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Fun Activities for Kids That’ll Keep Them Entertained for Hours Part 2

As mentioned in Fun Activities for Kids That’ll Keep Them Entertained for Hours Part 1, kids don’t have much space or ways to spend their energy as they can’t outside the houses or meet their friends for a play date.

Hence, ensuring that they have fun at home while they learn and leave you undisturbed for work hours is imperative. So you don’t have to rack your head thinking up ways to engage your kids and they’ll also let the home stay clean (relatively).

1) Stone Painting

Stone Painting

Collect some smooth stones wherever you can get it- stone size does not matter, and have some paint and paintbrushes handy. Let the kids choose their stones and let them paint it however they want. Get the tutorial here.

2) Tie- Dye Art

Tie- Dye Art

Use a bowl instead of a spinner and rotate the food coloring with a stick. Then you can use the material you want to color- either fabric, paper or anything else and hang them to dry. Get the tutorial here.

3) Jumping Origami Frogs

Jumping Origami Frogs

Don’t get fooled by this origami, they can actually jump! Use this to hold a competition of whoever completes a set distance in the shortest time, wins. Get the tutorial here.

4) Fairy Mini Garden

Fairy Mini Garden

Glitter might be sparkles for us, but it is magic dust for the fairies. If your kids have a green thumb, help them plant a tiny garden and decorate it. Get the tutorial here.

5) Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course using different household materials and get creative, like this one with pool noodles. Get the tutorial here.

6) Bubble Wands

Bubble Wands

Create unique bubble shapes with these DIY bubble wands from straws and pipe cleaners. Who knows? You can blow square and triangle shaped bubbles with some practice. Get the tutorial here.

7) Water Balloon Battle

Water Balloon Battle

This requires no explanation. Fill the balloons with water and launch them on each other with a fun water fight. Attack!! Get the tutorial here.

8) Bubble Wrap Paint

Bubble Wrap Paint

Put your bubble wrap from your online shopping sprees to good use instead of throwing it away. Use it to craft wrapping papers. Get the tutorial here.

9) Eraser Stamping

Eraser Stamping

Turn the spare erasers into stamps and use them to create fun wrapping papers. Get the tutorial here.

10) Skee Ball Game

Skee Ball Game

Engage the kids by having a fun ball game. Get the tutorial here.

11) Kiddie Parachute

Kiddie Parachute

A paper napkin and some thread with a tiny doll is all you’ll need. Let them fly. Get the tutorial here.

12) Kite Making

Kite Making

Let them get on the roof or your backyard and have them practice flying kites. Get the tutorial here.

13) Bubble Painting

Bubble Painting

Blow paint bubbles on a paper using a bubble solution. Get the tutorial here.

14) Play Dough Crafts

Play Dough Crafts

Use the play dough to craft cute little animals and figurines. Get the tutorial here.

15) Nail Polish/ Shaving Cream Marble Art

Nail Polish/ Shaving Cream Marble Art

Use spare nail polishes or shaving cream to create some amazing marbled art on paper. Get the tutorial here for nail polishes and here for shaving cream.

16) Flip Book

Flip Book

Ask your kids to draw funny and interesting features and they will have fun flipping through the book to get different, hilarious combinations. Get the tutorial here.

17) Rainbow Snake Bubbles

Rainbow Snake Bubbles

Food coloring can go a long way to have fun with bubble solution. Just get a bottle and a spare sock. Get the tutorial here.

18) Ice Chalk

Ice Chalk

Color your driveway while you stay cool with some simple kitchen items. Get the tutorial here.

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Fun Activities for Kids That’ll Keep Them Entertained for Hours Part 1

Since the pandemic, we’ve been locked into a corner of our houses, set in the same boring, old routine with work, sleep, take care of kids and family, and so on. We have a million tasks to deal with at hand and yet, it’s even more difficult for our kids to cope.

They now stay inside the house instead of going out to play with their friends; they can’t run around and deplete their energy. 

This makes them channel that energy at home, which becomes somewhat hard to handle, especially on top of that work checklist piling up. To encourage our children to be happily engaged in activities for long hours, we’ve prepared some creative crafts for you.

And we promise it’s easy. All you’ll need are their regular school supplies along with some glitter, crayons, glue and paint to let them work through their creative mind. Eager to know how? Read on to find out.

