Planning A Pirate Party For Your Kid’s Next Birthday

Birthdays are ever so much fun and when its your kid’s birthday, fun multiplies immensely! Its not only his special day but as a parent, it is your big day as well. You have lived every moment for him and with him! And an year has gone by with memories of some fun vacations, his achievements, bed time stories and so on. Time to show your love for him through a big birthday bash that will be the talk of his peers for months at a stretch!

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But what to do? How to make the arrangements? What should be the theme? These questions might be raiding your mind but here we are to answer all of these. To get the eyes rolling, why not plan a pirate party for your kid? Its different, its creative and its fun for sure. Don’t worry about the planning, we have everything sorted, read on to know more!



The invite has to match to the theme of the party. You can get it printed or DIY if you like. Its super easy and super fun. Write your matter in some olden day fonts to make it look authentic. Creative use of phrases like ship sails on..., or captain wants the presence of his mates etc will look exciting! Use crushed paper for it and burn the edges lightly for a nice effect. You can also involve your kids to decorate a simple printed invitation with pirate drawings and skull marks. Its his birthday so involve him throughout to get his spirits high before the D-Day!

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The decorations of your party will be the deciding factor whether it is a hit or a flop, so work on them. If you can use your backyard for the party, spread fishing net on it and use blue net fabric to create swirls. This will give a sea effect to your party. From the entrance to the main venue put up small black flags with white skull print on it. DIY your treasure chest by painting an old trunk in brown and gold. Stuff in it costume jewelry and toy gold coins to get the pirate feel soaring! If possible set up a pirate ship, you can use wood or even cardboard to make a big ship, decorate it with flags, fishing nets and skull print. You can buy kids birthday party supplies online also.

Photo Booth


It will be fun to set up a photo booth to click some amazing pictures of the event. Create a backdrop using fishing net, tattered pieces of clothes and banners with stickers of skulls and ships on it. You can even use the ship (if you made it) as the backdrop. Buy pirate hats and eye patches as props or you may even use red bandannas for it. If you are ultra creative and have enough time, stitch black jerseys and paint skulls on it. You can even create props with paper and cardboard in the shape of pirate hat and eye patch. Prepare an amazing set up and capture the best memories!

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Party snacks can be simple with a twist! Select your menu according to what you can easily prepare and what the kids will enjoy and just give it a pirate twist in the end. Make a drink for them, maybe plain juice, use a thick slice of orange and float it in the glass. Then use a toothpick to attack a black paper flag with skull print to it. You can serve small cupcakes and add to them a piece of gold coin chocolate. For any other snacks like popcorn, nachos or nuggets put them in a snack tub with pirate and skull patches around it. Also decorate the snack table with flags and pirate hats and fishing nets for added feel!

Party Games


What is a party without some fun activities? Plan games which relate to your theme for extra fun element. Treasure hunt will be on the game menu without a doubt. Create little maps of your house on parchment paper, burn the edges and tear it in pieces. Then put them in small bags and distribute them in small groups of kids to find the hidden treasure. The kids will arrange the pieces, follow the map and reach to their goal! You can plan a ‘walk the plank’ game as well for a little child adventure. Put up a wooden plank at around a foot’s height, supported by tile pieces or buckets. The plank will lead to the ship and the children will have to walk on the plank to reach the ship. The kid succeeding it without falling off will get a reward! Face painting is also a great game for the party!

Party Favors


Send the kids off with little bags as a souvenir of the amazing time they had. Cut small squares of black fabric and fill them up with gold coin chocolates and costume jewelry. Tie them up with red ribbon, attach black flags and white skull stickers to decorate. You can even attach a gold coin with the red ribbon for a dramatic effect! You can even use a small treasure chest to give as party favors. Fill it up with pirate props like a small compass, eye patch, key ring in skull shape, pirate hand or a bandanna. These party favors will be like a remembrance of the fabulous party you hosted so well!

Your kid’s birthday will be an instant hit among his friends with all these arrangements and ideas. Plan ahead for the big day, get kids party supplies online and host a grand event for your little one and his friends. The kids will go back saying, “Voila! What a party it was!”, just the perfect reward you want!

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