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Clothing Checklist for a New Born Baby

When a baby bun is cooking, you need to go looking. For dresses for newborn baby! While that may have been weird rhyming on our part, we guarantee that the checklist is anything but. 

We’re presenting you an entire list, which includes all the necessities that a new born baby needs, both immediately and in the coming days regularly. 

When you’re preparing for a baby’s arrival, your hands are jam packed with too many stuff to do so that the baby is comfortable. We’d like to offer our assistance and help you and your partner in streamlining the process, making it that much easier and better. We promise!

Let’s get started.

1. Swaddle blanket

In the first few weeks and the upcoming months, it will be necessary to have your baby wrapped in a swaddle blanket, unless the climate of the place you’re living in says otherwise.

It will keep the baby warm and safe from external aggressors while giving them chance to adjust to their surroundings. A soft and breathable fabric, like cotton is preferred.

2. Pyjamas

The activity a baby will do most is sleeping for the most part of time. While you’re doing online clothes shopping for kids, the first and foremost thing to remember is that you won’t be buying cute or fancy outfits.

Stick to the basic ones without any embellishments, especially at the back. This is because the baby will be sleeping on their back most of the time, and you don’t want them to be uncomfortable, right?

3. Undershirts & Onesies

These are a must as onesies are relatively easier to put on and take off on even the fussiest baby. With an opening between the baby’s legs, you’re also to be sure that putting on diapers while disposing off smelly ones would be a breeze.

4. Tees

Tees are the basic and one of the comfiest outfit pieces any child can have. So whether you dress them up or down, tees make up for a good wardrobe percentage.

5. Leggings or stretchy pants

The perfect choice and fit for any growing baby. A pair of leggings or stretchable pants is very easy to wear and keeps the baby relaxed.

6. Socks or booties

In the starting months, your baby won’t be needing proper shoes as they will be travelling anywhere in your arms.

Till then, socks and booties are necessary to both keep the baby warm and protect his sensitive little feet. Do check if the elastic of the socks are tight. If yes, don’t buy it.

7. Hat with brim

Hats with brim is must- have in the summers to keep the baby’s face protected from the harsh sun rays.

8. Knit hat or cap

While brimmed hats are an absolute must in the summers, knitted hats and caps are the same for the winter months. They will ensure to keep your baby healthy and warm. It will also prevent sicknesses, and cold.

9. Sweater or jacket

Easy of wearing is the chief reason why this should have a place in your baby’s closet. Other reasons for keeping it include warmth, comfort and the heightened level of your baby’s adorableness.

10. Mittens

It’s simple, those tiny hands must be protected from the cold.

11. Special outfit

These are for the occasions where you might go out with your baby to events. Having a comfy while cute one at hand surely reduces the time you spent worrying about what to dress your baby in.

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8 Best Ethnic Wear for Kids

Choosing what ethnic wear you can dress your kid in can be a time consuming task, especially when you don’t know where to start.

The children dress not only needs to be stylish and fashionable, but also comfortable enough for them to play and stay in it for longer hours, if necessary.

There are many fashionable dress for kids but only a few options which have both comfort and style.

So if you’re shopping online for comfy and cute dresses for baby, check out the list we’ve compiled for some fresh inspiration on how to dress your baby.

8 Best Ethnic Wear for Kids

1) Saree & Blouse

A pre- stitched saree and blouse are the perfect way to dress your little princess in while you’re attending a traditional event or occasion.

It is fuss free, and you can accessorise it easily with a cute baby purse and a mangtikka.

8 Best Ethnic Wear for Kids

2) Kurta Dhoti Set

This outfit set is a unisex option for both baby boys and baby girls. The kurta dhoti set can either be simple and adorable or going heavy on embellishments. 

The choice depends on you to check whether the babies would be wearing the outfit to a short time occasion or they will be wearing it for a longer time. 

If it is a short event, a heavily embellished outfit would be best suited, otherwise go for the simpler option and dress it up with fun accessories.

