Outfit Ideas for a Perfect Cake Smash Photoshoot

Cake Smashing is a fun-packed photography session in which a baby is provided with a cake to destroy and get everything; meanwhile, a photographer will capture these cute little moments of your baby. The first birthday of your kid is always special, so cake smashing is also a once-in-a-lifetime event to execute with your baby. Do not miss out on this cute and fun process. Kids just taste the little amount of cake and ruin the rest of it but at the same time they love the process of doing so, you can always capture the sweet moments like this and treasure them for a lifetime. 

Here are some ideas to help you enjoy the perfect cake smash photoshoot session. You can get the best baby first birthday dress online India from Baby Couture at reasonable prices.

Choose a Theme

Choose a ThemeGoing with a theme for your baby's cake smash photo shoot is a wise decision. There are a lot of cool ideas for a cake smash theme on your kid's birthday. You can dress your kids in costumes that compliment the theme. For example, a mickey mouse costume for a Disney theme or a hulk costume for a superhero theme. 

Some fascinating theme ideas are:

  1. Disney Theme
  2. Jungle Safari
  3. Marvel Superheroes
  4. Winnie the Pooh
  5. Pokemon etc

Cake to Choose

Cake to ChooseWhenever choosing a cake, it is advisable to avoid black and brown colour cakes because when smashed black and brown cakes do not seem appropriate, the photos of your kid and cake both will look spooky. Choose cakes with bright colours like white or blue as they enhance the grace of the party and will also look nice when your kid is covered in one. It is very obvious that the cake will be messed up, so avoid spending too much money on it. Choose a simple cake that tastes good and is easier for the baby to smash into crumbs. Avoid using cakes with fondant as it will be hard to make a mess out of it.

Cake Smash Outfit for Boys

Cake Smash Outfit for BoysSince the cake smash is a once-in-a-lifetime event, make it perfect. Your baby's dress will get all stained and probably left in the condition that it can not be used again.  Therefore, please do not select any family heirloom as you never want to ruin it after a single photography session. You can go for something cute and trending item that can be bought at a reasonable price from BabyCouture. If you are not going with a theme-related costume, then choose colours that complement the colour of the cake. You can experiment between a diaper cover, suspenders, a bow tie, and an adorable hat for boys. 

Cake Smash Outfit for Girls

Cake Smash Outfit for GirlsThe same thought applies to a girl's outfits as well. Do not go overboard and spend a hefty amount of money on an outfit that is certainly going to be left stained for a lifetime. Choose a cloth that looks adorable, and you can gladly let go of it after a single use. You can dress your baby girl in princess costumes with pink frills, a jersey, or tiny little cleats. To enhance her charm, add some cute accessories like headbands, necklaces, and sandals.

Some Photography Tips

Some Photography TipsHere are some tips to help you prepare for the photography session and get through the cake smashing process with less difficulty.

  1. Use a piece of soft rug, or arrange a cheap cut-out for the floor, so you don't end up ruining the floor. Keep plenty of wet wipes, napkins, and towels handy as you need to clean things up.
  2. Don't fill the space with too many props, toys, and balloons. Too many props won't look good and may distract your baby from the cake.
  3. Encourage your kid from behind the camera, let them know in your own way that it is okay for him to go wild and do whatever they feel like doing with the cake.
  4. You don't want to leave any space for errors in this photography session. Thus hire a professional photographer who can give you a guarantee of providing the best pictures. Don't look for cheap photographers here. If the images are not satisfying, you'll end up in regrets.

Now you can confidently plan the best cake smash photography session with your baby. If you are looking for the best baby photoshoot dress online India, visit Baby Couture. Our fashion experts have sharp eyes for trendy designs and upload new designs every day.

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