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The Best Tips to Make Homework Fun for Your Children

Children grow in the blink of an eye and your little munchkins are now going to school regularly. What do you as a parent think is the most difficult task in children’s school lives? Many parents say that getting their kids to do their homework. Today, we at Babycouture bring you some amazing ways that can help you in making homework fun for your babies. The work can be a fun activity with the correct measures. Also, we offer the best experience of children's online shopping in India. As a parent, it’s natural for you to worry about them not doing their homework. But you should understand that after a hard day of classes, pencils, and paper; opening books may not be the first choice of your kids.

Homework Fun for Your ChildrenThe best tips to make the homework fun are: 

  • Work together with your kids.
  • Use rewards and incentives to make them take interest in finishing the work before a set time.
  • Sort them a snack to keep their stomachs full. 
  • Make it visual and bring out the creative side in your children. 
  • Try different learning apps as the technology attracts children. 
  • Set up a homework playdate where they can chill and work simultaneously. 
  • Go outside and turn the work into a game that they can complete while enjoying it. 
  • Let them play teacher or use a timer.
  • Create a special homework space.
  • Remember to be positive
  • Get help if you need it from fellow parents who have already passed this stage with their children. 

We have shared some other useful tips below. Scroll down and read through them on how to encourage your children to complete their homework.

tips to make the homework fun

Helpful Tips for Parents

Our first tip for you is to set an example for your kids. You can do your office, charity, or any other work when you make them sit down for their homework. There are many different reasons for this as not only will your child see you as a role model but he/she will also learn different things, like how to multitask. 

We are living in the 21st Century and the world is becoming more and more technology-oriented. It is now the time to step up your parenting game and bring out the big guns. You can create a visual calendar for them where they will know what they have to do on each day of the week. Also, you can try different learning apps. You can find numerous websites and online platforms that offer educational services for growing children. Consult your children’s teacher before registering for any website and find which apps are genuinely useful to you and your children. 

For the third suggestion, we would like you to create a special environment for them where they can relax and work side by side. You can let your children go on a playdate with their friends or take them outside for a family picnic on a Sunday. The fresh air is beneficial for both you and your children. 

You can set a reward system where they are given stars for every day’s timely completion of homework. Some other numerous ways and activities can also be helpful up to you. Babycouture wishes that this article will be helpful to you. Also, our new collection has amazing kid's hair accessories online. Buy these for your little princesses today.

Helpful Tips for ParentsAlso Read: Classic Fairy Tales to Read to Your Children Before Naptime

Classic Fairy Tales to Read to Your Children Before Naptime

Do you read stories to your children before their bedtime? If not, then you definitely should. In this article today, we bring you the benefits of some light reading before your babies’ nap times. Also, find a list of lovely books that will make sure that your kids have sweet dreams. Babycouture makes sure that your online shopping for kidswear in India goes smoothly and also you are prepared for other things. 

Storybooks are good for children as they awake their creative minds and enrich their imagination. Let’s find the reasons why and how a classical story or fairy tale interacts with children’s minds. 

Why are Fairy Tales Good for Children?

Why are Fairy Tales Good for ChildrenAdults live in the real world but children have their own fantasy world which you can strengthen with the help of these amazing stories. We highly recommend you enhance and embrace the creative side of these wonderful tales. There are many reasons why children would love these mythical tales and we have shared the most common ones below. 

  1. The stories are written to show how good conquers evil which children interpret as them winning over the bad guys. Conflicts in these stories are rather simple making them easy for children to understand. 
  2. Children more times than not take one lesson to heart from the fairy tales and that is the result of their actions. They find the reason for themselves as to why choices matter. 
  3. Not every story has a prince or a shining knight or a superhero. Kids understand that everyone has different problems and they need to overcome these hurdles by themselves. 
  4. Also, hearing or reading these tales oftentimes leads to children creating their own versions of how the story ended. Let their imaginations run wild for who knows maybe they have a knack for it. 
  5. Do you think stories are fun for children only? No, fairy tales are fun, exciting, and refreshing for everyone. You get to bond more with your babies while also relieving your childhood days. 