8 Best Ethnic Wear for Kids

3) Top & Palazzo Set With Traditional Prints

This choice would be better when wearing something indo- western outfit for the kids is good.

A halter neck top and flared palazzos adorned with traditional prints or embellishments is a fancy look while staying comfy.

Dress it up further with a baby purse, hair accessories, bangles and a dupatta.

8 Best Ethnic Wear for Kids

4) Kurta Pajama Achkan Set

For the baby boys, this is the ideal choice to make them look adorably traditional in their outfits while being breathable enough that they can play in it all day, if needed.

A colourfully printed or embellished achkan will add zest to even the simplest of kurta pajama set, so keep a look out for it.

8 Best Ethnic Wear for Kids

5) Lehenga Choli Set

The most classical choice for the baby girls is a lehenga choli set, which now come in various styles and types.

Choose what both you and your princess likes and get her looking like the superstar she is, making her the centre of attention by shining the spotlight on her.

8 Best Ethnic Wear for Kids

Anarkali Block Printed Long Dress for Baby Girl in Mint Colour

6) Anarkali Dupatta Set

Anarkali dupatta set is an option for baby girls who’d like a royal look.

Choose it in fabrics such as brocade or velvet to up the feel.

Do keep in mind that if the anarkali is heavily embroidered, ensure it has a soft cotton lining inside the outfit to make it comfortable for longer periods of time for your little girl.

8 Best Ethnic Wear for Kids

7) Kurta Sharara Dupatta Set

Kurta sharara is a playful alternative to those who prefer not to be too conformed to being traditional.

All you need to do is make sure that the sharara has either a soft elastic waist band or is the right size for your baby for a zip closure.

Top Pants Set

8) Top Pants Set

This is a great unisex alternative for your kids as you can go for a top pants set in brocade for the boys and choose a frilly or embellished top with a pair of bell bottoms to make it a set for the girls and add a dupatta to it. 

9 Coolest Gifts for Baby Boys

People usually love shopping for gifts for babies, but they tend to overlook a major factor. The gifts have to please 2 very important recipients- one, the baby boy and two, his parents.

If the baby boy doesn’t like the gift, it will likely end up as nothing more than clutter in the baby’s room.

If the parents don’t like the gifts, they will undoubtedly be ending up in storage without making it to the baby’s hands. 

Either of those situations are undesirable. To avoid them, we did some research on what are the best gifts available for baby boys that would be of use to both the babies and their parents.

And if you’re looking for gift ideas for a baby girl, look through them here.

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9 Coolest Gifts for Baby Boys

1) Personalised Bedtime Story Book

Bedtime story books are usually very commonly used by most millennial parents when trying to put their kid to sleep effectively.

Get them one with colourful picture filled pages.

Bonus points for you if the book has been personalised with the baby’s name.

9 Coolest Gifts for Baby Boys

2) Cute Night Pyjamas

Night Pyjamas are a necessity for every baby.

Do remember that when you shop for online newborn baby clothes, get them in a super comfortable and breathable fabric like 100% cotton or something similar.

They need to be moisture wicking and prints would work better in case of stains.

9 Coolest Gifts for Baby Boys

3) Baby Blanket

Shop for a machine- washable blanket that both fluffy and warm for the winter months.

These would last quite some time so ensure it is soft and of good quality, instead of a scratchy fabric.

You can also get it customised especially for the babies or parents.

9 Coolest Gifts for Baby Boys

4) Battery Operated Soft Toy

A soft huggable toy car or bear that also lights up and/ or makes sounds?

It is sure to be a hit among both the babies and the parents.

The toys would engage the baby’s attention for quite some time, allowing the parents to do what they might need.

9 Coolest Gifts for Baby Boys

5) Baby Booties

Instead of trying to stuff their soft feet into baby shoes, shop for some soft and cute baby booties with snap or wrap closure.

