8 Best Ethnic Wear for Kids

Choosing what ethnic wear you can dress your kid in can be a time consuming task, especially when you don’t know where to start.

The children dress not only needs to be stylish and fashionable, but also comfortable enough for them to play and stay in it for longer hours, if necessary.

There are many fashionable dress for kids but only a few options which have both comfort and style.

So if you’re shopping online for comfy and cute dresses for baby, check out the list we’ve compiled for some fresh inspiration on how to dress your baby.

8 Best Ethnic Wear for Kids

1) Saree & Blouse

A pre- stitched saree and blouse are the perfect way to dress your little princess in while you’re attending a traditional event or occasion.

It is fuss free, and you can accessorise it easily with a cute baby purse and a mangtikka.

8 Best Ethnic Wear for Kids

2) Kurta Dhoti Set

This outfit set is a unisex option for both baby boys and baby girls. The kurta dhoti set can either be simple and adorable or going heavy on embellishments. 

The choice depends on you to check whether the babies would be wearing the outfit to a short time occasion or they will be wearing it for a longer time. 

If it is a short event, a heavily embellished outfit would be best suited, otherwise go for the simpler option and dress it up with fun accessories.

8 Best Ethnic Wear for Kids

3) Top & Palazzo Set With Traditional Prints

This choice would be better when wearing something indo- western outfit for the kids is good.

A halter neck top and flared palazzos adorned with traditional prints or embellishments is a fancy look while staying comfy.

Dress it up further with a baby purse, hair accessories, bangles and a dupatta.

8 Best Ethnic Wear for Kids

4) Kurta Pajama Achkan Set

For the baby boys, this is the ideal choice to make them look adorably traditional in their outfits while being breathable enough that they can play in it all day, if needed.

A colourfully printed or embellished achkan will add zest to even the simplest of kurta pajama set, so keep a look out for it.

8 Best Ethnic Wear for Kids

5) Lehenga Choli Set

The most classical choice for the baby girls is a lehenga choli set, which now come in various styles and types.

Choose what both you and your princess likes and get her looking like the superstar she is, making her the centre of attention by shining the spotlight on her.

8 Best Ethnic Wear for Kids

Anarkali Block Printed Long Dress for Baby Girl in Mint Colour

6) Anarkali Dupatta Set

Anarkali dupatta set is an option for baby girls who’d like a royal look.

Choose it in fabrics such as brocade or velvet to up the feel.

Do keep in mind that if the anarkali is heavily embroidered, ensure it has a soft cotton lining inside the outfit to make it comfortable for longer periods of time for your little girl.

8 Best Ethnic Wear for Kids

7) Kurta Sharara Dupatta Set

Kurta sharara is a playful alternative to those who prefer not to be too conformed to being traditional.

All you need to do is make sure that the sharara has either a soft elastic waist band or is the right size for your baby for a zip closure.

Top Pants Set

8) Top Pants Set

This is a great unisex alternative for your kids as you can go for a top pants set in brocade for the boys and choose a frilly or embellished top with a pair of bell bottoms to make it a set for the girls and add a dupatta to it. 

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