Let Your Child Pick Their Own Clothes! Know The 7 Reasons Why?

7 Reasons to let your kid pick his own clothes

Is your baby already picking up dresses from the wardrobe on his own? Well, this is one sign, good enough that he is growing. At times he may act fussy with the clothe choice but there’s no bad in it, accept it, it’s simply a part of his growth. Perhaps you be worrisome about them picking out clothes too old but let them do so, let them make mistakes and they will learn from them only.

Let’s us ask you to pick any of your childhood picture and compare it to one from these days. Can you see the difference, difference in the way you used to dress then and now. It seems weird now, isn’t it? See, you did learn from picking up bad clothes, right? So your little babies will too. What we are trying to say here is, let them explore their wardrobe, let them pick what they like, make subtle changes keeping in mind his choice and comfort. After all he will be wearing them and not you!

And this picking up clothes for own should not be limited to the closet, let them even shop for themselves, help them but do not impose your choices. It is not at all a bad idea to let them pick for themselves, you’ll understand it later why! Well for now we have some reasons that will guide you with why it is cool to let your babies make his clothing choice.

Let’s have a loot at these 7 Reasons to Let Your Child Choose Their Own Clothes.

 They Have Their Own Opinions

Yes! They have their own opinion and that completely should be respected and paid attention to. This is one of the prime reason that they should be allowed to pic their own clothes, they have their own taste and opinion. So it is completely fair for them to pick what they think is good to wear, why shouldn’t they wear what they like. Don’t you often ask them to be a big girl? Big boy? Even young children can have preferences so let them express them when you are deciding their outfit or when you take them to shopping. You can always them picking the best one! And that’s exactly what a parent’s job is, isn’t it?

They Need To Develop Their Own Taste

It is very important for children to develop their own taste be it about making food choices, friends or clothes. Clothes being one of the most important one, it tell you about his taste and dressing sense. We all know how much a persons dressing tells about his personality.

Sometimes, you might not like what they have picked to wear but them go back to remember even your parents didn’t bother much about it! There are chances that your kids when grow up will be embarrassed about what then chose back them but that’s fun too. Don’t stop them from making choices. Let them work through stages of developing and they surely will develop a goof taste.

It’s Easy For You Too

Often things get easier for you when your kids start choosing what they want to wear. The headache of picking up a dress for them before every event will no longer be yours. You can let them handle their outfit issues and can simply focus on yours. Isn’t it a big relief. You think it isn’t. then why don’t you think about that time when you were behind your daughter running to get in the dress you chose for her and she was not ready to get it. You were under stress, isn’t it? Well, now when she is making her choice, that stress is completely gone. Life is much easier for you now!

This Is Time Saving Too

As soon as they start making their own choice in clothing the daily battle of what to make them wear completely vanishes. No parent is entertained by the early morning battles, daily! Dealing with your little’s fuss everyday, you just can;t take it for long. So why not let them do it for himself? You lose time fighting this battle, so let your arms down here, let them dress on their own. Letting them pick an outfit for themselves will surely work better and you will save time, a lot of it!

 Not Necessary They Will Wear What You Buy All The Time

As a parent you must be spending a lot of money on your kids dressing but are they really liking what you are making them wear or you simply is wasting your hard earning? See, it is not necessary that your kid will always like what you get for them. Did you like all the dresses your parents bought for you? No! Then how can you expect your kids to like all your choices? It really can be annoying if you have spend money on some clothing and he refuses to wear them so avoid this exact scene. Cut it out just by letting them make choice for themselves. They will be much happier and will never refuse to wear their choice. See, hoe letting them choose their own outfit in the store carries advantages. Moreover there will be nothing in his wardrobe lurking, unwanted. In another way, making him choice his own outfits is saving you money and time, both.

Shopping Together Will Enhance The Bonding

Taking them to shopping will obviously give you a chance to make your bond strong with them. Leaving them home to grandparents or Nany will distance you from them and also you will not be able to spend a good time with them. Taking them to shopping will allow you to know about his taste in color, clothing and style. He’ll also be knowing about yours and it is really important to know about each others choices to make a good bond. Also you’ll be able to teach them to shop wisely. They will learn shopping and making choices. They will learn a lot of things you don’t even can see right now but once in the situation you’ll realize how good the decision of taking them to shopping was. Strong bonds lead to strong relationships be it you spouse or your kid.

It’s Fun

Taking your kids along for the shopping is fun. You can leave them at the kids corner to pick what all they like. You can later look at his choice and know what all he likes and in what he loves the most to dress. Also one can see if the kids choice matches to Mumma or Daddy’s choices. Not only when you are shopping also making them help chose an outfit for her day out will be fun. She will be discussing her preferences with you and you can guide her well with the color coordination and matches. After all you are the first person they’ll be approaching for help!

Now we thing you never gonna stop them making choices in how to dress. See! These reasons were enough to understand why they do so and why you should let them. It’s just a part of their growth, let them bloom!


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