Tips For Accessorizing Your Little Princess

When a little baby girl is born, a mother’s excitement knows no bounds. She spends every minute wondering what toys she will get her, how should her nursery be decorated and the most important, how will she dress her. Little girls deserve be to dressed as beautifully as an angel, because that is what she is, an angel! Mothers begin to load the wardrobe with baby essentials and clothing to provide immense comfort to her baby.

Every mother has a wish to adorn her little doll in the most cute, adorable and spectacular way possible. For this, accessorizing is the ultimate resort. The lovely headbands, clips, shoes, mittens, belts and so on are bought and adorned on the little girl. But in an attempt to do so, she may go too far and hurt her baby. We have brought to you some tips to accessorize your baby girl without subjecting her to any discomfort!

Less Accessories


When it comes to accessorizing, we know that less is more and go for minimal accessories. But while dressing our dolls, we tend to forget the mantra and load her up in all sorts and colors of accessories. This may irritate the delicate skin of your girl. Instead of overburdening your girl with necklaces and stick on earrings, get her a vibrant headband or belt that can be teamed up with many outfits. She will not only be more at ease but will also look adorable!

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Neutral Colors


We totally agree that little babies can carry bright and loud colors easily due to their innocent smile and cuteness. But that does not mean we cannot dress them up in anything that does not scream for attention. Try dressing your girl in a nice blend of neutrals and vibrant shades for a different look. Dress her in a pastel dress, white or beige maybe. A pink headband or belt will do wonders to the overall look!



As a mother to a newborn girl you might feel disheartened that the gorgeous clips you bought for your baby girl slip out of her hair. She is small and has very less hair but that does not mean you cant style her. All you have to do is switch the clips with cute floral headbands. The elasticated fit will help it stay on for long and the 3D appliques add cuteness to her. Check for new born baby accessories online and style the girl most stylishly!

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Purposeful Fashion


Many women tend to dress up her baby in clothes that just serve their purpose. For example socks to protect from cold, bibs to prevent food from spoiling clothes. But there is no such rule that you cannot dress your girl in clothes that will not only fulfill the purpose but will look adorable. So dress her in comfy leggings but add socks that are super cute and a matching patterned bib for added cuteness!

Fashion is Expression

Fashion is Expression

You buy accessories for your little girl as per the dresses she has, you match the items together for an impeccable result. But once she is a little big, she might want to dress up herself. It is her way of showing that she is growing up and learning to do things. She is old enough to button up and wear pullovers and clips etc. But there is little possibility that she will know about the fashion mantras. She might want to team up a bright pink dress with green band. You will have to curb your urge to make her change it, sometimes let her mismatch to respect her choices!

Dress up your angel while keeping in mind these mantras to make a statement. Buy baby accessories online to style your girl in the ultra cute way! She will move out of your hands gradually growing up, making her own fashion decisions. But you have to respect that and agree to her sometimes, till then style her your way and make the most of this time together!

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