Famous Tales That Can Be Read to Children

We know that some stories can involve dark characters, plots, or themes and so to avoid them we have carefully selected some beautiful and sentimental stories. Let’s have a look at them without delay.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the BeanstalkWe all know about the story of magic beans and it is time for you to introduce it to your kids. Teach them how Jack finds the castle of a sleeping giant filled with treasure.

The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little PigsThe classic of three little pigs and a wolf bullying them will surely be loved by your children. This story shows how three little pigs went out into the world but a wolf starts to interrupt their journey and how the home of the third little pig stone house saved them.

The Princess and The Pea

The Princess and The PeaDid you know that a pea could be so troublesome? Children are sure to be fascinated by how a single pea can make the night feel so long. 

Little Golden Book Fairy Tale Favorites

Little Golden Book Fairy Tale FavoritesIt is a must-have collection in your home if you have children. The Twelve Dancing Princesses, The Wild Swans, and The Blue Book of Fairy Tales are a few stories from this amazing collection. 

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping BeautyThis love story is a fan favorite and is especially loved by girls of all ages. Share this age-old romance story with your kids. 

These are some of the famous novels that you can share with your children. Some other popular stories are Pinocchio, Cinderella: A Nosy Crow Fairy Tale, Little Mermaid, Snow White, Beauty & the Beast, and Hansel & Gretel are other choices for you. The Great Big Easter Egg Hunt is also an amazing story that you can use to engage your children. Babycouture says that these little tasks can help in forming lifelong bonds as well as positive personalities of your children. Also, the festivals are never-ending in India and so we bring you kids traditional wear online that you can buy from your homes.

Also Read: Learn How You Can Manage to Dress Your Kids in a Work Schedule

Learn How You Can Manage to Dress Your Kids in a Work Schedule

The biggest question of parenting in today’s world is how to effectively manage your time. One day you can be spending all your time with the kids and the next day giving a proper greeting can prove to be difficult. But the one thing that you are certain to do is dress them for the day before you go off to work. 

In today’s article, you will find beneficial info on how to style your kids in a tight schedule. Also, if you are looking for baby dresses online then Babycouture is your one-stop destination. Let’s go through some basic steps for effective time management.

Dress Your Kids in a Work Schedule

  • Make the preparations for the next day before going to bed. You can choose tomorrow’s outfit beforehand to save some time in the morning. 
  • Has your little one bathed already? This is the time when your baby looks and feels fresh the most. Dress them quickly after their baths. 
  • You can also pre-decide their dresses for the week and keep them in an organized manner in their wardrobes. 
  • Always remember to put your kid's comfort first. You can try layering clothes, oversize, or give them other looks like a retro look or similar. Firstly, make sure that the clothes do not make them feel uncomfortable and you are good to go. 
  • Lastly, always keep the party dresses aside from the usual wear. And add accessories to their closet that can be paired up with one or more dresses. You can find some amazing Indian accessories for kids on Babycouture.

What Are the Other Things You Should Keep in Mind?

There are many things that you have to consider before deciding on your kid's wardrobe. What is the favorite color of your baby? What he or she likes to wear daily? And so many other things are there that you need to take care of. These tips will make it easy for you to dress your kid fashionably while also keeping him or her comfortable. 

  • If you have newborn babies at home then make sure to keep spare their onesies and rompers that are easy to change. Also, you can find designer clothes for infants online that can be used to dress them on special days. 
  • Start gradually teaching your kids to dress themselves. You can start small by teaching them to wear a short by themselves. As time passes you can increase the difficulty of the tasks from closing zips to buttoning the shirts. 
  • The dressing time can become memorable for you if utilized properly. You can also document some special moments using your mobile phone. But everything else is secondary and your kid’s comfort is the priority. 