They will ensure that the small feet of the baby boy will be protected and they won’t be able to pull it off either.

Get some pairs in bright colours.

9 Coolest Gifts for Baby Boys

6) Teethers

Teethers are necessary for the babies’ dental growth, so an effective one in good quality and cute shapes would be a sure- fire way to know that your gift will be used.

It is even better if you can get a teether that vibrates when the baby bites down on it. That will soothe their small gums. 

9 Coolest Gifts for Baby Boys

7) Animal Hooded Towel

When bath time is over and done with, a cute animal hooded towel would be good to absorb the water quickly and also look adorable.

While you’re shopping for this, check if the material is soft enough for the baby’s sensitive skin.

9 Coolest Gifts for Baby Boys

8) Baby Bodysuits

These bodysuits are easy to put on and take off and this will be very useful for changing baby’s clothes quickly.

You can always take it a notch further by getting both the baby and parents a customised bodysuit and they can both enjoy flaunting off their matching style together.

9 Coolest Gifts for Baby Boys

9) Baby & Mom Gift Set

The gift set would generally have something suited to cater the needs of both the new mother and the baby.

Usually, such gift sets contain a bathing kit including baby soap, shampoo and cream/ moisturiser with a body wash/ body oil/ moisturiser for the mother as well.

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

Choosing a useful gift for little babies can be difficult, even if you’ve known the parent for a long time. Since everything is usually unpredictable with kids in the picture and babies hardly show interest in anything for a long time, it becomes problematic when you’re browsing through hundreds of options as you do some online kids shopping.

To cut through all that and make your job easier, we present 20 thoughtful gift ideas for baby girls. These will not only be suitable for kids’ use but also save your time as you know exactly what to look for.

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20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

1) Custom Desktop Photo Plaque

The desktop photo plaques commemorates important messages and dates or quotes for both you and the baby.

Choose a pretty picture to go along and you’re on your way to making the plaque memorable for years to come.

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

2) Baby Bibs

Baby bibs are super useful for both the parents and the baby.

The bibs are not only suitable to keep the baby’s clothes clean but also safeguards it to stay stain- free.

Shop for one with a soft fabric to ensure maximum comfort for the baby.

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

3) Organic Baby Gift Basket

When shopping for a baby, nothing, and we mean absolutely NOTHING, trumps a gift basket with baby items that are free of harmful ingredients.

Look for an organic baby gift basket that usually includes baby wipes, a bath set and a cream or moisturiser for the baby, and you’re good to go.

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

4) Girl Crib Mobile

Babies’ attention are held easily by anything mobile since they have an attention span of 5 seconds.

Choose a brightly coloured crib mobile to make the little princess interested in it for a long time.

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

5) Baby Girl Headbands

Headbands are not only cute accessories for photoshoots, but also help in keeping the long hair of the babies’ away from their faces.

When shopping for a baby girl headband, make sure you check the fabric and adornments so that it doesn’t get ruined when the baby wants to pluck off shiny stones on it.

Something simple, cute and fabric based is always a better option.

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

6) Booties

Since the babies’ feet are so tiny, they wouldn’t be in need of shoes as they’ll likely be carried everywhere until they learn how to walk on their own.

That, however, doesn’t mean that they can’t catch a cold if their feet aren’t covered in the colder months.

Buy cute little booties in soft textures to keep them warm and comfy.

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

7) Baby Girl Onesie

Onesies are cute and recommended for daily wear as they are much easier to take off and put on the babies, compared to other clothes.

The parents are sure to appreciate a gift of baby onesies as they’ll be needing to change the diapers several times a day.

Ensure the fabric of the onesie is soft and breathable, like 100% cotton.

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

8) Baby Blanket

Keeping the baby warm in the winter is a necessity but that can’t be done with a scratchy, rough blanket.

Gift them the comfort provided by a soft thick blanket as they play happily while staying warm and covered.

