing and Accessories for babies

Dress your toddler in casual and comfortable clothes made up of cotton fabric. Since the sun will be active the whole day, choose light clothes like the white color that reflects the sun. Baby Couture has tons of cool and stylish baby T-shirts for summer. Also, add a hat and sunglasses to enhance your child's charming look and protect their face and eyes from the blazing sun.

Children's Sunscreen

Children's Sunscreen

Choose a sunscreen with a low SPF, preferably SPF between 30 and 50. Apply it in small amounts on your child's face and hands. Sunscreen is essential to protect their skin from harmful UV rays and sun damage.

Outdoor Games

Outdoor Games for kids

Your toddler will be happy and will enjoy anything that you choose to play. You can play hide n seek, kick the can, or catch and catch with a ball. Carry a flying disc with you; they'll find it fascinating. Otherwise, there will be a children's playground with swings and slides in your picnic location.

Extra Napkins

Extra Napkins

Eating on uneven ground with a toddler will make things spill. Be prepared for this situation, and carry enough napkins with you.

Wet Wipes

Wet Wipes

Wet Wipes are best for cleaning sticky hands after having a meal and wiping off the sweat from the face, and they will bring freshness back to your face. They are perfect to use in every situation.

Cutleries and Trash Bags

Cutleries and Trash Bags

Carry enough cutleries with you, including baby-friendly spoons and forks. You might need a knife, cutting board, plates, and silverware. Bring some trash bags with you to carry dirty utensils with you back home and dispose of the paper plates and wrappers.


Camera for travel

Clicking pictures with a smartphone is impressive, but having a camera makes things more exciting. Also, get some cool photoshoot props online to click pleasing outdoor images of your child. You'll be making so many beautiful memories; don't miss out on those moments. You'll get tons of striking pictures of your child to upload on your social media accounts.

We hope you are as excited as your kid to plan their first picnic. Your child will love it. Start planning and getting these essentials; you can get a toddler dress online India at a discounted price from Baby Couture.

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