Manage to Dress Your Kids in a Work ScheduleBabycouture wishes you the best of luck for your next dressing session. We are an online boutique offering elite clothes for your kids. You can find a baby boy dress online or a lovely tutu dress for your little princess. You can contact us for any queries. Visit our website to find the amazing collections of unique dresses that cannot be found anywhere else.

We also have premium boutiques for you.

Also Read: The Big Don'ts Parents Should Avoid While Dressing Their Kids

The Big Don'ts Parents Should Avoid While Dressing Their Kids

As kids, there have been more than one incident where we dressed up as clowns. The reason is our parents were trying new things to make us look smart. They make for really good anecdotes now but back in the day that was embarrassing whether we admit it or not. But yeah now looking back at all those things really makes one wonder what they were thinking. Well, the good news is that all they did was done out of the love they had for us. And everyone learned a valuable lesson from it that we should never repeat the same mistakes.

In this article today, we will be discussing the don’ts that every parent should take note of. Also, we have the best baby clothes in India for your kids that will capture their hearts instantly. Make your kids find things they are fond of while also making sure they have flavor in their choices. 

Overdressing and Ill-fitting Clothes Are a No Go

Overdressing and Ill-fitting Clothes Are a No GoFirstly, you should avoid overdressing your kids. Yes, the jackets might look cool but they also hinder their movements. You can go for light clothes that are easy to wear and look elegant on your baby. Pre-school children are very young and they can take things to heart. Be mindful of your baby’s comfort. 

When you are dressing your kids ill-fitting oversize can work at home but not anywhere else. You must carefully consider what fits them right and gives them comfort. Every kid grows at his/her own pace. The size in the fashion industry is based on approximation and you can get the wrong size sometimes. This can be avoided if you are shopping from a lego online store like Babycouture or taking your kids for physical shopping. 

Avoid Silly Haircuts

Avoid Silly HaircutsEvery child is adorable for their parents but not for anyone else. Do not give other kids a chance to mock your baby for a haircut that you find cute but looks devastating on him/her. Also, the weird cuts make for embarrassing memories later on in life. You can spare your child from these moments if you take a step back now. You can always go for normal cuts or ask a kids' professional stylist to ready them before the pre-school starts to bring their best looks out. Always remember, we are talking about kids and our normal is also new and exciting for them. 

Avoid Old Fashioned and Poorly Stitched Clothes

Avoid Old Fashioned and Poorly Stitched ClothesYes, retro looks are classy but they are not everyday looks. Your children will be meeting their friends who all are dressed in similar styles while they are looking out of the place. You can keep one or two well-tailored outfits in their wardrobes for special occasions but try to keep their everyday clothes casual. Also, clothes with poor stitching should be avoided. They make your babies look catastrophic in their eyes and create difficulties for them. Poorly stitched embroidery is never a good option no matter how tempting it looks. If you are looking for embroidered clothes then try the ethnic collection on Babycouture. We have an ethnic collection for baby girls and one for boys. 

Read the School’s Dress Code Carefully

Read the School’s Dress Code CarefullyThe first thing to do when you are looking to dress your kid in trendy dresses or add accessories is to give the dress code in your baby’s school guidebook a careful read. We do not want the children to be reprimanded or pointed out for not following the regulations. Many t-shirts can have colors or prints that do not fall under the school’s accepted category like graphic t-shirts. 

Ask Your Child’s Opinion

Ask Your Child’s OpinionYour kid is learning to express himself/herself. The best thing you can do for them is giving them a choice. A choice of really good combinations that they can easily wear, is perfect for the day’s weather and looks stunning on them. If you directly give your little one the right to dress it will become catastrophic. Start slowly at first. Ask for their opinions when surfing the net for their clothes. Plan their next dressing session in advance. Make sure that some necessary things are taken care of before you present them with these choices. 

