Best Dressed Kids to Follow on Instagram

While the trend of dressing to the nines has caught up pretty quickly with the kids, there are some who stand a class apart in a crowd.

They may not always be dressing themselves, but these little ones are already pros at acing fashionable looks, every single time.

From the most stylish sibling duos, to the most insanely worn designer- wear clad kids, they are so stylish that even adults will be tempted to copy their fashion sense and save their pictures in their own look- book.

Go follow these chic little pros immediately.

1) COCO, @coco_pinkprincess

This outrageously fashionable little girl from Tokyo is the cutest when she’s posing like a model in the best of kids’ couture.

Who’d believe she’s just 10 years old when she is this talented at being a kids’ fashion model already?

Her account is run by her family, where she is dressed up in the latest kids’ collections for branded street fashion for kids. She has over 627k followers.

2) Haileigh, @hails_world

The petite teen is an actress and a model and it’s really no wonder.

She’s as fashionable as they come, but keeps it realistically relatable for everyone with some pinafore dresses, jeans, swimsuits or even bold colourful top and shorts sets.

Her younger baby brother, who is equally fashionable, usually accompanies her in most pictures as she poses for the best shot in her trendy outfits.

Her account is managed by her mom and team. She has over 118k followers.

3) Ryan Secret, @ryansecret

 The little guy is a popular fashion influencer with his sartorial choices reflecting mostly casual apparel and sports- wear.

He is seen posing as a naughty but cute lil’ expert with his curly hair in many pictures, sometimes alone or with his family and sister.

Just to bring it to your attention, his sister is no less than an ace of fashion herself! Ryan has over 112k followers.

4) Amelia and Bianca, @cissifio

Technically, the account is owned by the mother of these 2 adorable cuties, Cissi Fioriniello, who is based in Sweden.

But truly, this account is based on the sole focus of her charming little daughters. This stylish sibling duo is usually seen in matching sibling clothing sets, either in the same colours or different.

They sure are experts at making you wish you could steal the adult version of their wardrobes.

Do expect to find a lot of pink featuring in most of their pictures as well. The account has about 237k followers.

5) Kingston & Kaui, @kingandkaui

With the powerful sibling duo of 10 year old Kingston and 7 year old Kaui, there is absolutely no way their account wouldn’t be vibing to the bright, fun filled atmosphere of their pictures.

The brother and sister duo are always in trendy street wear outfits and sometimes choose to sport the sporty looks.

With the relatable dose of fashion, don’t be surprised when you find yourself with tons of ideas on how to dress your kid in a similar style. The duo has about 19.7k followers.

6) Fashion Kids, @fashionkids

With their founders, the husband and wife duo Michelle and Wilson Dorigon, this account is a proper collection of the most fashionable kids from round the world.

While this account isn’t related to just 1 or 2 best dressed children, they promote many others on their account and you’ll never run short of inspiration as you browse through their feed.

The account has over 3 million followers.

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