Baby Couture: In Conversation With Our Founder, Neha Sood

The Urban Melange magazine recently published an interview of Mrs. Neha Sood by Nikita Agarwal on their cover page. Here, Neha talks about her startup, journey as a women entrepreneur, and a strong message for every woman pursuing their dream of entrepreneurship. In this article, we have covered some important points from their conversation.

About Baby Couture

Baby Couture is a startup by a women entrepreneur, Neha Sood, that specializes in all kinds of baby clothing, kids' wear, and accessories for kids. Our team of experts has sharp eyes for babies' fashion and the latest trends in the market. Our mission is to provide cute outfits of the latest style without compromising comfort. We present all kinds of clothing ranging from casual and nightwear to party wear and traditional dresses. Baby Couture helps you with the best online shopping for kidswear India.


Baby Couture collaborates with brands that give priority to both quality and creativity. Our partnered brands consistently follow current trends, evolve their products with the latest fashion, and believe in substantial practices.

How Did Neha Come Up With Baby Couture?

How Did Neha Come Up With Baby Couture

Neha Sood has been an entrepreneur since 2007. Before Baby Couture, she has worked in multiple online startups like Ladyoye, Tripbeam, and Flyopedia. Neha is also the co-founder of the Netzens Softech. She is also working on her new international venture that will be in business soon.

Neha Sood started Baby Couture in 2013 when she noticed her friends and peers struggling to find good quality clothes for their newborns. Even the designer pieces of clothing didn't do justice with the quality as per their prices. So, Neha decided to start an elite and fashionable brand that anyone can trust to fulfill their baby's needs and that deals with every category of babies and kids clothing. Neha's biggest challenge in Baby Couture was the COVID Pandemic, which set them back, and now her team is recovering from it and coming back bigger and better. 

The Kidswear Market in India

Kidswear Market in India

The market for kids' clothing is evolving continuously, and you can see the change in new trends surprisingly fast. The demand for kids' unicorn dresses is on hype. Still, parents prefer to shop for comfort over quality for their babies. Parents also prefer clothes with sustainable fashion and reusability so that they can pass on the clothes to other kids. After the pandemic, the most significant shift was that shopping for kid clothing moved online. Customers prefer online stores more than visiting physical stores with their babies.

Neha on Women Entrepreneurship

Neha on Women Entrepreneurship

Neha believes that the most important qualities that women on the journey of entrepreneurship need are determination, quick decision making, and excellent communication. The willingness to take the initiative and the ability to close deals is also a must for every entrepreneur. Neha strongly emphasizes the importance of keeping your staff happy.

According to Neha, society needs to change its attitude towards women entrepreneurs from the grassroots level. Entrepreneurship gets harder for women because their family and community make them feel guilty and ashamed for investing in their careers and passion. As if a woman's goals and desires should always be the last priority. Although the world is getting better and more acceptable towards women entrepreneurs, we still have a long way to go. If a woman feels acceptance and support from her own family, she can achieve wonders in her career.

Neha encourages women to follow their passion, and if you don't know your passion, you should start looking for it now. So you can enjoy living your dream life.

Online Presence Matters

Online Presence Matters

The Millennials, who are now becoming new parents, spend most of their time on social media platforms than in the offline world. Thus we believe that digital marketing is the key to getting in touch with our customer base. We have a strong presence on Instagram and Facebook, thanks to our creative team of photographers, content writers, and graphic designers.

Visit our website to check our collections of trendy and fashionable clothing for baby from premium boutiques. You can shop for clothing and accessories of top brands from the comfort of your home, and we guarantee the authenticity of our products. You can also get free shipping within India. We also have an option where you can add personalizations to clothing as per your taste. Happy Shopping!

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