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

9) Baby Girl Outfit

The baby also needs to attend events with their parents, whether fancy or casual.

Shop for a co- ordinated baby girl outfit to keep her looking adorable and chic as she flaunts off her style.

Co- ordinated baby girl outfits will also work to reduce the time spent by parents on deciding what their cutie can wear that’s both fashionable and comfortable.

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

10) Photo Ornament

Photo ornaments are a cute little gift for the Christmas to decorate the Christmas trees with.

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

11) Baby Memory Book

Every parent wants to store away their memories with their baby. Help them document it by gifting a memory book.

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

12) Baby Nest

These will be beneficial for the parents to ensure their baby doesn’t roll over in their sleep.

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

13) Daily Bath time Gift Set

It is a simple but valuable gift for daily use for both the parents and the baby.

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

14) Teether

A colourful teether will support the baby’s growing needs adequately.

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

15) Baby Doll

A simple and traditional way to gift the baby girl.

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

16) Name Puzzle

The toy makes for a fun puzzle while helping the babies learn letters at an early age. 

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

17) Activity Cube

The cube of full of various activities that help the baby have fun and learn at the same time.

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

18) Portable Baby Soother

This useful item is effective in making the babies’ sleep peacefully to white noise or other soothing sounds.

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

19) Princess Castle Playset

This toy will help her get creative while she plays and imagines her own princess story.

20 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Baby Girls

20) Photo Collage Plaque

How to Make DIY Headbands for Your Kids

Your cute little baby is the apple of your eye. Their skin is really soft and sensitive to any rough and harsh surfaces, and you need to protect them from coming in contact with any such fabrics.

When you’re thinking about how to keep the babies’ hair off of their face, you need to remember that the fabric needs to be checked as well as the elastic band.

This is because both play a major role as they are directly coming in contact with your baby’s skin for a long period of time. 

And yet, when parents are doing online dress shopping for kids, they usually tend to overlook that such little details matter more for the babies and choose the cuter options.

To remedy that, it’s easier to make a DIY headband as you have the choice to check what fabrics and/ or elastic is coming in contact with your baby’s soft skin.

Want to learn how? Follow the steps below and ensure your baby is comfortable while being cute.

Caution: Please remember that your baby’s head is really sensitive, so try not to use any headbands for longer than an hour. Give them a break and let them relax.

Step 1: Measure your baby’s head.

You can use a cloth measuring tape or opt for one of the standard sizes available for reference online.

Wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your child’s head, i.e. the circumference of the head.

Step 2: Choose the width of the headband.

The width of the band usually factors in the size of the baby. For a new born baby, the width can be half an inch.

For babies who are six months to a year old, one inch width is enough. You can either measure the width or use your guess to mark how much of the fabric you’ll need.

Step 3: Choose the fabric.

This is one of the most important decisions when you’re making a DIY headband.

Since the fabric material will be coming in contact with your baby’s skin, you’ll need to ensure that the material is comfortable, like velvet, stretch jersey, or silk.

Step 4: Examine for the most comfy elastic.

The elastic should not be tight or wound up.

It needs to sit loosely on your kid’s head, so it won’t be uncomfortable for them.

Ask the shopkeeper for elastics that can be used to make dress for babies.

Mark the size for your baby’s head with a marker.

Step 5: Cut up what you need.

Since both elastic and fabric are measured up, let’s get to cutting.

The elastic should be cut according to the measurement of the circumference of the kid’s head.

The fabric’s length should be a half inch longer than the length of the elastic you cut.

The width of the fabric is a little more than twice of the width we’ve chosen before- either half an inch or 1 inch. Cut out the fabric you measured.

Step 6: Sew the headband.

Fold the fabric over on its bottom side so that it is easier to sew the ends together.

Leave the openings on the top and bottom open.

Turn the sewn fabric over on its top side and thread the elastic through the top opening of the headband we left open and take it out the bottom side.

Sew the ends together with the elastic on its inverted side.

