Go for Colors That Suits, No Matter the Gender

How about dressing your baby boy in a stunning hot pink kurta and off-white salwar or dressing your baby girl in a beautiful blue lehenga? The visualization doesn't look bad. There are tons of gorgeous dresses available in different colors. Still, unfortunately, in the back of our minds, we have dedicated a particular set of colors for boys and girls. Like blue is only for boys, and pink for girls. There are various designer baby dresses online India available in different colors to choose from. Don't just stick to some limited color collections.

This article will discuss color stereotypes and the need for gender-neutrality parenting for this generation.

Why is Avoiding Color Stereotypes Important?

If we maintain some specific set of colors for our child, then that will impact the upbringing. We subconsciously attach values to colors when we see them. They have a significant impact on our minds, behavior, and actions. You don't want to limit your child's fashion to specific colors. Psychologically, it shows how we label our kids based on their gender. For instance, pink color is associated with qualities like nurturing and caring. These qualities are then associated with girls only. We can understand that boys also need to have these qualities in today's world. 

Many stereotypes are deep-rooted in our brain due to decades-long conditioning from our society. Our condition is such that we believe aggression in boys is cool, they should hold in their emotions and girls should avoid outdoor sports.

Please get rid of these stereotypes and focus on gender-neutral parenting. Choosing colors for clothing can be your first step in breaking these stereotypes. Pink, a stronger color, will suit boys, whereas blue brings out delicate and dainty looks in girls.

Benefits of Gender-Neutral Parenting

Benefits of Gender-Neutral ParentingGender-neutral parenting means raising your kids without imposing specific gender roles on them. Here, you give freedom to your children regarding the games they like to play, the colors they love to wear, and the activities they enjoy getting involved in. The benefits of gender-neutral parenting for a child are:

No Feeling of Biasedness

Under gender-neutral parenting, there are no feelings of bias among children towards siblings or other kids. As they grow up, they become unbiased in every situation and with everyone. 

Tap Into Their Other Qualities

The children brought up under gender-neutral parenting display signs of both masculine and feminine qualities. For instance, they show leadership qualities, courage, and assertiveness. At the same time, they also show empathy, tenderness, and cooperative nature.

Unlocks Hidden Talent

These children unlock their hidden talent and embrace creativity in various fields. Boys can excel in cooking, arts, or needlework, and girls can be excellent in sports, adventure, or starting up a business.

Develops Better Understanding

Such children understand each other better and can communicate among themselves effortlessly and gently. They also have great self and identity awareness. .

Busting the Myth

The worse myth that people believe is that the boys who wear pink or similar colors clothes will turn out to be homosexual. There is no evidence that the color of their clothes or raising a child under gender-neutral parenting impacts their sexuality. 85% of such children grow up into heterosexual adults. Even the girls who spend most of their childhood wearing boy's outfits grow up into beautiful women and live a happy married life.

Gender-Neutral ParentingInstead of going for gender-specific colors, go for the color that suits your little ones. Choose the colors that enhance the looks of your baby. Baby Couture has trendy collections of hot pink ethnic wears for boys and baby girl blue party dress. Increase the color combination in your little one's wardrobe, and add extra charms to their style.

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