6 Best Ways to Deal With Old Baby Clothes

Babies grow surprisingly fast, and they need a new set of clothes in their wardrobe twice a year. Therefore, you end up with tons of baby clothes that don't fit now. Baby Couture can help you shop for trendy and cool baby clothes from the top kids boutique online India. If you are wondering what to do with these many clothes, we are here with some fascinating ideas to help you utilize those clothes in the best ways.

Old Baby Clothes

Save Some Memories

Save some special pieces of clothing that you would like to cherish even after 30 years from now. Some examples can be their home-arrival outfit, the dress they got from grandparents, their first onesie, their first birthday dress, etc. Store them in a durable bin and leave a sweet note with it that they can enjoy reading after a couple of decades.

Pass Down to Others

Many of your baby's clothes would be in perfect condition. You can hand them down to your second child. If you are not planning to have any more children, you can still pass them on to babies of your relatives and friends.

Donate to Needy

Suppose the clothes are still in good condition. In that case, you can donate them to an orphanage or a charitable organization that accepts donations. Contributing to those in need is a noble cause, and you will be helping some other little kid out there.

Deal With Old Baby Clothes


80% of garments can be recycled again and made into a new piece of clothing. Reach out to those who collect old clothes to recycle and reuse them. Recycling is a wonderful way to use old clothes and is suitable for our environment.

Use as a Cleaning Cloth

Some garments might not be in such condition to pass on to other kids. Before sending them off for recycling, you can keep aside some clothes that you can use as a cleaning cloth. You can use them with cleaning liquid to clean off dust from furniture, showpieces, or your bike.

Be Creative

Tap into your creative side and develop something exciting for your kid. You turn their old baby clothes into a new item. The internet has tons of DIY ideas that you can work on, and you need little stitching skills and a few tools and materials to get started. Some ideas that you can work on are:

  1.  Make different stuffed animals. All you need to do is find a pattern for the animal, gather materials, you can load them with cotton or fiberfill, and sew them up. You can use buttons and other small pieces of clothes for the eyes and nose.
  2. Craft the old clothes into fascinating photoshoot props for your babies. There are many ideas available for baby photo props online India.
  3. You can turn the old clothes to make a headband for your baby or turn them into a cap for everyday wear or winter wear.
  4. Use old clothes to make new clothes for your baby girl's dolls.
  5. Cut out squares of the same size from multiple clothes and sew them together to make a baby quilt or blanket.

Baby old clothes

Now you have enough ideas on dealing with the old baby clothes. You don't have to worry about the clothes as they are never a waste, they can always be used in one way or another. We hope you have fun tapping into your creative side with your baby's old clothes and turning them into something new.

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