Step 7: Enjoy!

That’s it! Your DIY headband is now ready to be used for your kid. Wash it once before putting it on your child, to ensure it is clean and free of dirt. 

Don’t know where to start for your online kids shopping? Let us help you make the decisions. Just drop us a message on WhatsApp.

Best Dressed Kids to Follow on Instagram

While the trend of dressing to the nines has caught up pretty quickly with the kids, there are some who stand a class apart in a crowd.

They may not always be dressing themselves, but these little ones are already pros at acing fashionable looks, every single time.

From the most stylish sibling duos, to the most insanely worn designer- wear clad kids, they are so stylish that even adults will be tempted to copy their fashion sense and save their pictures in their own look- book.

Go follow these chic little pros immediately.

1) COCO, @coco_pinkprincess

This outrageously fashionable little girl from Tokyo is the cutest when she’s posing like a model in the best of kids’ couture.

Who’d believe she’s just 10 years old when she is this talented at being a kids’ fashion model already?

Her account is run by her family, where she is dressed up in the latest kids’ collections for branded street fashion for kids. She has over 627k followers.

2) Haileigh, @hails_world

The petite teen is an actress and a model and it’s really no wonder.

She’s as fashionable as they come, but keeps it realistically relatable for everyone with some pinafore dresses, jeans, swimsuits or even bold colourful top and shorts sets.

Her younger baby brother, who is equally fashionable, usually accompanies her in most pictures as she poses for the best shot in her trendy outfits.

Her account is managed by her mom and team. She has over 118k followers.

3) Ryan Secret, @ryansecret

 The little guy is a popular fashion influencer with his sartorial choices reflecting mostly casual apparel and sports- wear.

He is seen posing as a naughty but cute lil’ expert with his curly hair in many pictures, sometimes alone or with his family and sister.

Just to bring it to your attention, his sister is no less than an ace of fashion herself! Ryan has over 112k followers.

4) Amelia and Bianca, @cissifio

Technically, the account is owned by the mother of these 2 adorable cuties, Cissi Fioriniello, who is based in Sweden.

But truly, this account is based on the sole focus of her charming little daughters. This stylish sibling duo is usually seen in matching sibling clothing sets, either in the same colours or different.

They sure are experts at making you wish you could steal the adult version of their wardrobes.

Do expect to find a lot of pink featuring in most of their pictures as well. The account has about 237k followers.

5) Kingston & Kaui, @kingandkaui

With the powerful sibling duo of 10 year old Kingston and 7 year old Kaui, there is absolutely no way their account wouldn’t be vibing to the bright, fun filled atmosphere of their pictures.

The brother and sister duo are always in trendy street wear outfits and sometimes choose to sport the sporty looks.

With the relatable dose of fashion, don’t be surprised when you find yourself with tons of ideas on how to dress your kid in a similar style. The duo has about 19.7k followers.

6) Fashion Kids, @fashionkids

With their founders, the husband and wife duo Michelle and Wilson Dorigon, this account is a proper collection of the most fashionable kids from round the world.

While this account isn’t related to just 1 or 2 best dressed children, they promote many others on their account and you’ll never run short of inspiration as you browse through their feed.

The account has over 3 million followers.

If you’re feeling inspired from all the overdose of cuteness, do some online dress shopping for kids @babycoutureindia.

You’ll be finding stylish kids wear dresses, dresses for newborn baby, and all occasion wear for kids. Check us out on Instagram @babycoutureindia now.

5 Tips to Buy Baby Clothes Affordably

When you are doing shopping for the best kids clothing online, it can be easy to forget about expenses. And the tricky thing is, since most baby clothing doesn’t cost much, it conveniently adds up to the overdue costs.

Since a baby can triple their weight in just about a year, you can imagine how many clothes might be needed to ensure they are adequate and comfortable for your kid. That is sure to leave a gaping hole in your wallet!

