Which Fabrics Are Best For Kids Clothing ?

With the arrival of a baby at home, one piece of advice that will come from all corners is- Be careful. Be it regarding the babies feed or baby bath; be it concerning nappy changes or regarding taking him out; you’ll have to be careful, real careful with the baby. The same applies to selecting baby clothes. Baby’s soft and supple skin is far more sensitive than an adult and therefore is rash prone and can easily be harmed with touch of a harsh piece of clothing. It is therefore, very important to carefully opt for the right fabrics when you are shopping for kids clothes.

There is a wide variety to choose from. The most comfortable and convenient ones are listed below-


cute-beige-summer-dress-_-pearl-fake-bagDoubtlessly cotton tops the charts. Cotton clothes are soft and gentle, suitable to make contact with baby’s delicate skin. Cotton also has amazing absorbent quality, helping in avoiding causing much irritation to the baby due to sweat and moisture. You can get charming variety of cotton clothing both for boys and girls in different designs and prints easily.

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Organic Cotton

organic_cotton_baby_pink_love_romperA fabric produced sans any chemical process, through 100% natural methods is sure good for the baby. Though, not as easily available organic cotton clothing is increasingly making its presence felt in the apparel industry. And people are welcoming this change. You too should consider the option. However, you may have to satisfy yourself and the baby with soft colors and limited variety to choose from, as no chemical dyes may be used. They are the most expensive too.

Cotton Polyester blends

charming-embroidered-fairy-love-ball-dress4Pure cotton clothes are not rare, however, these days almost all cotton clothes have a little mix of polyester in them. And it is quite safe to use the fabric for kids. Add to that cotton-polyester blends are very easy maintenance. They dry up quickly and don’t get wrinkled like cottons. The fabric doesn’t shrink at all.

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purple-tulle-flowers-kids-party-dressFor special occasions, special fabrics are needed. The shiny satin and taffeta are a great choice when it comes to picking up party outfits for kids. Tulle dresses too are choice. These are however, high-maintenance and flammable materials, but then, we are not recommending them for everyday use in any case. Fabrics like these are used to craft beautiful designer frocks and gowns which if made out of fabrics like cotton may not look half as appealing. Therefore, now and then it is okay to go with the lovely satin and the playful tulle.

Cashmere: Another high-end fabric which can be used for kids clothing is cashmere. This soft luxury fabric needs not much to make any dress made using it stand out. It is as delicate as your baby and needs ample care too. But apparels made of cashmere carry such panache that splurging on them to give your baby the royal look is all worth it.


bows_balls_beige_winter_fleece_dress_1This super soft fabric has become quite a popular choice among parents when shopping for Kids clothes in winters. Fleece is easy to care for, is stain-resistant, also dries up quick. It’s a great alternative to wool and comes in variety of colors and in different layers and sizes. Fleece is mostly used in making outerwear. Beautiful dresses for baby girls and boys in fleece can be found online.

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