10 Things to Keep in Mind While Taking Your Baby to a Wedding

Your bestie is getting married, what thoughts raid your mind on hearing this? Shopping! The first thought has to be this for sure, agreed. And if you are a mother, you’d be on your toes for shopping at the mere mention of a wedding. Not only you have to look glam but your baby also has to look adorable. But do you remember your wedding day? She left no stone un-turned to make it the best day of your life. You want to recreate all that, don’t you? But she was a carefree spinster then and you are a mother now! Weddings can be a nightmare for ladies with toddlers, so how are you going to enjoy the big day of your bestie? We have brought to you some tips that can change this dreading experience into the most blissful one!

Extra Pair of Clothes

extra clothesYour little ones are naughty, right? Who knows they might decide to make a sand castle in the lawn? Those pretty dresses will all turn into a bundle of filth! There goes your dream to enjoy the wedding! Not really. You just need to pack smart. Bring along 2-3 extra pairs of clothes for such unpredictable catastrophe!

Sterilized Bottles

Sterilized BottlesA mother to an infant knows what her child’s hunger pangs in public are like! Those tinni-minnies feel hungry often and tend to cry resulting in an embarrassing situation in public. To avoid this you could carry some top feed in sterilized bottles and give them as and when required. Same can be done for water, in case of thirst.

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Spare Diapers

Spare DiapersIf your ‘ball of cuteness’ is very small, liquids and solid foods are the only diet. Resulting in frequent urination and you don’t want your baby to suffer rashes from wetness. So always keep spare diapers handy for the much needed change. This will keep the crying in check and you will be able to take part in the ceremonies!

Toys and Soothers

soothersA child is in a constant need of attention and it seems manageable at home. But weddings don’t allow you to shower your child with loads of attention as there is so much going on. Toys and soothers provide the needful distraction to them and allow you to manage other things.

Easy to Eat Foods

Easy to Eat FoodsWhile you are out, food is a major concern. Though infants are only breast fed but toddlers can create a huge mess while eating. To keep a check on this, carry some easy to eat foods like berries, cookies, nuts etc. Maintain safe distance from watery foods as the mess they will create is sure to make your eyes water!

Baby Pram

Baby PramSitting at one place for a long time is definitely not a baby’s cup of tea. Carrying your child inn your arm can meddle with your comfort and fun. Bringing a baby pram along is a good idea as it will not only lessen your effort in carrying but will also allow your child to sleep peacefully in that maddening commotion!

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BlanketSummer weddings are not preferred by many people and the wedding season is all about cool weather. Babies catch cold easily and it is all the more necessary to keep them warm during night time, the preferred party time! A blanket comes handy when your baby is cold and restless. Wrap your baby in the warmth of a blanket and you are set to rock and roll!

Comfy Clothes: The thought of wearing sober clothes to your bestie’s wedding is almost revolting! But all the embellishments and stones on your sparkly clothes might hurt your little one. Save the bling for another time and dress sober for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Your active involvement in the ceremonies will be more important to your friend than your ultra glam outfit!

No High Heels

punjabi-juttiDressing for a wedding is incomplete without a pair of high heels matching your outfit and mood. But this little sacrifice can pay you many times round! Low waist saree/ lehanga, loads of jewelry and high heels along with a baby at arm; perfect recipe for tripping! You don’t want to discuss the repercussions for sure. Switch to platforms or trendy Punjabi jutti to be on a safer side!

Minimum Accessories: All the glitter and sparkle is sure to attract your baby’s attention to your jewelry. They have a tendency to grab at all the dazzling stuff they can put their hands on! This snatching might hurt both of you and that is surely not your plan. Go for minimal accessory look, after all less glamour is better than scratch marks!

Gone are those when your mantra to a wedding was to ‘wake up, dress up and show up’! Time is changing and so do you have to. Make the most of your loved one’s big day by opting for these tips. They are easy and will save you a lot of trouble!

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