Hence, to ensure that doesn’t happen, it is necessary to get updated on strategies that will help you to buy baby clothes affordably. 

Want to know more? Go ahead and find out what tips will be able to help you buy dress for babies at reasonable costs. 

1) Sale shopping

5 Tips to Buy Baby Clothes Affordably

Research for babies branded clothes on an online shop for babies of your choice for sales, like Baby Couture.

These sales usually offer huge discounts on their kids’ collections, making it more affordable to shop for what your kids will need in their closet.

2) Invest in daily wear.

5 Tips to Buy Baby Clothes Affordably

Let’s face it, when we choose our clothes for regular wear, we choose those which are very comfortable and have some to none embellishments.

Same goes for shopping for your kids. Since they are going to be wearing such clothes daily, it’s better to opt for clothes which are cute but have a relaxed fit.

These are needed more compared to the trendy kids’ party dresses because they not only will be lasting long, but since the kids will be wearing them daily.

3) Limit fashionable kids clothing.

With everything going on in the world at present, our going out is limited to the bare necessities.

Bearing that in mind, we should understand that the kids won’t be needing much fashionable clothes for attending parties and fancy events for now and in the coming future.

If you’re really interested in buying trendy and chic kids clothing, curb it to not more than 3 sets. 

4) Swap with your friends or online.

This is mostly a personal choice for parents to swap their kids clothes with those of their friends’ kids.

If you’re okay with doing so, ask around if your friends are open to the idea of swapping kids clothes for better options and of course, great variety in your baby photos.

If you don’t have many friends with kids, you can go online to swap. Do remember to clean the swapped clothes properly, both before and after use.

5) Opt for rentals.

5 Tips to Buy Baby Clothes Affordably

While you love to do fancy photo shoots with your kids in focus, the shopping required for such photo shoots are usually expensive and a one- time affair.

For example, can you think of one reason why your little girl will be wearing that fairy costume since her last photo session? No, right?

That’s what we’re talking about. For occasions such as these, take your pick from the rentals available either in your location or go online.

Same rule with rentals as swapping: Clean all apparel before and after use meticulously. 

Here’s What You Should Know Before Shopping for a New Born Baby

To all the new parents, congratulations! You have the most beautiful, messy and chaotic days ahead of you that you’re going to power through.

Love for the new baby takes your first priority and love for shopping for the new born baby comes a close second or third.

Since parents love shopping for the cutest little clothes for their baby, it’s necessary for them to remember a few things before doing so. 

After all, even the most stylish clothes and accessories with fancy embellishments will not ensure that they are a perfect fit for the baby.

We’ll be taking you to learn not only how to buy the right apparel for your baby, but also stop you from spending on unnecessary attires. Eager to know how? Read on to find out.

1) Prioritising comfort.

Trust us when we say, the soft supple skin of new born babies are extremely sensitive to outside elements.

And the first mistake new parents make when they shop for their babies, is going for cute and fancy clothing immediately after they’re born, sometimes even before.

Since the tiny bundle of joy has skin that can react easily to anything, it is imperative that you opt for super comfy clothes over the trendy options. 

Think clothes in fabrics like 100% cotton, organic threads and practically anything that feels light and airy.

Do keep in mind that you need to avoid any of the dresses for newborn baby with back details (buttons, bows, embellishments, etc.) for the new born baby.

Why? Because most of the time, new born babies usually lie on their back. And it would be really uncomfortable for them to have something digging into their back.

2) Placing convenience next.

It would do well for new parents to remember that they will be changing the new born baby’s clothes quite a few times in a day.

It will not be convenient if they are difficult to put on or take off. Hence, choose clothes that are easy to wear and remove, like onesies or singlets.

Points for you if you shop online dresses for kids in colours that won’t fade easily, since you’ll be washing them multiple times a day.

3) Seasonal clothes check.

While that chic looking baby sweater with its  tiny sleeves look the best for your baby to wear the coming winter, parents should remember that their babies will be growing at a rate faster than they can imagine.