1) Tattoo Patterned Supplies

Have a printer at home? Use some tattoo paper to get your mugs, vases and pen holders patterned with tattoos. Or if you don’t have a printer, mix and match the small stickers that come on sticker sheets. Get the tutorial here.

2) Tissue Box Monsters

Tissue Box Monsters

Turn the tissue boxes into a fun, competitive game as you toss the pom-poms in its mouth. The challenge is to see who can toss the most pom-poms in its mouth in 60 seconds. Get the tutorial here.

3) Paper Bead Jewelry

Paper Bead Jewelry

This looks too cute when there are leftover strips of printed scrapbook paper. All your kid needs to do is simply glue the surface and roll the strips into colorful beads to be strung together in a necklace or bracelet. They can even make earrings, with some of your help. Get the tutorial here.

4) Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets

Refresh your memory if you learned how to weave cute friendship bracelets with crosses and diamonds. Switch it up and do it with neon colored twine to make it pop. Let the kids choose their own colors when you teach them how to do it themselves. Get the tutorial here.

5) Flight School

Flight School

Turn Paper airplanes into a DIY flight school as the kids can take turns trying to get their planes to pass through the targets and win points accordingly. Get the tutorial here.

6) Galaxy Crayons

Galaxy Crayons

Make cute sparkly crayons with leftover crayons and cool them in interesting shaped moulds. Get the tutorial here.

7) Paper Bracelets

Paper Bracelets

Have kids’ artwork lying around? Use them to craft these DIY paper bracelets. Get the tutorial here.

8) Fingerprint Paintings

Fingerprint Paintings

Don’t be afraid to let them get a little messy. Print out the outline sketch so finger print painting becomes easier. Get the tutorial here.

9) Elastic Bookmarks

Elastic Bookmarks

Make your kids interested in reading by letting them get creative with their bookmarks. Get the tutorial here.

10) Neon Fairy Jars

Neon Fairy Jars

Capture a fairy and get her magic to make the jar glow up, with the help of some glitter and a glow stick. Get the tutorial here.

11) Face Masks

Face Masks

Let them get creative with face masks as they only need to print out the outline on cardstock. If you don’t have a printer, the kids can draw on cardstock paper and then color them. Get the tutorial here.

12) Foam Paint

Foam Paint

Mix science and art as they make this 3- ingredient foam paint. The paint hardens overnight so you’ll have some really cool artwork on your hands. Get the tutorial here.

13) Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos

Turn the kids’ tiny doodles into temporary tattoos. Get the tutorial here.

14) Glow in the Dark Bubbles

Glow in the Dark Bubbles

Use the ink of a highlighter pen into bubble solution for some night fun. Get the tutorial here.

15) Crystal Names

Crystal Names

Bend pipe cleaners into cursive letters or unique shapes and watch them grow crystals overnight. Get the tutorial here.

16) Mini Volcano

Mini Volcano

Won’t it be easier if the mess is contained in a tray? Get the tutorial here.

17) Creative Collages

Creative Collages

Get their handiwork framed after this is done. Get the tutorial here.

18) Whimsy Fairy Bells

Whimsy Fairy Bells

Attention, calling all the fairies in your backyard with tinkering bells ASAP. Get the tutorial here.

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How to Prepare a Handy Mommy Bag

New mothers, meet your helpful new best friend. This one is willing to carry all the solutions to your problems with you- the handy mommy bag. You will seriously end up wanting it with you at all times. Even if you go out with your baby, we’re guessing you’ll return back to get this bag.

It’s your diaper bag, of course. You can consider it as a security blanket for parents, or a mommy bag to prepare you for any situation life throws at you. A well- packed bag filled for situations like impromptu freak outs, to sudden pangs to soiled diapers and a cranky baby. So, without further ado,

here’s the practical checklist to fill your tote bag with necessary items.

1. Diapers

Pack 1 diaper for every 2 hours you’re out, and a few to spare, just in case.

2. Wipes

Keep in a clean, re- sealable pouch so you can keep them moist at all times. These wipes serve as the multi- tasker of the group and are versatile. They can be used to wipe the baby’s bum, the table in case something spilled or to wipe your hands or anything else that needs it.

3. Baby cream

Baby cream is necessary to prevent the baby from getting diaper rashes. Save the space with travel sized creams and ointments.

