9 Coolest Gifts for Baby Boys

People usually love shopping for gifts for babies, but they tend to overlook a major factor. The gifts have to please 2 very important recipients- one, the baby boy and two, his parents.

If the baby boy doesn’t like the gift, it will likely end up as nothing more than clutter in the baby’s room.

If the parents don’t like the gifts, they will undoubtedly be ending up in storage without making it to the baby’s hands. 

Either of those situations are undesirable. To avoid them, we did some research on what are the best gifts available for baby boys that would be of use to both the babies and their parents.

And if you’re looking for gift ideas for a baby girl, look through them here.

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9 Coolest Gifts for Baby Boys

1) Personalised Bedtime Story Book

Bedtime story books are usually very commonly used by most millennial parents when trying to put their kid to sleep effectively.

Get them one with colourful picture filled pages.

Bonus points for you if the book has been personalised with the baby’s name.

9 Coolest Gifts for Baby Boys

2) Cute Night Pyjamas

Night Pyjamas are a necessity for every baby.

Do remember that when you shop for online newborn baby clothes, get them in a super comfortable and breathable fabric like 100% cotton or something similar.

They need to be moisture wicking and prints would work better in case of stains.

9 Coolest Gifts for Baby Boys

3) Baby Blanket

Shop for a machine- washable blanket that both fluffy and warm for the winter months.

These would last quite some time so ensure it is soft and of good quality, instead of a scratchy fabric.

You can also get it customised especially for the babies or parents.

9 Coolest Gifts for Baby Boys

4) Battery Operated Soft Toy

A soft huggable toy car or bear that also lights up and/ or makes sounds?

It is sure to be a hit among both the babies and the parents.

The toys would engage the baby’s attention for quite some time, allowing the parents to do what they might need.

9 Coolest Gifts for Baby Boys

5) Baby Booties

Instead of trying to stuff their soft feet into baby shoes, shop for some soft and cute baby booties with snap or wrap closure.

They will ensure that the small feet of the baby boy will be protected and they won’t be able to pull it off either.

Get some pairs in bright colours.

9 Coolest Gifts for Baby Boys

6) Teethers

Teethers are necessary for the babies’ dental growth, so an effective one in good quality and cute shapes would be a sure- fire way to know that your gift will be used.

It is even better if you can get a teether that vibrates when the baby bites down on it. That will soothe their small gums. 

9 Coolest Gifts for Baby Boys

7) Animal Hooded Towel

When bath time is over and done with, a cute animal hooded towel would be good to absorb the water quickly and also look adorable.

While you’re shopping for this, check if the material is soft enough for the baby’s sensitive skin.

9 Coolest Gifts for Baby Boys

8) Baby Bodysuits

These bodysuits are easy to put on and take off and this will be very useful for changing baby’s clothes quickly.

You can always take it a notch further by getting both the baby and parents a customised bodysuit and they can both enjoy flaunting off their matching style together.

9 Coolest Gifts for Baby Boys

9) Baby & Mom Gift Set

The gift set would generally have something suited to cater the needs of both the new mother and the baby.

Usually, such gift sets contain a bathing kit including baby soap, shampoo and cream/ moisturiser with a body wash/ body oil/ moisturiser for the mother as well.

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