What Should Be Important in the Kids’ Play Room

As parents, we all consider the kids’ education to take the front and foremost step. However, life can’t be all about study, all the time. No one can work 24*7 and not expect a break.

Moreover, it has been found in a study that kids learn more during playing than they do from studying. And just as much as it’s your duty to get the kids to study, it is as much if not more so, your duty to ensure that they enjoy and get the most out of their play time as well.

The best and easiest way to achieve it? Design a kids’ play room so they can bring out their fun, energetic and creative side.

Stop wondering how to do it and read through our tips to design and allocate a play room for your kids to achieve better mental health, growth and development.

1. Paint the room in bright colours.

To keep them engaged, kids are motivated by bright colours and wall paintings of either their favourite character, current interests, a hand drawn design, a pattern or theme. Use contrasting or complementary bright colours to decorate the room- either the décor or the furniture.

Check the colour wheel whether the colours being used look chaotic together or flow in harmony as one. This is the major part which will ultimately decide whether your kids like the play room or the colour mania is causing them to look for other places.

If you’re not ready or unsure of painting the walls in bright colours, paint the room in neutral colours and add some personality with colourful décor like throw pillows, rugs, etc.

2. Utilise space.

To get the toys and nit- bits organised, use square block shelves to store the playthings neatly in baskets. Do remember to use the shelves horizontally instead of vertically as active kids may try to climb the shelves to get something from the top shelves.

Styling it horizontally would guarantee their safety as everything would be easily accessible from their height.

3. Use designated baskets.

Organise all the toys, crafts, puzzles, story books, games, dolls and cars, etc. in their designated storage baskets. This will not only keep the play space clean but also help your kids find exactly what they need instead of pestering you to find it all the time.

Don’t forget to label the baskets for further ease and colour coordinate it in playful patterns or solid bright colours for that flair. 

4. Combine functionality with furniture.

While the regular table and chair are great and necessary for the kids to do their crafty projects, DIY or race tracks and puzzles, take it a few notches further by getting a table or chair with storage space.

That has 2 benefits- lesser mess to clean up and furniture being heavy enough to not move and hurt the kids while they are playing. The table can also be used to serve their snacks and drinks.

However, try not to get furniture storage with fabric overlays as they might get stained easily. They are easily available in any shop for kids.

5. Display their artwork.

Proudly display their unique handiwork in arts and crafts on the wall. You’ll be needing a few frames or a wire rack with some clips to hang their artwork on it.

Check that the height at which the artwork is displayed is above the kids’ reach as it may get damaged. Crafts can either be framed or displayed on a tall stool in the corner of the room.

6. Nap space.

Design a corner of the room with a few pillows and a comfy rug and blankets. Hang an overhead curtain on top and decorate it with twinkling lights, which are out of the children’s reach.

Put in a few of their favourite stuffed animals from any of the kids shopping apps to make the space cosier. That will encourage the kids to get some rest from all their spirited playing time to recharge and re- energise themselves. You can even add a small day bed or a large pillow.

7. Install a swing.

Whether it’s the kids or adults, everybody loves swings. So install one in the room and clear the space around it so your kid can swing freely without getting hurt.

If you don’t have a large play room, substitute the swing with a branded kids hammock. Hang it up at a height accessible to your kid, preferably near a window so that they can relax and enjoy their rest.

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