4. Re- sealable packs

This is ideal to store dirty diapers and baby dress, in case you don’t have a proper disposal system near you (dispose of them if they contain soiled diapers, bring them home if they contain infant dress). These are also necessary for used pacifiers and nipples.

5. Pacifiers

If you use them, keep them in a separate clean bag along with extra bottle nipples to keep it all sanitary.

6. Washcloths

These are handy to clean their burps, vomit and anything you need. Toss in some extras if you think you’ll need it to wipe small baby dresses.

7. Hand sanitizer

To keep everything sanitized for the baby because you don’t know who has touched what you are touching now.

8. Baby food

Figure out how many feedings you’ll need during the time you’re out- including infant formula and bottles, pumped breast milk or baby food and pack accordingly. You’ll also need to include some water for the infants as well.

9. Change of clothes

Spit- ups happen and you’ll need to have a couple of pairs of dress for babies to ensure the babies stay clean at all times.

10. Cap

Whether it’s the summer or winter season, it’s better to be prepared with an appropriate cap to keep your baby warm or cool at appropriate times.

11. Sunscreen

For babies older than 6 months, sunscreen is a necessity when you’re out in the sun. For babies younger than 6 months, protect them with a hat or blanket.

12. Blanket

This is a necessity, no matter what season it is where you’re living. Impromptu breezes, chilliness in the environment, or cold restaurants and cafes, it is necessary to keep the babies warm. They can also be used to shield the babies from the sun.

13. Toys

Anything to keep the babies entertained for some time- such as teethers, board books, rattle, moving toys etc. and store them in the bag. 

14. Light snacks

The light snacks that won’t ruin appetites, is necessary for the older kids because they are growing kids that need food almost every 5 minutes.

15. Band- aids

Because when there are kids around, they’re bound to get hurt at some point. The band aids help keep it in check. Do one better and buy it in cute patterns and prints to keep the kids from crying.

Props You’d Need for a Newborn Baby Photo Shoot

While we all love adorable baby photos available by the ton on the internet, finding such props that wouldn’t hurt our kids is a hassle we all deal with. We keep the memories stored in such pictures, so that we can look back some day and say, look how tiny they were in our hands.

How cute! But, did you know that most of the images you see on Pinterest or Instagram are actually Photoshop compositions? Surprised? It’s unsafe for the baby to be hung in a hammock or putting them together with sharp props if they decide to roll over.

Thankfully, we’ve made a list of props that both endearing and secure for the babies when you decide to do a photo shoot.

Here they are, to ensure you have nostalgic and adorable memorabilia to look back on.

1. Baby burrito wraps

Babies like to be warm, and most like to be swaddled. Using wraps keeps the baby warm and comfy enough to keep them sleeping through the shoot. Just remember to keep the wrap fitted snugly around the baby, not tightly to help them keep the pose. Besides keeping them warm, wraps also serve as versatile props to add a splash of color to the picture. 

Wraps can also swaddle the baby in various ways- from the traditional wrap to an open egg shell. Do remember that wraps are really inexpensive and care should be taken to ensure you pick the softest of fabrics to keep them cozy. Also, wash them before using them in the photo shoot with the baby.

2. Head bands and hats

These cute props are easy and comfortable to wear for the baby and change them in and out of props. They are great for adding variety to the same poses and are good if the hat/ headband along with the baby kids dress fit the babies’ measurements. 

If the dress for babies is a little loose, use a clip or rubber band to secure them in place and move the knot backwards so it doesn’t come in the picture. Do check out the headband’s adornments, you want a flower headband only if they are proportionate to the baby’s head. You don’t want one that is larger than or as large as their head because it will cover their faces.

3. Cozy baskets

Baby baskets make for a great prop as they are versatile, safe and can be photographed in many ways. Place the basket on the ground or nice flooring. Tuck a blanket inside to ensure it is comfortable for the baby to lie in it. 

Click pictures from the top or side as they don’t require elaborate posing. Ensure that the baskets are big and roomy along with being strong to keep the baby secure and comfortable.

4. Wooden crates

These are similar to baskets and boxes or wooden crates are excellent new born props for having cute pictures in their infant dress. Choose crates that are well built and low in height.