Hence, shop for kids dresses that are enough only for the next 3 months. 

4) Don’t shop for the future.

Do the shopping only for those apparel that are of immediate requirement for the baby, excluding any and all cute clothes and accessories.

When you’re shopping for the new born baby, it’s easy to go overboard.

So limit all the expenses for new born babies to their instant necessities and don’t buy for the future.

5) Baby wardrobe checklist.

Don’t know where the baby closet should expand and by how much? Refer to the checklist below to get the idea.

This is only a general rule and not absolute. You can experiment with the size of your new born baby’s closet by either expanding or scaling down its size as per requirement to cater to your needs appropriately.

1) 5 onesies/ singlets/ bodysuits: These are easy to wear and remove, are perfect for daily wear and fuss free. Opt for ones with wide holes for neck and legs so that you don’t accidentally tug or pull while you’re dressing your baby.

2) 5 pairs of matching baby sets: These are comparatively fancier than onesies, reserved for occasions when you’re going out with your baby. You’ll need to ensure that the elastic at the waist is comfortable and soft for the baby.

3) 3 cardigans/ sweaters: Babies are more susceptible to weather changes. Keep a cardigan at hand in case it gets cold or windy where you live.

4) 3 hats/ caps: To keep your baby comfy and warm, these are necessary when the temperature drops.

5) 3 booties: Shoes aren’t necessary for the baby as they’re carried everywhere. However, it’s better to keep their delicate feet protected from sudden weather changes.

What Should Be Important in the Kids’ Play Room

As parents, we all consider the kids’ education to take the front and foremost step. However, life can’t be all about study, all the time. No one can work 24*7 and not expect a break.

Moreover, it has been found in a study that kids learn more during playing than they do from studying. And just as much as it’s your duty to get the kids to study, it is as much if not more so, your duty to ensure that they enjoy and get the most out of their play time as well.

The best and easiest way to achieve it? Design a kids’ play room so they can bring out their fun, energetic and creative side.

Stop wondering how to do it and read through our tips to design and allocate a play room for your kids to achieve better mental health, growth and development.

1. Paint the room in bright colours.

To keep them engaged, kids are motivated by bright colours and wall paintings of either their favourite character, current interests, a hand drawn design, a pattern or theme. Use contrasting or complementary bright colours to decorate the room- either the décor or the furniture.

Check the colour wheel whether the colours being used look chaotic together or flow in harmony as one. This is the major part which will ultimately decide whether your kids like the play room or the colour mania is causing them to look for other places.

If you’re not ready or unsure of painting the walls in bright colours, paint the room in neutral colours and add some personality with colourful décor like throw pillows, rugs, etc.

2. Utilise space.

To get the toys and nit- bits organised, use square block shelves to store the playthings neatly in baskets. Do remember to use the shelves horizontally instead of vertically as active kids may try to climb the shelves to get something from the top shelves.

Styling it horizontally would guarantee their safety as everything would be easily accessible from their height.

3. Use designated baskets.

Organise all the toys, crafts, puzzles, story books, games, dolls and cars, etc. in their designated storage baskets. This will not only keep the play space clean but also help your kids find exactly what they need instead of pestering you to find it all the time.

Don’t forget to label the baskets for further ease and colour coordinate it in playful patterns or solid bright colours for that flair. 

4. Combine functionality with furniture.

While the regular table and chair are great and necessary for the kids to do their crafty projects, DIY or race tracks and puzzles, take it a few notches further by getting a table or chair with storage space.

That has 2 benefits- lesser mess to clean up and furniture being heavy enough to not move and hurt the kids while they are playing. The table can also be used to serve their snacks and drinks.

However, try not to get furniture storage with fabric overlays as they might get stained easily. They are easily available in any shop for kids.

5. Display their artwork.

Proudly display their unique handiwork in arts and crafts on the wall. You’ll be needing a few frames or a wire rack with some clips to hang their artwork on it.

