Things to Remember When You’re Buying Shoes for Kids

Shoes are necessary for infants as soon as they start walking. This is because, when they are even younger to start walking, they usually are being carried everywhere. This is exactly why you need to take special care when you’re selecting your kids’ shoes.

Shoes are necessary as they affect stability and alignment and longer use of unfit shoes will lead to improper gait and balance of the kid for a lifetime. If you’re shopping for baby shoes, here are some things you need to keep in mind to have your little ones running properly without harming their posture and to protect them from dirt, germs and anything sharp.

  1. Shop in the evening because babies’ feet swell in the evening just like adults.
  2. Shop from a store with service personnel there to help and guide you with the shopping.
  3. Have the salesperson measure your kid’s feet for proper fit.
  4. Find shoes with the right fit for your kid, keeping the feet measurements in mind.
  5. One foot is generally larger than the other so ensure you choose sizes based on the measurements of the larger foot.
  6. Shop for shoes with Velcro fasteners because they are easy to put on and take off, even for kids.
  7. Choose shoes with laces if you want shoes that will stay in their place.
  8. Slip- on shoes are good if you don’t like either Velcro or lace up shoes. Just ensure that they are a proper fit.
  9. It is better for kids’ shoes to have some type of back closure- like Velcro, laces, locking tab etc. to ensure they stay in place. Backless and slip- on shoe wear for kids can slip off the kid’s feet easily.
  10. Choose a pair of shoes that your kid prefers. If you choose a pair that your kid doesn’t like, then you have the chance that it might go to waste as your kid won’t be wearing it anytime. 
  11. Choose shoes with soft flexible soles as the kids will need to bend and stretch and need to be soft enough to help them balance and play freely.
  12. Find shoes with non- skid bottoms. These are usually ones that are plain on the bottom with no ridges on the outside to keep them from slipping. Such shoes won’t hold properly on smooth marble flooring and your kid might end up slipping on the ground.
  13. Choose a light breathable material so the baby’s feet won’t sweat and end up stinking. Look for shoes made of canvas or soft leather. Or you can choose sandals with breathable cuts so their feet won’t be hot and sweaty.
  14. Don’t choose fabrics like stiff leather or synthetic materials as they end up restricting movement of the ankles. When buying shoes, rotate the kids’ ankles to check if they can move comfortably.
  15. Choose shoes with around 1- 2 cm gap between the front and back of the foot from the shoe material. And ensure that the top part of the shoes doesn’t fit tightly on their feet because it will not only be uncomfortable, but also cause blisters or corns on their feet with prolonged use.
  16. Look for the inside arch of the shoe. If the shoe is of good quality, it will definitely have an inside arch fitted specifically to the child’s feet. If it does not have it, think about buying a different pair.
  17. Make the baby walk in the store while wearing the shoes. Look for any signs of discomfort like limping, tripping or change of gait.
  18. Check the shoe fit frequently after you’ve bought it as kids grow very fast and such growth spurts can cause discomfort if the fitting of their children dress isn’t right.
  19. Don’t buy shoes that your kid will grow into. Ensure that they aren’t too loose because they might slip off easily and cause permanent gait problems. If they are too small, the kids cloth shoes will be nothing but a cause for pain, discomfort, blisters, redness and even swelling of your kid’s feet.
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