Be careful not to lay the baby directly on the box as there might be splinters on it. Always keep a buffer between such as thick blankets to ensure the baby is secure from potential harm.

Place the baby either on top of or the inside of the box. If you’re feeling creative, you may even put the box/ crate on the side and click pictures from the front.

Before keeping the baby in close contact, ensure there is nothing to harm the baby, like lead paint, and thoroughly clean the crate to prepare it for the baby and the photo shoot.

5. Parents hands

The best things are usually free in life. This applies to photo props as well. Nothing can be safer and more secure than mom or dad’s hands. The hands will also show the scale of difference between the size of the baby, and the hands. 

Hold them together with your palms interlaced and facing upwards. Hold the baby from their stomach facing down and legs balanced on both sides.

Trendy Summer Accessories to Choose for Kid

We love summer, don’t we? What’s not to love about summer seasons? Well, except the scorching heat maybe. But, that can be dealt with trendy accessories to save the kids from heat while they look fashionable.

Plus, kids love summers- courtesy summer vacations, fun with cousins, sweet mangoes and cool drinks. This is the time when you don’t have to worry about carrying a coat or umbrella with you everywhere you go.

Kids can play all day, every day. And that means that you need to stock up on flowy clothes and comfortable accessories for the kids. Looking for inspiration for your kids?

Look no further as we’ve compiled a list of chic summer accessories for the kids.

1) Sunglasses

A must- have accessory for both boys and girls, to protect their eyes from the harsh sun rays.

These are available in different styles, shapes and colors, perfect to match their various outfit ensembles of ethnic, casual, party, wedding and festive occasions.

While being fashionable, sunglasses also help cut down on glare and reflective light and help your kids see clear in the sun without straining their eyes or getting a headache.

2) Watches

Watches for kids come in cool styles, prints, patterns and shapes, including fruits, animals, birds, cartoons, superheroes, and fun bright colors.

The watches not only keep your kids in accordance with recent trends and help them understand and respect the importance of time.

It also helps increase your kids’ productivity. Moreover, since they can be both digital and analog, kids have no shortage of options to choose from. 

3) Headbands

Headbands look cute on girls and also, keep their hair out of their eyes. For boys, headbands can be worn with kids wear dresses and sporty outfits to keep their hair away from their face.

They come in various fabrics like lace, polyester, silk, etc. to keep your kid comfortable and stylishly edgy. For girls, headbands come in dazzling designs with sequins, flowers, cute prints and colors.

They can be paired with various clothes range like ethnic wear to casual or party wear. Headbands are also a popular prop used for baby photo shoots and make them look cute and adorable.

4) Hair Pins & Clips

Hair pin and clips are an excellent way to keep your kid fuss- free with their hair- no matter if it’s long or short. Primarily, these were used only for girls. However, nowadays there are all kinds of unisex hair pins and hair clips to ensure your kid is putting their best face forward while being comfy in their dress for babies.

These also come themed for parties like unicorns, cartoons, superheroes and Disney princesses so that your kid can have their own personal collection of hair accessories that are sure to make them look adorable.

Tic-tac pins are easy to use and stylishly adorned with ribbons, flowers, glitter, and embellishments to make your kid’s appearance endearing.

5) Hats & Caps

These are great to avoid heat and keep your kid cool in the summers. These come in various colors and patterns to go with casual, formal and sporty wear.

Caps and hats also help avoid tanning for the kids and evade harmful UV rays. Hats in luxe fabrics can be paired with formal wear like tuxedos or shirt- pant set with waistcoat.

For girls, baby kids dress and formal outfits like a top pants set or crop top- pants or skirt set would go well with hats. 

6) Bows and Hair Ties

Bows are cute for all occasions and come in fabrics like sequined, leather, net with embellishments and ribbons etc.

They can be paired up with anything and they will still serve their purpose, to make your kid look glamorous and charming.

Hair ties are available for both boys and girls. They are useful to keep the hair in place if your kids have long hair that gets tangled easily.

Manage them gracefully with a hair tie and your kids will look elegant and charismatic.

Things to Remember When You’re Buying Shoes for Kids

Shoes are necessary for infants as soon as they start walking. This is because, when they are even younger to start walking, they usually are being carried everywhere. This is exactly why you need to take special care when you’re selecting your kids’ shoes.

