How Fast Do Children’s Feet Grow ?

The most important question every parents is concerned about how long a pair of shoes will last before a kid will outgrows them. Size of feet depends upon the individual toddler’s growth of feet. In some cases, parents have to buy new shoes every few month.


We all know that doing kids shopping is not an easy task. It needs patience and loads of time to shop for kids. You need to check the comfort, varieties, colors and the biggest of all the size. Be it clothes or shoes, size is the main concern of every parent because from new born to 1 year old baby, they grow very fast, therefore, parents require various size options.

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These days, you get every possible things online, from clothing to utensils, jewelry to shoes. Online shopping has made hectic shopping experience, easy for mommies. Parents with newborn or toddlers don’t have to go to big malls to buy perfect sized shoes for their little one. They can just browse internet and do online shopping for kids shoes. We have done some research on how fast do children’s feet grow and come up with a conclusion that feet of kids between the age of 1-3 years grow 1.5mm in length every month, where as 6-10 years feet grows 1mm length per month and 12-17 years boys foot will grow approx additionally 10% and girl’s only 2%. As per this statistics kids between 1-3 years requires new shoes 2-3 times a year, whereas 3-10 will need new shoes 1-2 times a day. So, what exactly can you expect with your child’s foot growth? Read below to find out more:

Different Kids - Different Growth


Every child has their own growth time and they do not grow at the same time and with same speed.many parents notice that 5 years child can use same shoes close to one year and suddenly you will notice that within next six months they grow three sizes over. If your child is growing slower or faster than the average rate we have discussed above, please don’t panic, its completely normal as every child has its own growing pace. We often see that kids of same age wears shoes two or three sizes apart. Don’t worry they could easily end up the same size after a couple of years and suppose they don’t then also they are normal.

Cheat a size

big shoes

Sometimes you can cheat with the size and buy a little bigger size shoes for your baby. You may have seen kids in summers shopping for their school shoes. Parents normally search for bigger size shoes that lasts the whole school year and gives ample growing space to foot. You can do that but always remember to take care of your kid comfort, make sure that he/she can walk and run without experiencing any discomfort.

Open-toed Sandals is great


The sign that a shoe is too small is when the toe pushes against the front seam of the shoe. If you wish to safe your little baby from from foot problem, then it’s important to give some room to those tiny delicate toes. A sandal with the open toe will sustain the life of shoe for a very long time.It’s very important to check the rest of the shoes for fit, if you wish to extend the life of your sandal. If your child’s shoes are strangling his/her foot or your kid toe is hanging over the front edge of the sole, be sure that it’s time to buy a new pair. You can buy baby sandals online and make your shopping experience easy and comfortable.  

New born feet are special

baby booties

As you may have heard that infant should not wear shoes, therefore we recommend you to buy his/her first pre-walker after six months. And to keep your baby’s feet warm, you may try booties or mittens as per your preference. To make your baby’s feet strong, you should keep them barefoot and let their feet become strong naturally.

Hope these points will help you to take care of your baby’s feet. Enjoy your parenthood and keep on reading our blogs for more tips on how to take care of your baby in his/her development.

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