What is Gender-Neutral Parenting? Effects, Pros, and Cons

India is progressing at a fast pace and not only is it developing economically; the mentality of people is also evolving. Nowadays more and more people are deciding to raise their kids gender-neutral, especially in Urban India. Search “ baby clothes shopping online “ to search for clothes that fit the lifestyle of your child and scroll down to know more about gender-neutral parenting. 

What is Gender-Neutral Parenting?

Gender-Neutral Parenting

In Layman's terms, Gender-Neutral parenting means raising a child without preconceived gender norms and focusing more on the traits that they require to grow as a human. General examples of raising a baby in this way include that parents would call their child ‘baby’ instead of ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ in front of others and in private, allow kids to wear their favorite colors, i.e. whether the boy wants to wear pink or the girls wear blue; keeping room decor and toys neutral and avoiding any type of gender stereotyping in general. 

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Effects, Pros, and Cons of Gender-Neutral Parenting

Scroll down to have a look at the effects and impact of raising your child as neutral gender. 

Effect on Social life:

Strict Gender-Neutral parenting becomes impossible when your child goes out to play or goes to daycare. It can attract awkward questions and lead to bullying and teasing by his playmates causing trouble for you and your child.

Effect on Playtime:

Gender-Neutral parenting positively affects the playtime of the child as parents tend to promote them playing different games and using a variety of toys. 

Effect on Sexuality:

The impact of the environment is considerably lower on a child’s sexuality than expected. Research shows that 85% of gender-neutral children become heterosexual adults in the future.

Pros of Gender-Neutral Parenting

Pros of Gender-Neutral Parenting

  • Freedom of experience and choice makes gender-neutral children more creative than their peers. 
  • They have the ability to have more hobbies and interests and can enhance their insights. 
  • They easily become familiar with the interests of the opposite gender.
  • It can easily increase the child’s awareness of self and identity greatly. 
  • They grow up learning to be unbiased in any and every situation.

Cons of Gender-Neutral Parenting

Cons of Gender-Neutral Parenting

  • Gender-neutral children can become doubtful and confused in their early years when meeting children of their age in school and other places.
  • Gender-neutrality should not be pushed onto your child, that means if a boy likes blue and sports, and if a girl likes pink and princesses, then they have their own interests and it’s “OK”.
  • Avoiding all gender-specific pronouns at home like him, her, she, or he will be difficult for parents.
  • Being gender-neutral is a choice of your children and not a type. Be careful to not slip and consider gender-neutrality a type.

These are the main things that you have to keep in mind when raising your kids as a Gender-Neutral Parent. Search for the best infant clothes online on Babycouture to make your child the star of the evening.

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