Clothing Checklist for a New Born Baby

When a baby bun is cooking, you need to go looking. For dresses for newborn baby! While that may have been weird rhyming on our part, we guarantee that the checklist is anything but. 

We’re presenting you an entire list, which includes all the necessities that a new born baby needs, both immediately and in the coming days regularly. 

When you’re preparing for a baby’s arrival, your hands are jam packed with too many stuff to do so that the baby is comfortable. We’d like to offer our assistance and help you and your partner in streamlining the process, making it that much easier and better. We promise!

Let’s get started.

1. Swaddle blanket

In the first few weeks and the upcoming months, it will be necessary to have your baby wrapped in a swaddle blanket, unless the climate of the place you’re living in says otherwise.

It will keep the baby warm and safe from external aggressors while giving them chance to adjust to their surroundings. A soft and breathable fabric, like cotton is preferred.

2. Pyjamas

The activity a baby will do most is sleeping for the most part of time. While you’re doing online clothes shopping for kids, the first and foremost thing to remember is that you won’t be buying cute or fancy outfits.

Stick to the basic ones without any embellishments, especially at the back. This is because the baby will be sleeping on their back most of the time, and you don’t want them to be uncomfortable, right?

3. Undershirts & Onesies

These are a must as onesies are relatively easier to put on and take off on even the fussiest baby. With an opening between the baby’s legs, you’re also to be sure that putting on diapers while disposing off smelly ones would be a breeze.

4. Tees

Tees are the basic and one of the comfiest outfit pieces any child can have. So whether you dress them up or down, tees make up for a good wardrobe percentage.

5. Leggings or stretchy pants

The perfect choice and fit for any growing baby. A pair of leggings or stretchable pants is very easy to wear and keeps the baby relaxed.

6. Socks or booties

In the starting months, your baby won’t be needing proper shoes as they will be travelling anywhere in your arms.

Till then, socks and booties are necessary to both keep the baby warm and protect his sensitive little feet. Do check if the elastic of the socks are tight. If yes, don’t buy it.

7. Hat with brim

Hats with brim is must- have in the summers to keep the baby’s face protected from the harsh sun rays.

8. Knit hat or cap

While brimmed hats are an absolute must in the summers, knitted hats and caps are the same for the winter months. They will ensure to keep your baby healthy and warm. It will also prevent sicknesses, and cold.

9. Sweater or jacket

Easy of wearing is the chief reason why this should have a place in your baby’s closet. Other reasons for keeping it include warmth, comfort and the heightened level of your baby’s adorableness.

10. Mittens

It’s simple, those tiny hands must be protected from the cold.

11. Special outfit

These are for the occasions where you might go out with your baby to events. Having a comfy while cute one at hand surely reduces the time you spent worrying about what to dress your baby in.

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