How to Make DIY Headbands for Your Kids

Your cute little baby is the apple of your eye. Their skin is really soft and sensitive to any rough and harsh surfaces, and you need to protect them from coming in contact with any such fabrics.

When you’re thinking about how to keep the babies’ hair off of their face, you need to remember that the fabric needs to be checked as well as the elastic band.

This is because both play a major role as they are directly coming in contact with your baby’s skin for a long period of time. 

And yet, when parents are doing online dress shopping for kids, they usually tend to overlook that such little details matter more for the babies and choose the cuter options.

To remedy that, it’s easier to make a DIY headband as you have the choice to check what fabrics and/ or elastic is coming in contact with your baby’s soft skin.

Want to learn how? Follow the steps below and ensure your baby is comfortable while being cute.

Caution: Please remember that your baby’s head is really sensitive, so try not to use any headbands for longer than an hour. Give them a break and let them relax.

Step 1: Measure your baby’s head.

You can use a cloth measuring tape or opt for one of the standard sizes available for reference online.

Wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your child’s head, i.e. the circumference of the head.

Step 2: Choose the width of the headband.

The width of the band usually factors in the size of the baby. For a new born baby, the width can be half an inch.

For babies who are six months to a year old, one inch width is enough. You can either measure the width or use your guess to mark how much of the fabric you’ll need.

Step 3: Choose the fabric.

This is one of the most important decisions when you’re making a DIY headband.

Since the fabric material will be coming in contact with your baby’s skin, you’ll need to ensure that the material is comfortable, like velvet, stretch jersey, or silk.

Step 4: Examine for the most comfy elastic.

The elastic should not be tight or wound up.

It needs to sit loosely on your kid’s head, so it won’t be uncomfortable for them.

Ask the shopkeeper for elastics that can be used to make dress for babies.

Mark the size for your baby’s head with a marker.

Step 5: Cut up what you need.

Since both elastic and fabric are measured up, let’s get to cutting.

The elastic should be cut according to the measurement of the circumference of the kid’s head.

The fabric’s length should be a half inch longer than the length of the elastic you cut.

The width of the fabric is a little more than twice of the width we’ve chosen before- either half an inch or 1 inch. Cut out the fabric you measured.

Step 6: Sew the headband.

Fold the fabric over on its bottom side so that it is easier to sew the ends together.

Leave the openings on the top and bottom open.

Turn the sewn fabric over on its top side and thread the elastic through the top opening of the headband we left open and take it out the bottom side.

Sew the ends together with the elastic on its inverted side.

Step 7: Enjoy!

That’s it! Your DIY headband is now ready to be used for your kid. Wash it once before putting it on your child, to ensure it is clean and free of dirt. 

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