Firstly, check the weather the previous night to decide on the layers. Not too much and not too little should be the everyday motto. Secondly, do not choose clashing colors. And lastly, avoid heavy-duty stuff like buttons and such. Kids learn at their own pace. Start with clothes that are easy to wear and gradually increase the difficulty. 

Babycouture hopes that these points will be beneficial for you. We have added newborn baby accessories online that will rock any toddler like a celebrity. You can check them on our website with amazing collections of clothes that are perfect for your kid’s wardrobe. You can contact us for any queries.

Also Read: Outfit Ideas for a Perfect Cake Smash Photoshoot

Outfit Ideas for a Perfect Cake Smash Photoshoot

Cake Smashing is a fun-packed photography session in which a baby is provided with a cake to destroy and get everything; meanwhile, a photographer will capture these cute little moments of your baby. The first birthday of your kid is always special, so cake smashing is also a once-in-a-lifetime event to execute with your baby. Do not miss out on this cute and fun process. Kids just taste the little amount of cake and ruin the rest of it but at the same time they love the process of doing so, you can always capture the sweet moments like this and treasure them for a lifetime. 

Here are some ideas to help you enjoy the perfect cake smash photoshoot session. You can get the best baby first birthday dress online India from Baby Couture at reasonable prices.

Choose a Theme

Choose a ThemeGoing with a theme for your baby's cake smash photo shoot is a wise decision. There are a lot of cool ideas for a cake smash theme on your kid's birthday. You can dress your kids in costumes that compliment the theme. For example, a mickey mouse costume for a Disney theme or a hulk costume for a superhero theme. 

Some fascinating theme ideas are:

  1. Disney Theme
  2. Jungle Safari
  3. Marvel Superheroes
  4. Winnie the Pooh
  5. Pokemon etc

Cake to Choose

Cake to ChooseWhenever choosing a cake, it is advisable to avoid black and brown colour cakes because when smashed black and brown cakes do not seem appropriate, the photos of your kid and cake both will look spooky. Choose cakes with bright colours like white or blue as they enhance the grace of the party and will also look nice when your kid is covered in one. It is very obvious that the cake will be messed up, so avoid spending too much money on it. Choose a simple cake that tastes good and is easier for the baby to smash into crumbs. Avoid using cakes with fondant as it will be hard to make a mess out of it.

Cake Smash Outfit for Boys

Cake Smash Outfit for BoysSince the cake smash is a once-in-a-lifetime event, make it perfect. Your baby's dress will get all stained and probably left in the condition that it can not be used again.  Therefore, please do not select any family heirloom as you never want to ruin it after a single photography session. You can go for something cute and trending item that can be bought at a reasonable price from BabyCouture. If you are not going with a theme-related costume, then choose colours that complement the colour of the cake. You can experiment between a diaper cover, suspenders, a bow tie, and an adorable hat for boys. 

Cake Smash Outfit for Girls

Cake Smash Outfit for GirlsThe same thought applies to a girl's outfits as well. Do not go overboard and spend a hefty amount of money on an outfit that is certainly going to be left stained for a lifetime. Choose a cloth that looks adorable, and you can gladly let go of it after a single use. You can dress your baby girl in princess costumes with pink frills, a jersey, or tiny little cleats. To enhance her charm, add some cute accessories like headbands, necklaces, and sandals.

Some Photography Tips

Some Photography TipsHere are some tips to help you prepare for the photography session and get through the cake smashing process with less difficulty.

  1. Use a piece of soft rug, or arrange a cheap cut-out for the floor, so you don't end up ruining the floor. Keep plenty of wet wipes, napkins, and towels handy as you need to clean things up.
  2. Don't fill the space with too many props, toys, and balloons. Too many props won't look good and may distract your baby from the cake.
  3. Encourage your kid from behind the camera, let them know in your own way that it is okay for him to go wild and do whatever they feel like doing with the cake.
  4. You don't want to leave any space for errors in this photography session. Thus hire a professional photographer who can give you a guarantee of providing the best pictures. Don't look for cheap photographers here. If the images are not satisfying, you'll end up in regrets.

