Common Triggers For Toddlers Hitting And Biting

Children are very sensitive and so do their emotions. They can easily get hurt by your any activity or any particular actions. As they don’t have so much of emotional control and do not know how to react on such situations, so to give you a hint that they are not liking what you are doing or what you are saying, they start biting and hitting.

hitting and biting

In this era of stress, we all have different ways to get rid of those stress, same is with children. Growing up is not at all easy, it comes with lot of stress , which we have also experienced when we were at the same stage. We as adult have plenty of options to get rid of our stress like by communicating or by doing some stress relieving activities but children don’t have any idea related to stress busters. So, the best thing they do is hitting and biting. The best way to react on your baby’s lash out is stepping in to his/her shoes. Get down to his level, keep a eye contact, stay calm and politely say “No hitting- Hitting Hurts”. In case he/she still do the same thing then the best thing is shift him/her from the situation and give him/her a one minute time out. When you control and discipline your kid every time he/she hits, by doing this frequently he/she will come to know that their is no excuse for violence and will think twice before doing it.

Every kid normally bites or hits for the same reason and once you know how to handle it, you can keep your child away from the aggressive behavior and guide him to share his/her feelings in a more peaceful and positive way. Lets discuss some common and major causes :

Tries to defend his Turf


You must have noticed that children often get tough on playground or playdate, that’s because they are surrounded with a bunch of kids with different attitude. There may be a situation when kids will try to grab your baby’s toys, or may be push him/her or will hinder their personal space and perhaps your baby is trying to say “stop” or “It’s mine” but we all know when it’s time to play, kids hardly listen to each other. And that’s the time when your kid will loose control and will react harshly by biting or hitting.

What you can do in this situation is let him/her calm down. You can distract his attention and avoid the hitting and biting by introducing a new toy or may start over with a new activity which can diffuse the dispute. If your child is fighting for a toy with some other kid, then let him/her settle it down by their own but if you see that it may take a rough turn, it’s the correct time to intervene and resolve it. Always remember, don’t let your child keep the toy which he/she has snatched. Ask him/her to give it back, so that he/she can get an idea that by getting rough, he/she will not get what he/she wants.

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Exploration with mouth


You must have noticed that your infant enjoy putting everything in his/her mouth whatever he/she get in his/her hands. It’s one of the way how they learn about the environment and it’s hard to change. 1 year old baby leads with their mouth, whether it’s munching on your arms or biting while breastfeeding.

If your child bites you while feeding, take off immediately. Look at him/her and gently say “NO”. And he/she keeps on on doing the same thing again and again, then you also repeat the process, Don’t feed. Let him/her realize that biting will interrupt his/ her meal. You are his/her role model, the kid will learn by grasping your actions, so be a little alert and stop play biting. Otherwise, he/ she will learn that biting is not something which he/she should stop doing, it’s a playful thing. Every change you want in your kids, starts with you, how you behave., what you want to teach your kids, how you handle things in front of him/her etc. All these normal day to day things will add something to his/her mental development.

Doesn't feel like oneself

sad 222

When your kid has a low day and he/she simply lashes out because they are feeling irritated and cranky. You must have noticed as a parent that even those kids who doesn’t hit or bite often loose control and starts biting and hitting parents because of stress or at the end of a hectic long day.

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Being attentive and cautious is the best way to prevent your child when he/she is lashing out. If you know that he/she hits due to tiredness, then have him take a nap at least an hour before play date and let him/her sleep at the same time every night. Or if you know that he/she bites due to hunger, then it’s better to plan a full day meal schedule and do take some snacks when going to a playground with him/her. This will help your child from getting rid of irritation or anger.

Lack of right words


We all do get bored, tired, hungry and overwhelmed at some point of time, so do children. As they lack in expressing their feelings verbally and that irritates them, so to out burst their feelings, they bite or hit. Identifying the reason why your toddler is upset, can be very difficult at this age. Is he/she hitting or biting because he/she is upset or annoyed or may be he/she wants a snack. Try to offer something to him/her and if he/she refuses it by slapping it, that clearly indicates the disagreement. So politely ask do you want milk? Teach him/her how to react or teach him/her some common and easy words. Praise your child if he.she uses it. This will encourage him/her to learn more about speaking then getting into an aggressive behavior.

Hope these reasons of kids biting and hitting will solve your tinny day to day baby handling problems. Keep on reading our blog so that you never face any problem in handling your baby. Be safe and enjoy your parenthood.

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