Hosting a Baby Shower: Essential Etiquettes to Follow

A beautiful journey begins for a woman when she feels the presence of a new life within herself. The nine months of pregnancy can be daunting at times. But, it brings many sweet moments for a woman entering into motherhood. Since she is bringing a new life into this world, she deserves a celebration, a baby shower. In India, the baby shower is known as 'Godh Bharai Rasam.' It is a tradition in a Godh Bharai Rasam to gift the new mother with useful items like newborn accessories India as blessings that she'll be able to use after her baby is born. Baby Shower is usually celebrated in the seventh month of pregnancy because after seven months it is considered to be a safe stage for both the mom and her baby.

If you are hosting a baby shower for someone close to you, here is some essential etiquette that will help you host a memorable baby shower.

Listen to the Mom-to-be

Listen to the Mom-to-beThe lady for whom you are planning the shower is the star of the event. Pay special heed to her wishes. Before you finalize anything, take her suggestions. Make sure what she wants regarding whom to invite, foods, games, events, and other vital aspects of the baby shower.

Invitation with Location

Invitation with LocationMake a guest list that consists of only relatives and close friends. It is wise not to invite someone who lives in a far-off city just for a baby shower. Send the invitation to guests with the address to your venue. Send the invitation more than a week before the event. You can send some follow-up messages by text a couple of times before the baby shower, including the location of your venue so it is easier for them to reach.

Special Case

Special CaseHere, by special case, we mean that if someone close to new mother recently had a bad experience like miscarriage or stillbirth. She might not be able to enjoy a baby shower, as it may make her feel bad. Neither should you send her an invitation right away nor ignore her completely. It is wise to call her and ask if she'll be able to attend the baby shower. After having a friendly conversation with her, you'll know what to do.

Gifts & Return Gifts

Gifts & Return GiftsA baby shower is all about showering gifts and blessings to the lady entering into motherhood. Dedicate a spot where you can place the gifts given by the guests. . Even if you are hosting the baby shower, you still need to get a gift for the mother. You can gift accessories like a unisex burp cloth, cap, and mitten set for the newborn. Since everyone will be coming there with a gift, it is gentle etiquette to present them with a return gift. You can choose a low-price product for a return gift, like a baby shower-themed mug, bags, or showpieces.

Keep it Short

Keep it ShortThe party's star may get tired quickly since she is carrying a baby. Obviously, she wants to interact with everyone throughout the event but she might not be able to do so. Therefore a baby shower is best if it is short and memorable so that the mother can rest up after the celebration. Even the games you choose should be easy to play and quick to complete.

Meals for a Baby Shower

Meals for a Baby ShowerA baby shower is a short and sweet event, so you don't need to plan a full-course meal for it. Instead, prepare some delicious snacks, soft drinks, and desserts, so that guest doesn't need to balance a plate while sitting in a place. Instead, they can move around and enjoy talking with others while having their snacks. Also, keep in mind that there should not be any alcohol in a baby shower; that would be inappropriate.

Even if it is your first time hosting a party, following these etiquettes will make the event happening and delightful for the new mother and the guests. If you are looking for the best quality kids apparel online India to welcome a new member to your home, check our collection. Baby Couture is one of a kind online store that specializes in top-quality baby clothing and the best accessories for kids.

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