Now you can confidently plan the best cake smash photography session with your baby. If you are looking for the best baby photoshoot dress online India, visit Baby Couture. Our fashion experts have sharp eyes for trendy designs and upload new designs every day.

Also Read: Adorable Themes for Your Baby Boy's First Birthday

Adorable Themes for Your Baby Boy's First Birthday

The first birthday is a beautiful milestone for a baby and the parents, and it also marks the completion of a year of you entering into parenthood. Thus, it deserves a massive celebration. Since your baby boy is too young to understand the concept of a birthday and will have no particular demand, you are free to plan everything as per your wish. You can plan everything from getting baby props online to decorations, foods, and gifts. 

Here are some adorable theme ideas that will make your baby boy’s first birthday memorable and crafty.

Roar with Dinosaurs

Roar with DinosaursThe dinosaurs theme is quite popular and widely used for indoor and outdoor parties since it comes with many cool decoration ideas. You can add dinosaur footprints on the floors and walls of the venue and get different sizes of dinosaur toys having a friendly smile for decoration purposes. Kids who are a little older can play “pin the tail on the dinosaur.” 

Choo Choo Train Theme

Choo Choo Train ThemeDecorate the venue with little railway tracks on which Thomas the train and his friends will carry snacks for your guests on medium-sized trays. It is the most crafty theme, and everyone loves to see little trains moving around in the venue and serving snacks. Also, use balloons of matching colors and steam-cloud-shaped banners all around. You can also name different points of the venues as different railway stations.

Safari Theme

Safari ThemeThe Safari theme is somewhat similar to the dinosaurs theme but with various wild animals instead of dinosaurs. Here, you can go for green decorations using a grass backdrop with flowers and balloons, little plants, and trees. Also, use cutouts, stickers, and toys of various wild animals. Use animal-designed glasses and cutleries to serve drinks and snacks to your guests. You can present animal toys as return gifts for the little guests at your party.

Invite Superheroes

Invite SuperheroesYour son will go crazy about superheroes after a few years; at that time, he’ll love to see pictures of his first birthday. You can use superhero logos on cutleries and tables and add action figures and posters for decorations. Present the little guests with superhero action figures and cards as return gifts. You can ask kids to show up at the party dressed as their favourite superheroes. Get eye-catching and adorable infant wear online from Baby Couture. 

Space and Rockets

Space and RocketsThe space theme is a perfect choice if you are hosting a birthday party at night. Hang a large sun in the center of the venue glowing with warm lights inside it. You can also hang stars, spaceships, and planets for a complete solar system decoration. It would be a memorable theme and a fascinating venue for clicking pictures. Also, use a cake shaped like a space shuttle.

Party with Disney Characters

Party with Disney CharactersMickey Mouse and his friends will never let you down. Guests of every age group will find them charming and adorable. Use the cutouts and life-size balloons of Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, etc. Also, add Disney-related games and face painting for other kids at the party. To make things even more interesting, invite a magician for a show.

While organizing a theme party, take help from party planners to make things easy. If you try to manage everything by yourself, it will get overwhelming for you, and you also need to get your baby boy ready for his special day. Baby Couture has adorable collections of first birthday baby boy dresses that will compliment his cute looks on his special day.

Also Read: Best Venues in Chandigarh for Kids' Birthday Party

Best Venues in Chandigarh for Kids Birthday Party

Whether it is their 5th or the 15th birthday, you will always see a child stirred up with excitement for their birthday. Looking at their enthusiasm, even parents find their happiness elevated. They want to make each birthday full of fun and a memorable day for their kids. Our team of experts at Baby Couture provides the best quality and designer birthday dress online India to help you add extra stars to their birthday.

Here is a list of Chandigarh's best locations that have everything that your child would want for a perfect birthday celebration with their friends.