Shoes are necessary as they affect stability and alignment and longer use of unfit shoes will lead to improper gait and balance of the kid for a lifetime. If you’re shopping for baby shoes, here are some things you need to keep in mind to have your little ones running properly without harming their posture and to protect them from dirt, germs and anything sharp.

  1. Shop in the evening because babies’ feet swell in the evening just like adults.
  2. Shop from a store with service personnel there to help and guide you with the shopping.
  3. Have the salesperson measure your kid’s feet for proper fit.
  4. Find shoes with the right fit for your kid, keeping the feet measurements in mind.
  5. One foot is generally larger than the other so ensure you choose sizes based on the measurements of the larger foot.
  6. Shop for shoes with Velcro fasteners because they are easy to put on and take off, even for kids.
  7. Choose shoes with laces if you want shoes that will stay in their place.
  8. Slip- on shoes are good if you don’t like either Velcro or lace up shoes. Just ensure that they are a proper fit.
  9. It is better for kids’ shoes to have some type of back closure- like Velcro, laces, locking tab etc. to ensure they stay in place. Backless and slip- on shoe wear for kids can slip off the kid’s feet easily.
  10. Choose a pair of shoes that your kid prefers. If you choose a pair that your kid doesn’t like, then you have the chance that it might go to waste as your kid won’t be wearing it anytime. 
  11. Choose shoes with soft flexible soles as the kids will need to bend and stretch and need to be soft enough to help them balance and play freely.
  12. Find shoes with non- skid bottoms. These are usually ones that are plain on the bottom with no ridges on the outside to keep them from slipping. Such shoes won’t hold properly on smooth marble flooring and your kid might end up slipping on the ground.
  13. Choose a light breathable material so the baby’s feet won’t sweat and end up stinking. Look for shoes made of canvas or soft leather. Or you can choose sandals with breathable cuts so their feet won’t be hot and sweaty.
  14. Don’t choose fabrics like stiff leather or synthetic materials as they end up restricting movement of the ankles. When buying shoes, rotate the kids’ ankles to check if they can move comfortably.
  15. Choose shoes with around 1- 2 cm gap between the front and back of the foot from the shoe material. And ensure that the top part of the shoes doesn’t fit tightly on their feet because it will not only be uncomfortable, but also cause blisters or corns on their feet with prolonged use.
  16. Look for the inside arch of the shoe. If the shoe is of good quality, it will definitely have an inside arch fitted specifically to the child’s feet. If it does not have it, think about buying a different pair.
  17. Make the baby walk in the store while wearing the shoes. Look for any signs of discomfort like limping, tripping or change of gait.
  18. Check the shoe fit frequently after you’ve bought it as kids grow very fast and such growth spurts can cause discomfort if the fitting of their children dress isn’t right.
  19. Don’t buy shoes that your kid will grow into. Ensure that they aren’t too loose because they might slip off easily and cause permanent gait problems. If they are too small, the kids cloth shoes will be nothing but a cause for pain, discomfort, blisters, redness and even swelling of your kid’s feet.

Themes to Consider for Your Little Girl’s Birthday Part 2

As discussed before in the first part of Themes to Consider for Your Little Girl’s Birthday Part 1, you can NOT keep worrying about what theme would choose your little girl’s birthday better and fret over organizing the perfectly faultless birthday party for decades on end. 

As it is natural for mothers to think about what might best suit their little princess’ tastes, we have a few ideas to help you keep it easy- peasy and relaxed with organizing the party and we won’t let it be tacky.

Pinky promise! So, for your trouble- free and effortless experience at organizing your little one’s birthday party, we present you with all our themes and tricks in the 2nd part of Themes to Consider for Your Little Girl’s Birthday.

Here we go.

1) The ‘Frozen’ Party

Elsa and Anna are all- time favorite princesses of every little girl and the winter theme will ensure to roll the party onwards naturally. Add Olaf to the mix and there’s no reason left to not love the Frozen- theme with her baby girls birthday dress ready. 


1) Dress you little girl like Elsa or Anna, whatever her favorite character is.

2) Decorate the venue in white and blue.

3) Make DIY snowflakes and hang them up in strings.

4) Distribute tiaras as party favors to your daughter’s girl gang.

5) Order a custom cake with Elsa and Anna figurines on top as cake toppers.