Check that the height at which the artwork is displayed is above the kids’ reach as it may get damaged. Crafts can either be framed or displayed on a tall stool in the corner of the room.

6. Nap space.

Design a corner of the room with a few pillows and a comfy rug and blankets. Hang an overhead curtain on top and decorate it with twinkling lights, which are out of the children’s reach.

Put in a few of their favourite stuffed animals from any of the kids shopping apps to make the space cosier. That will encourage the kids to get some rest from all their spirited playing time to recharge and re- energise themselves. You can even add a small day bed or a large pillow.

7. Install a swing.

Whether it’s the kids or adults, everybody loves swings. So install one in the room and clear the space around it so your kid can swing freely without getting hurt.

If you don’t have a large play room, substitute the swing with a branded kids hammock. Hang it up at a height accessible to your kid, preferably near a window so that they can relax and enjoy their rest.

How to Design Your Kids’ Study Room

Kids tend to get playful easily or lose their attention after 5 minutes or shorter while studying, if there is no particularly specific area designed especially for them.

Hence, creating a study space in any part of the house for the kids becomes not only the natural solution, but imperative for the child’s growth and learning process.

There are certain things to be kept in mind when designing such a corner dedicated to them so that they can enjoy knowledge as a part of their daily routine, not just think of it as a chore. 

With so many ideas abounding the internet, we don’t have a shortage of themes to choose for the kids’ study room. However, we also need to remember that the décor, furniture and organisation in a study room can make or break the area.

Interested in knowing more? We’ll explain how and what elements should be kept in the study room to make it more fun and appealing for the kids to study happily and take responsibility for their school work.

1. Designate a space for the study room.

The first and foremost step is figuring out where the space should be designated for a functional kids’ study. While quieter corners of your house takes priority, the best place would be your kids’ bedroom where they can get used to the study space with ease and get comfortable.

If you are a work- from- home parent, you might consider designating a space for them in your home office. This will not only help you keep an eye on them, but also give you more bonding time while you both finish your work.

Other areas may include repurposed spaces under the stairway, spare rooms, a small corner of the kitchen or living rooms, etc. Keep in mind that it should not be near their play room or where their toys are kept as they will serve as a distraction.

2. Keep a desk in your kid’s room.

Whether you have a foldable desk or a branded kids study desk, ensure it’s adequate for your kids’ heights. Place it in their bed room or the designated space for study.

Add a comfortable chair in accordance with the table’s height so you kid won’t get unbalanced and hurt their limbs while studying.

Ensure that the desk and chair and comfortable to sit and work on for longer periods of time. The kids will enjoy doing their homework or painting when they don’t have to worry about the table edges digging into their skin.

3. Ensure there is adequate natural lighting.

In a survey, it was found that kids can do their assignments better when surrounded by natural light. So, a rule of the thumb would be to check if the designated space has enough natural lighting, from a nearby open door or window.

However, not everyone can afford to have such specific spaces. Fret not. All you need to do to combat the lack of lighting situation, is to provide sufficient forms of light in the area. This prevents pressure on your precious little ones’ eyes and allows them to study better.

4. Place a table lamp on the desk.

While the lighting plays a major role in the function and décor of a study space, it would definitely add a cute element to the desk and keep your kid interested and motivated to finish their projects on their own.

Buy one in their favourite TV character kids collections so they will enjoy using it finish their work.

5. Embrace colour theory.

Colours play an interesting role in influencing our moods- no matter the age. This holds especially true for the little ones in your home, as they absorb the energy of the room unknowingly.

Use orange to boost positivity, green to increase focus, blue for calmness and red to encourage creativity in the kids’ space.

You can use accents of the colours all over the space or paint a wall or furniture in the colour you need. Make the space colourful to engage the kids but ensure it doesn’t look chaotic. Do some online kids shopping for the décor.