Kids Castle

Kids CastleKids Castle is a perfect venue with a beautiful ambiance to celebrate a child's birthday. They also offer a play area for kids to have fun and a variety of delicious food. You can rely on their experienced and cooperative staff to plan and overlook the birthday celebration throughout the party. This venue is also suitable for throwing a theme-based party like a superhero or Disney characters theme party. Kids Castle lies in Phase 2, Industrial Area in Chandigarh.


KidzillaKidzilla is in Phase 10, Mohali. They offer exciting birthday packages at affordable rates, a playful environment, and comfortable dining. Their friendly staff will make organizing and executing the party hassle-free and smooth for you.

Kids Own Cafe

Kids Own CafeKids Own Cafe has everything that children want to enjoy throughout the day. They have a wonderful play area, a huge party hall, and a cafe with delicious cuisines. The play area has many exciting things like slides, art and craft activities, and exclusive toys. Do try out their special pizza in their cafe when you visit them. Kids Own Cafe is located in Sector 17 D, Chandigarh.

Excalibur Party Club

Excalibur Party Club

Excalibur Party Club is the best choice for a birthday celebration if your kids love dancing. They have specially designed dance floors with DJ and an attractive ambiance. You can purchase top-quality childrens party dresses online India from Baby Couture. Excalibur is also famous for mouth-watering cuisines, and they serve Indian, Chinese, and Continental dishes to their customer. The address of Excalibur Party Club is in Sector 35 C, Chandigarh.

Fun Factory

Fun Factory chandigarhFun Factory lies in the Ebony Building, Sector 9 D, Chandigarh. Kids will love this venue for sure. They offer the best birthday bash with numerous fun activities for kids to indulge in. They also have a beautiful interior and a dance floor with neon lights where the kids can enjoy dancing to their favourite songs.

Pitter Patter

Pitter PatterPitter Patter is located in the basement of Falcon cafe lounge in Sector 16 Panchkula. Pitter Patter is a popular venue for your little one to throw a blasting birthday party. They offer an entertaining play area specially designed for toddlers. They have tons of games and activities for kids to indulge with their friends.

If your little one's birthday is around the corner, you can get in touch with these party places and get a token of their packages and offers. Keep an eye out for exclusive offers and discounts that they can offer you. If you are looking for branded kidswear online India to add charms on their special day, check out Baby Couture collections. Baby Couture specializes in all types of children's clothing that are adorable, cute, and also comfortable to wear.

Also Read: Best Way to Dress Your Kid on This Navratri

Best Way to Dress Your Kid on This Navratri

Navratri is one of India's most auspicious festivals celebrated with excitement and joy. Navratri is a festival where we honor the divine Goddess Durga for nine days with intermittent fasting, pujas, and events with traditional songs. Mother Durga has nine different forms, each day of Navratri is dedicated to a particular form of Durga.

Even kids are excited for Navratri so they can dress up in traditional clothing. They look forward to dancing their hearts out at their society's events and having fun with their friends. You can get traditional clothing from the best kids boutique online India from the comfort of your home. Kids need to dress up in traditional clothes highlighting their ethnic looks for the festival. Still, at the same time, their outfits need to be light and comfortable so they can enjoy running all around, dancing to traditional songs, and playing games. Here are some ideas on how to dress your kids that will help them get tons of compliments and enjoy the festival wholeheartedly.

The Dress

The DressNavratri is a traditional festival and calls for exquisite ethnic wear. For your little princess, you can choose dresses like a one-shoulder top with a frilly lehenga and dupatta, a wonderful silk palazzo set, Kurti-salwar, or a bell bottom suit. These dresses are light and also look adorable for girls.

For boys, the best outfits for Navratri would be designer kurta with a comfortable pajama or light dhoti. Depending on the climate of your city, you can add an embroidery jacket as well. Baby Couture has the best set of kids ethnic wear online that your child will love to wear. 


FootwearYou can choose 'mojris' or 'juttis' for your little one with traditional dresses. They are comfortable to wear & run. Otherwise, let them wear regular footwear like slippers. These footwear can be easily worn and taken out without using hands so that your kids can sit at pujas without getting their hands dirty. Avoid high heels for your girls as they won't be comfortable and will act as a hurdle in their enjoyment.


