How to Photograph Your Child's Birthday Party?

Photographs hold immense importance in our lives. They are the best way to cement moments which will be cherished long after that instance of joy passed by. There are times when for no reason, you feel like clicking random pictures (well, life is indeed an aggregation of these random moments only). However, some special occasions require you to plan before capturing for the frame. For instance birthday parties, in particular,kids birthday party. These are one of the most looked forward events for parents as well as the little kiddos, and provide opportunity to steal some precious emotions and expressions.

Whether you be the photographer yourself, or hire a professional (or hand over the responsibility to a friend); whatever be your choice, there are certain kinds of pictures that you must get clicked to make the most of this special time.



A lot of pain is taken in order to get the perfect birthday party supplies for kids. From items to decorate the place to the cutlery to the food and the cake. Click them after the final setup is done. Before guests arrive, take a picture of the party place. You don’t always need human figures to bring alive birthday party pictures.



Children are best clicked when they are not aware of it. No posing, only capturing the real moments. Click them while they are having a hearty time with their friends or munching on the delicious food you’ve prepared or are admiringly staring at their birthday cake or the decorations.

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Play with the Focus:


Take some close-ups. One at the time of cake cutting for sure. Focus on your child’s face, and the smoke of the flickering candles as the birthday girl/boy blows them off. The background is irrelevant, just that moment matters. You can even focus on a particular kids birthday party supply, like the birthday banner, which was bought because of the special liking of your child.

Click the guests:


When your child would re-visit these memories, it’s not his face alone that s/he would want to see. The guests make for an important component of the party, and so should definitely be captured generously. Happy pictures, smiling faces is all you need to focus on.

Family pictures:


It’s your child’s birthday and who would be more elated than you (guess, not even your little monster). So make sure you are not all engrossed in organizing and hosting the party, and can’t get some pictures with the birthday kid. Show them your love. You don’t have to pose for it. Just ask your photographer to be looking out for some candid shots when you and the kid are bonding together.

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Gift Opening:


That’s the time when you’ll have to capture so many expressions. Some of surprise, some of bafflement and some of sheer joy. Just have the camera ready to click as the child unwraps all his presents.

A Bit of Posing Too:


All candid, is no fun. We can do with some posing too. Noticed how little kids today get instantly excited to pose when they see a camera around. So let them have some fun. You could even arrange for a special birthday photo-session wherein the birthday kid as well as the other children can pose with beautiful baby photo props. This will not only get you some unique party pictures, it will sure add an extra fun element for the kids.

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