Top 3 Rules To Raise Self-Confident Children

Raising kids is been never so easy and that too a self-confident, happy and healthy kid is even more difficult. It seems an easy job but it’s the toughest one. We all know that in today’s competitive era, every children has to face many challenges and little hard time, while learning the concept of survival and succession. Therefore, it’s important to build enough confidence in them, not just for the survival but also to shine bright.

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Self-confidence comes from a sense of proficiency. A confident kid requires a realistic and positive perceptive of his/her strength. This will come, when you as a parent will start appreciating his/her small or great achievement. Every little dose of appreciation is the key to boost your kid self-confidence. Start referring your child’s specific ability or efforts, this will help in developing confidence. Here are some rules which will help you and will guide you how to raise self-confidence in your child. Let’s start discussing them :

Establish rules for children

o-TALKING-WITH-KIDS-facebookEvery child need and wants rules. As a parent first thing which you should ensure that your happy and confident kid do have some rules. He/she should establish discipline, obedience and communication without being a dictator for your child. Every child expect that their parents show care, nurture them and teach them. They want you to set some rules and provide guidelines for them.

Being a friend of your child is a different thing and setting a guidelines is another thing. Parents have to play it safe and have to play both the roles- A friend & A Guide. Setting some rules and guiding your child to become a better person will not reduce their love for you. On the other hand it will protect them and give them the stability they need.

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Allow them to make their own decisions


Empowering your child to make their own decision is very important to build self-confidence. Taking decisions will sharpen their mind and will give them a sense of responsibility of their own decision. Once they know that what is the punishment and reward for any particular situation, your child will build a self-confidence by making their own decisions.

Raising a confident child is a two way actions. It’s totally depends on how your guide them and how they take and implement your guidance. Therefore, it’s your responsibility as a parent to show your kids a correct direction. Showing care and love when they need will boost their self-confidence and love for you as well. Let them feel the responsibility for their own actions and let them take their own decisions.

Talk to them with positivity


The very crucial factor in shaping your kids personality and self- confidence is how to speak with them. When your kid is in growing up, they have no idea about themselves, no idea about their self-concept, therefore, they learn about themselves, the way they get treated in their lives by their closet people, like mother and father.

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If you wish to have best impact on your kids, feed them with positivity. Initial ages are for learning and making mistakes, so keep in mind that you don’t keep on blaming them, criticizing them and never complain about them. Try to tell them always that how wonderful they are, always build them, always try to understand them and their problems. Praising your kid will increase his/her self-confidence and will also be extremely beneficial for your bonding with them.

Apply these rules and notice the self-confidence in your child. Let them see the world and experience the outcome of their own actions. Be safe and protect your kids. We will be back with some more tips to make your parenthood easier.

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