Tactical Plan For Positive Parenting Your Teen

feature picParenting itself is tough and when the time comes to teenage parenting it becomes tougher. You can chide your baby and ask them to sit quietly but you cannot order the same way to your growing kids, especially when they touch their adolescence. In other word we can say that once they become teen they they loose your touch, they yearn for freedom and in the process conflicts happens. You will tell them to do something and they will do what they like or as they feel and you cannot pressurize them as they become rebellious then, so when you get In here, in such a situation you need to follow some tactical plans. Whit us know some.

Always keep in mind, you are a parent and a friend.

Teens always want their parents to be their friends and understand them, love them, grant them their space and freedom. They want their relationship with you the same way they have with a friend. If you act like a friend and grant them their share of Independence he’ll be more open to you, you will have a proper access to his activities and life happenings. Once, if your kid gets to know that you won’t understand his situations he’ll shut himself to his own self and will never let you know what is happening with them. And that will cause trouble to you.

Establish dependable time together

Creating a healthy conversation with them is really important. Two things will happen this way, one you’ll get to know what he is doing In his school, in his sports classes or in the playground and also you’ll get to establish a great bond. A few minutes of chit chat while you are cleaning and ironing will for sure help you know and understand your kid better. In addition to this daily checks you can also plan some weekend activities with them and also you should appreciate their weekend activities with their friends.

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Parent actively and appropriately

Know and understand that you teen needs a little freedom now to avoid rebellion. Acknowledge their needs. But do ask them about their life and that where they are going, when will they come. Get to know who your kids be with, who there friends are and what do they do.

Keep your standards high

Your teen wants to look and be best and your help is much required to them and yo can do this by not expecting much from them. Your children aren’t here to achieve your goals they are here to achieve theirs so you need to focus on what they want and not on what you want from them.

Make sure that you eat together

Eating together is one good habit you can make them cultivate in themselves. Eating together will give you a nice chance to learn about what they like and dislike. Dinning table can act as a nice platform where you both can share what you expect from each other.

Well the above were some points you can adapt to have a peaceful relationship with your teenagers. These above points will surely help you dealing with your teens and building a healthy and a good relationship with them. We wish you a good luck!


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