Makeup for kidsYou can use light makeup on your little princess if she is above five years old. Apply a tinge of kajal, lip gloss, and face powder to enhance their adorable looks. While making their hair, use hair accessories that complement their dress. A boy doesn't require any such kind of makeup during the Navratri celebration.

Jewelry & Accessories

Jewelry & AccessoriesAccessories can enhance their royal look on Navratri tenfold. You don't need to get something expensive for kids. Just get some low-price accessories for baby girls. Make sure you select only lightweight jewelry for your little princess that they can carry around with ease. For instance, you can choose thread necklaces, bindis, and light jhumkis for ears. Also, add some colorful bangles that compliment her outfits and an anklet to complete her majestic looks.

Even boys can benefit from adorable accessories like a metallic necklace on a thread, clip-on earrings, and cool thread accessories for their wrist and feet.

Navratri is a wonderful occasion to celebrate with your loved ones. Now you know how to dress your little sunshine for Navratri, so they add charms with their presence and enjoy the festival wholeheartedly. Make sure you click tons of striking pictures with your little kid looking exquisite in royal ethnic wear.

Also Read: Hosting a Baby Shower: Essential Etiquettes to Follow

Hosting a Baby Shower: Essential Etiquettes to Follow

A beautiful journey begins for a woman when she feels the presence of a new life within herself. The nine months of pregnancy can be daunting at times. But, it brings many sweet moments for a woman entering into motherhood. Since she is bringing a new life into this world, she deserves a celebration, a baby shower. In India, the baby shower is known as 'Godh Bharai Rasam.' It is a tradition in a Godh Bharai Rasam to gift the new mother with useful items like newborn accessories India as blessings that she'll be able to use after her baby is born. Baby Shower is usually celebrated in the seventh month of pregnancy because after seven months it is considered to be a safe stage for both the mom and her baby.

If you are hosting a baby shower for someone close to you, here is some essential etiquette that will help you host a memorable baby shower.

Listen to the Mom-to-be

Listen to the Mom-to-beThe lady for whom you are planning the shower is the star of the event. Pay special heed to her wishes. Before you finalize anything, take her suggestions. Make sure what she wants regarding whom to invite, foods, games, events, and other vital aspects of the baby shower.

Invitation with Location

Invitation with LocationMake a guest list that consists of only relatives and close friends. It is wise not to invite someone who lives in a far-off city just for a baby shower. Send the invitation to guests with the address to your venue. Send the invitation more than a week before the event. You can send some follow-up messages by text a couple of times before the baby shower, including the location of your venue so it is easier for them to reach.

Special Case

Special CaseHere, by special case, we mean that if someone close to new mother recently had a bad experience like miscarriage or stillbirth. She might not be able to enjoy a baby shower, as it may make her feel bad. Neither should you send her an invitation right away nor ignore her completely. It is wise to call her and ask if she'll be able to attend the baby shower. After having a friendly conversation with her, you'll know what to do.

Gifts & Return Gifts

Gifts & Return GiftsA baby shower is all about showering gifts and blessings to the lady entering into motherhood. Dedicate a spot where you can place the gifts given by the guests. . Even if you are hosting the baby shower, you still need to get a gift for the mother. You can gift accessories like a unisex burp cloth, cap, and mitten set for the newborn. Since everyone will be coming there with a gift, it is gentle etiquette to present them with a return gift. You can choose a low-price product for a return gift, like a baby shower-themed mug, bags, or showpieces.

Keep it Short

Keep it ShortThe party's star may get tired quickly since she is carrying a baby. Obviously, she wants to interact with everyone throughout the event but she might not be able to do so. Therefore a baby shower is best if it is short and memorable so that the mother can rest up after the celebration. Even the games you choose should be easy to play and quick to complete.

