Which Clothes You Should Buy for Your Newborn Baby?

Are you a new mom or about to become one? Best Wishes from Babycouture. And let us take some load off your shoulders as we help you in organizing and planning your activities ahead of time. Buying ample clothes is a must but if you are getting confused about what and how many you should buy then follow see the list below. Babies outgrow their clothes quickly and that’s why stockpiling a lot of them is not a good choice but you also need an approximate number as they are mischievous also. 

From rompers to jumpsuits and cardigans, the fashion for newborns changes drastically. Let’s scroll down to see the best kids wear online collections that are a must-buy for your little one’s wardrobe. But before that let’s see how many and which type of baby clothes you should have. 

Types of Clothes for Newborns

Clothes for Newborns

As a parent, the first priority should be the comfort of your kids but nowadays dressing them in chic clothes is of equal importance. And why not, everyone wants their children to look amazing. But as curious, fragile, and playful they are; newborns need utmost care. Below is the list of clothes you should keep in his/her wardrobe and it is not an absolute list. Make additions or reductions as you like. 

  • Singlets - It is easy to dress infants in singlets and it also keeps them comfortable with their arms and legs free for movements. You should keep six or more singlets for changing. They also make for great sleepwear.
  • Bodysuits - The complete outfit for babies, without a doubt, is a Bodysuit. With kids going through different clothes in a single day having multiple options ready is a good choice. You can mix and match solid-colored bodysuits with printed ones. 
  • Baby Sleepers - The all-in-one outfit that is not good only for the nap time of your babies but can also be used for dressing your kids during their outings. You should keep 5-6 pieces of different baby sleepers in the little one’s wardrobe.
  • Baby Jumpsuits - Just like Bodysuits for babies, jumpsuits are also a complete package that keeps them warm and cozy without restricting their movements. As kids change through many clothes in a single day, you should keep 4-5 jumpsuits in their wardrobes. 
  • Three to four pieces of both bunny rugs (cotton) and muslin wraps.
  • You can keep a sleeping bag as an alternative for wraps. 
  • Three to four cotton hats and a few pairs of socks to protect their heads from cold temperatures. 

These are the baby clothes that you should have in their wardrobes. Kids tend to spit and blow out a lot during the early few months. And the fragile little things need a lot of attention and care. Keep changing their clothes periodically during the day and clean them properly to avoid the danger of infections. Babycouture is your one-stop destination for all your infant clothes online requirements. Let’s see why you should use Babycouture to buy baby clothes. 

Why Choose Babycouture?

Clothes for newborn baby

Mothers, rest assured as Babycouture brings you only the best products to add to your little one’s wardrobes. We offer elite clothes to style your kids in that are made using premium-quality fabric so that they are comfortable and do not feel irritation from continuous long wear. Below are the key points that our team of professionals focuses on when choosing clothes for our amazing collections.


Baby’s comfort is an important factor when you are selecting clothes for your kids and Babycouture offers clothes that are tailored in high-quality fabric so that it does not cause rashes and irritation to your kids. Whether it is cotton, silk, or any material that is used in making the clothes, your children will not feel uneasy while wearing them. 

Safety Standards and Hazards

Keeping your child comfortable and safe are two different things. Avoid dressing your kids in clothes with loose buttons, having too many beads, or other things that can be dangerous. Instead of buying poorly made clothes, buy genuine clothes on Babycouture. 

Amazing Color Palettes

Whether you are looking for solid colors or multi-colored clothes for your babies, we got it all. Search and find the perfect clothes for your little munchkins from our exclusive range of clothing sets. 

Babycouture is an online shopping site for mothers that are looking to upgrade their children’s wardrobes. We are here for you to shower them with your love and nurture them with care. Whether you are looking for newborn baby clothes, baby girl clothing sets, daily wear for boys, party wear for girls, infant winter dresses, infant summer outfits, or anything else, we got it all. Search and find clothes that will capture your little one’s heart and also keep them comfy.

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