6) Distribute Frozen- themed stationery with Elsa, Anna or Olaf printed on them to the guests as return gifts.

2) The ‘Little Mermaid’ Party

Ariel is a classic Disney princess with her flowing red hair, and is very popular among little girls. So, if your daughter loves playing a mermaid character like Ariel, why not let her be one for her birthday?


1) Dress up your little kid in a mermaid costume. It can be either be bought ready- made or customized to your girl’s fitting. Use a red- haired wig if she likes it.

2) Decorate the venue with sea- shell curtains and blue and sea green colors. You can also use mermaid cut- outs and hang them using threads or ribbons.

3) Order a custom cake that is Little Mermaid themed- with an Ariel cake topper.

4) Use sea shell shaped or printed plates and glasses to serve snacks and drinks to the guests.

5) Offer Little Mermaid themed stationery or mugs/ Tiffin boxes with Ariel, Sebastian or King Triton to the guests as return gifts.

3) The ‘Minnie Mouse’ Party

Minnie Mouse has remained a classic girl character for all these years, and for good reason. With her red polka dotted frock, yellow sandals and a red bow adorning her head at all times, you can’t help but love this character.


1) Dress the birthday girl as Minnie mouse baby dress.

2) Decorate the venue with red, black and white balloons and ribbons.

3) Order a custom cake with Minnie mouse theme and use a Minnie mouse cake topper.

4) Distribute Minnie mouse headbands to the kids.

5) Offer stationery or mugs with Minnie mouse printed on it as return gifts to the guests at the party.

4) The ‘Fashion Show’ Party

Every girl loves to play dress up and enjoy new makeup and hairstyles. Organizing a fashion show themed birthday party would be making their dreams come true.


1) Dress your little girl like a model with trendy and fashionable dress for babies, makeup and hairstyle.

2) Decorate the venue in cut- outs of mirror, lipstick, dress and heels and mirror stickers.

3) Organize a fashion show/ ramp walk for the girls.

4) Organize a photo shoot with both single and girl group photographs.

5) Order a custom cake with makeup cake toppers.

6) Distribute little makeup sets as return gifts to the guests.

5) The ‘Ice Cream & Cake’ Party

Who doesn’t love ice- cream and cake? Everyone is sure to enjoy having all different flavors of ice cream and cakes, especially if it’s the summer season.


1) Dress the birthday girl in a colorful baby kids dress or gown.

2) Decorate the venue in ice cream, cone, and cake cut outs.

3) Stock up ice cream cones at a side and organize different flavors of ice cream on the other side.

4) Serve the guests with different flavored cake pops or slices of cake.

5) Order an ice cream cake.

6) Distribute ice cream or sweet lip glosses to the guests.


Themes to Consider for Your Little Girl’s Birthday Part 1

So the birthday of your little princess is coming. You’re worrying over what theme to choose and how to organize everything, so that everything can be perfect and on time?

We get it, it’s important for both you and your princess to have it just right for the birthday party and hence, we got down to digging what we could on this, so we can help you ease up (even if it’s by a fraction, we’d consider our work done). 

You want it to be unique, stunning and popular but you have no idea where to start from. We got some pretty amazing ideas, if we do say so ourselves. We’ll ensure that your little girl and her girl gang would have the time of their lives in this rocking party organized by you.

Go ahead and simply choose one to start on the work.

1) The ‘Favorite Color’ Party

If you know your birthday girl’s favorite color, which isn’t likely to be changed anytime soon, this one is for you. Plan the party in varying shades of that color and she is sure to be happy along with you.

For example, if her favorite color is purple, do the following.


Decorate the house with balloons and ribbons in purple.

Dress your little girl in a purple gown or dress for babies.

Distribute purple party hats or party invitations to the guests.

Serve purple candies, jellies and cupcakes in the party.

Order a customized purple cake for the party.

Distribute purple colored stationery or gifts as party favors or a return gift.

2) The ‘Disney Characters’ Party

Kids usually love Disney characters, including princes and princesses, fairies, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald duck, Simba, Buzz Light-year, Sherriff Woody, Maleficent, Vanellope Von Shweetz and so on. Let your munchkin dress up as her favorite character for a day.


Ask the guests to dress up their girls as Disney characters and give them a list of characters to choose from.

Dress your kid as her favorite character’s custom baby dress.