Meals for a Baby Shower

Meals for a Baby ShowerA baby shower is a short and sweet event, so you don't need to plan a full-course meal for it. Instead, prepare some delicious snacks, soft drinks, and desserts, so that guest doesn't need to balance a plate while sitting in a place. Instead, they can move around and enjoy talking with others while having their snacks. Also, keep in mind that there should not be any alcohol in a baby shower; that would be inappropriate.

Even if it is your first time hosting a party, following these etiquettes will make the event happening and delightful for the new mother and the guests. If you are looking for the best quality kids apparel online India to welcome a new member to your home, check our collection. Baby Couture is one of a kind online store that specializes in top-quality baby clothing and the best accessories for kids.

Also Read: Go for Colors That Suits, No Matter the Gender

Go for Colors That Suits, No Matter the Gender

How about dressing your baby boy in a stunning hot pink kurta and off-white salwar or dressing your baby girl in a beautiful blue lehenga? The visualization doesn't look bad. There are tons of gorgeous dresses available in different colors. Still, unfortunately, in the back of our minds, we have dedicated a particular set of colors for boys and girls. Like blue is only for boys, and pink for girls. There are various designer baby dresses online India available in different colors to choose from. Don't just stick to some limited color collections.

This article will discuss color stereotypes and the need for gender-neutrality parenting for this generation.

Why is Avoiding Color Stereotypes Important?

If we maintain some specific set of colors for our child, then that will impact the upbringing. We subconsciously attach values to colors when we see them. They have a significant impact on our minds, behavior, and actions. You don't want to limit your child's fashion to specific colors. Psychologically, it shows how we label our kids based on their gender. For instance, pink color is associated with qualities like nurturing and caring. These qualities are then associated with girls only. We can understand that boys also need to have these qualities in today's world. 

Many stereotypes are deep-rooted in our brain due to decades-long conditioning from our society. Our condition is such that we believe aggression in boys is cool, they should hold in their emotions and girls should avoid outdoor sports.

Please get rid of these stereotypes and focus on gender-neutral parenting. Choosing colors for clothing can be your first step in breaking these stereotypes. Pink, a stronger color, will suit boys, whereas blue brings out delicate and dainty looks in girls.

Benefits of Gender-Neutral Parenting

Benefits of Gender-Neutral ParentingGender-neutral parenting means raising your kids without imposing specific gender roles on them. Here, you give freedom to your children regarding the games they like to play, the colors they love to wear, and the activities they enjoy getting involved in. The benefits of gender-neutral parenting for a child are:

No Feeling of Biasedness

Under gender-neutral parenting, there are no feelings of bias among children towards siblings or other kids. As they grow up, they become unbiased in every situation and with everyone. 

Tap Into Their Other Qualities

The children brought up under gender-neutral parenting display signs of both masculine and feminine qualities. For instance, they show leadership qualities, courage, and assertiveness. At the same time, they also show empathy, tenderness, and cooperative nature.

Unlocks Hidden Talent

These children unlock their hidden talent and embrace creativity in various fields. Boys can excel in cooking, arts, or needlework, and girls can be excellent in sports, adventure, or starting up a business.

Develops Better Understanding

Such children understand each other better and can communicate among themselves effortlessly and gently. They also have great self and identity awareness. .

Busting the Myth

The worse myth that people believe is that the boys who wear pink or similar colors clothes will turn out to be homosexual. There is no evidence that the color of their clothes or raising a child under gender-neutral parenting impacts their sexuality. 85% of such children grow up into heterosexual adults. Even the girls who spend most of their childhood wearing boy's outfits grow up into beautiful women and live a happy married life.

Gender-Neutral ParentingInstead of going for gender-specific colors, go for the color that suits your little ones. Choose the colors that enhance the looks of your baby. Baby Couture has trendy collections of hot pink ethnic wears for boys and baby girl blue party dress. Increase the color combination in your little one's wardrobe, and add extra charms to their style.

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