Coolest Birthday Cakes Ideas Your Kids Will Love

A child’s birthday is an important occasion and parents begin to plan this some time before the birthday so that they are able to throw a perfect birthday party for their child. The most important part of a birthday party is a birthday cake because without a cake, a party is just a meeting. For any parent, there is no better feeling than seeing the look on their child’s face when the cake is finally revealed. You can chose from a wide collection of cakes and then they can be baked in different shapes, sizes, colours and even themes. Just keep in mind that a birthday cake has to go with the theme of the party (if there is any!) and must include all the personal interests of the child. So that when he looks at the cake he’ll know that his parents are very much aware of his interests.

If you know how to make a cake with different designs and themes, go for it or else get some professional help. You could also try to bake cake at home along with your child and in that way, you’ll also get to spend quality time with your kid. Below are some awesome birthday cake idea that will help you to maintain that ‘wow’ factor.

Frozen cake:


Frozen is a movie that became so much popular among the younger generation that even after two years of it’s release, it is still popular. Every now and then a child can be heard singing Elsa’s “Let it go” song. That movie definitely inspired birthday party themes and even the Halloween costumes. Birthday cakes with this theme are definitely going to be the best.

Lego themed cake:

Lego Birthday Cake 13

Legos are those toys that have been popular for generations. These toys have become more popular during the recent times, thanks to the latest lego movies. A cake inspired by Lego theme will have the great designs and colours and your kid will definitely love it.

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Castle cake:


Castles remind everyone about the historical era and the castles in fairy tales have always been girl’s favourite. So, why not make a beautiful castle themed cake for your little angel on her birthday?

Pinata cake:


Pinata cake is one of kid’s favourite because who does not enjoy lots of candies in the middle of the moisty cake. Stuff this cake with lots of your kid’s favourite candies. Just imagine the look on the faces of your child and all the guests when your child cuts into a pinata cake revealing lots of yummy treats.

Cartoon themed cakes:


How about a cake designed as your kid’s favourite cartoon character like pooh, oggy, muppets and even the superheroes. Imagine the light of happiness that will fill your kid’s face when he’ll see it.

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Anti gravity cake:


Thinking about an ultimate birthday cake for your kid? How about an anti gravity cake? This is a cake that provides an illusion of candies coming down from a bag onto the cake. The secret behind this is that you have to put a straw in the middle of the cake and that will help give the perfect illusion. This could become a best cake for your kid’s birthday party.

Minion cake:


Kids love Minions from the Despicable Me Movies. They are sweet and adorable. So, how about a minion cake. You just need to be patient for this three dimensional cake to come out right and your kid would definitely be delighted.

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