Order a custom castle cake for the party.

Decorate the house with cut- outs of the Disney characters and string them along with ribbons and balloons.

Distribute Disney character printed stationery or mugs/ lunchboxes among the guests.

3) The ‘Barbie’ Party

Barbie is a popular character among the little girls, so no reason not to try it.


Ask the guests to dress their little girls in Barbie doll outfits.

Dress your baby girl in a custom Barbie doll baby kids dress ensemble.

Decorate the venue with Barbie dolls and cutouts, along with similar ribbons and balloons.

Organize a Barbie fashion show or a girl gang photo shoot in single, groups of two, four and everyone together.

Order a custom Barbie doll cake for the party.

Offer Barbie dolls or Barbie printed gift items as return gifts to the guests.

4) The ‘Polka Dots’ Party

This is an amazing idea if your girl is too young to have favorites yet- for instance, if she’s 1 year old or 2 years old. Polka dots are retro cool, super stylish and works with just about anything.


Ask the guests to dress their girls in polka dotted outfits.

Decorate the venue in polka printed curtains, balloons, tablecloths etc.

Dress your munchkin in a polka dotted infant dress.

Order a customized polka dotted cake with vanilla and chocolate.

Serve snacks and drinks in polka dotted cups and plates.

Distribute polka dotted stationery, mugs, gifts etc. as party favors to the guests.

5) The ‘Unicorns & Rainbows’ Party

It is a theme that works at all times for baby girls. If you like to have everything cute and happy, go for this theme.


Decorate the venue in unicorn toys and cutouts, and string it together with colorful ribbons and balloons.

Order a custom unicorn and rainbow cake for the party.

Dress your little girl in a rainbow or unicorn themed fashionable dress for kids.

Distribute rainbow and unicorn printed stationery or unicorn toys as party favors to the guests.

How to Prepare Your Kids for This Holi

Festivals, like Holi, can easily go wrong if not celebrated in a proper way. In fact, Holi can be ruined if children aren’t taught to play Holi properly.It can save the hassle and trouble of solving problems for both you and your kids- from preventing them from falling sick to getting hurt. 

While the Festival of Colors can be celebrated whole heartedly by spraying colors through pichkaris or throwing colored water filled- balloons at each other, there are little things that we can do to ensure both the kids and grownups safety in the meanwhile as well.

Since it’s normal to be worried for your kid’s safety during Holi, we understood that it is important to highlight the points you should be taking care of so everyone can celebrate the festival in good cheer.

1) Teach the kids on how to use pichkari safely.

Although the kids love to play with pichkaris and hand water pumps, they can prove to be really dangerous if not used properly.

Hence, teaching them how to use it is important so they don’t hurt themselves and those around them, in any way. 

Let them understand that it is harmful if they aim the pichkari at someone’s face because others can lose their sense of sight, hearing or smell.

Also tell them not to use the pichkaris as weapons to hit people as someone may get wounded in the fight.

2) Educate them about consent.

People usually shout ‘Bura na maano, Holi hai!’ as they spray colors on everyone known and unknown.

Teach your kids that no matter how much they love playing Holi, they cannot forcefully put colors on someone else or tease or bully others if someone isn’t interested in playing with colors. 

Teach them to always ask first if they can spray or put colors on anyone as Holi is a festival to be celebrated pleasantly, not improperly.

3) Use eco- friendly/ herbal colors.

Everyone usually doesn’t pay much attention to the kind of colors they use, however you should be doing this, not just for your kids but yourselves as well.

Eco friendly or herbal colors are safe to use on everyone and don’t contain harmful chemicals. 

They are safe for everyone’s skin and don’t cause rashes, allergies, and also come off easily.

You can either buy home- made colors or make your own at home, using rice flour mixed with edible colors and sandalwood and turmeric powder.

4) Protect their hair and skin.

Ensure that the kids apply oil on all of their hair and body before playing with colors; you can use mustard or coconut oil or a really thick moisturizing cream.

This doesn’t let the colors stick to the skin and scalp, which can cause damage to the kids’ sensitive skin. 

Tie their hair in a ponytail or bun if their hair is long so their scalp is protected from harsh colors sticking to it. Or let them wear a cap or scarf as an alternative.

5) Dress them appropriately.

