Children’s Party Ideas: What to Do in Winters?

Running out of indoor party ideas for your kid’s birthday party? Now that your winter born baby’s birthday is approaching are you thinking that had he be born a few months too soon or arrived a month or two later you would have had the liberty to throw exciting outdoor parties? Oh you mothers! It’s O.K. We don’t live in south pole that we can’t venture out. On second thoughts; but it would be exciting to actually have a North Pole themed birthday party this winter. Isn’t it?

Many such innovative theme parties can beat the chills of the cold season and turn birthday celebrations into a warm and delightful affair. Here are some broad outlined ideas you could take a cue from-

1. Ice-land Theme Party:


Turn the party venue icy-blue. Spread a ice-blue carpet, have white net curtains to decorate the place. Go hunting for kids birthday party supplies, and you might find something even more interesting to go with the theme. Mention in the invitations that guests come dressed according to the theme. Have snow candies, get snowman cupcakes or marshmallows, and for the cake too, go with the theme and order a 3D Igloo, or Snowman, or a Ice-castle cake. Let your imagination guide you as far as it can.

2. Puppet Party:


You could arrange for a puppet show, and have some cute puppets be given away as party favors at the end. Have a cozy seating organized for the kids and serve them hot chocolate and steaming snacks. If you want to go a little further, learn a few tricks and be the puppeteer yourself. You could have a good winter story be told to the kids. This could turn out to be not just a fun-filled but also a learning affair for the kids.

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3. Bonfire Party:


What better way to beat the winter cold than to set up a bonfire. You could have the kids have a little sleepover, or if parents it is convenient for the parents to pick and drop then a night bonfire party would be a great way of celebrating your child’s birthday. You could even set a barbecue (not necessarily), but do arrange for some activities like passing the parcel and all revolving around the fire.

4. Ice Skating Party


For school going kids, arranging for an outing to an indoor ice-skating rink could also be one exciting way of birthday celebration. Invite a couple of his/her friends and take them there. You could have the bookings in advance and also arrange for a teacher/guide who will help the kids learn a few quick tricks to have some good time skating. At the end treat them to some tempting fast food.

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5. Cushion-Fight Party:

sleepover pillow fight

We admit it could be a bit risky with kids involve but if you take precautions, it may well become one of the most memorable and celebrations ever. Have soft mattresses spread all over the floor. Arrange for your to-be-destroyed birthday party supplies for the kids - Soft tiny cushions, with loosely stitched covers. Play the music, let the kids have a gala time tearing apart their battle weapons and spreading the snow-like cotton flakes all over.

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