Whether you have a little girl or boy, it is imperative that you dress them in full sleeved fashionable dress for kids to prevent the colors coming in direct contact with the skin.

Since the kids’ skin can be sensitive, it is better if they’re fully covered with their baby dress while playing with colors. So if you’re shopping for kids dresses online, keep this in mind.

6) Stay away from water filled balloons.

While they are fun to play with, they are harmful for both the ones playing with them and those who’re being thrown at.

Water balloons firstly, when filled with color water, can come in contact with kids’ mouth. And secondly, it can cause blindness or loss of hearing along with serious effects from the force of which the balloon is being splashed at the person.

So do not use water balloons or color water filled balloons, in short.

7) Avoid colors getting close to the five senses.

Tell the kids that colors should not be getting anywhere near their 4 senses- eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

It is harmful if the colors get in any of these senses and have adverse effects including but limited to vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain and even poisoning.


Trendy Summer Dresses for Girls

Like us, our girls love to wear comfortable clothes while being stylish at the same time. In these hot months, it is difficult to wear heavy, bulky or tight fitting clothes while being out and about in the sun, being sweaty and clammy.

Hence, we want to choose baby girls dresses online that not only are trendy enough to keep her in the spotlight but also help her beat the summer heat and enjoy her regular daily activities as usual.

To make your work easier, here are a few ideas on summer dresses for baby girls that we compiled for you to gain inspiration from.

1) Go for pastels.

Pastels are in trend for this season of Spring Summer 2021 according to Pantone with colors like subtle marigold, sky blue, rust, yellow and cerulean blue ruling the show along with mint, lavender fuchsia and coral.

Choose and pair outfits in either complementary or contrast colors to look what suits your girl best.

It would guarantee to ensure what would be probably the best choice for summers for your little girl that will make her feel fashionable while won’t hinder any of her activities.

2) Layer outfits with shirt- jackets.

Keep it cool with a shirt jacket.

Whatever modern wear or casual wear your girl is dressing in- be it a dress, a pair of denim jeans and t- shirt to a skirt top set or jumpsuit, layer it up with a light shirt in a complementary or contrast color to go with the outfit and make her stand out from the crowd at her ease and comfort.

3) Wear shirts differently.

Did you realize you can style your daughter’s shirts in various ways? You can even match your outfit with hers in style.

Simply leave some of the bottom buttons open and tie a knot with the 2 edges of the shirt or try having a one shoulder shirt by mismatching the shirt buttons with their openings to make it fall of one shoulder.

Pair it with any type of bottoms- including skirts, pants, denim jeans and even palazzos.

4) Select oversized.

When in doubt, opt for oversized clothing pieces that can easily be matched with plenty of accessories.

Go for an oversized top or dress, and pair it with one close fitting clothes or accessorize with a cute belt and a hat. The right way is to keep our girls cut and comfortable at the same time.

So, opt for cute graphic prints or quirky ones to keep her comfy while you’re at it.

5) T- Shirt dresses are good to go.

T- Shirt dresses are renowned for their comfortable fitting among girls, so be sure to keep one or two in your little girl’s wardrobe for the hot months.

The effortless way to jazz it up is to dress your girl in the T- shirt dress along with comfortable sneakers, a baseball cap and a statement accessory piece like a pair of earrings, necklace, watch or bracelet.

6) Maxi dresses are fine, too.

If short dresses bore your little girl sometimes, switch over to western dress for baby girl or go for ethnic wear maxi dresses for girls.

Choose cap sleeves or short sleeves on the dresses and you can layer it up with a simple thin cotton shrug or jacket to make her look elegant and classy.

Pair it with simple sandals, light earrings and/ or a simple hair band.

7) Have fun with prints.

Prints are a one shot way to play mix- and- match with other articles of clothing. Like, you have a blue polka dotted shirt.

Pair it up with a pair of denim shorts, tie the shirt in a knot on her waist, whether in the centre or on the side and roll up the shirt’s sleeves to her elbow.

Add a pair of sunglasses in the mix and you’re go to go.

8) Crop tops are a better choice.

Keep it easy and chic by pairing crop tops with skirts, palazzos, dhoti, sharara or pants to achieve an ethnic or modern look.

These are easily paired with anything on the bottom and ensure your princess won’t be complaining of suffering from heat anytime.