Adorable Outfit Ideas for a Memorable and Cute Baby Photo Shoot

Gone are the days when fashion was a term for adults only. Kids these days are as fashionable as their parents. Besides, parents too love keeping their little ones in style and capturing their every moment.

Furthermore, fashion is not just limited to grown-up kids. Just because your baby girl or boy is in diapers, does not mean their style and clothes should be boring.

Here are the best and the cutest outfit ideas for baby & toddler clothes for girls and boys. You can use this for your baby's photoshoot. What's more, you can reuse them later on!

  • Outfit Ideas for Newborn Babies (up to 3 Months)

When you come home from the hospital, baby fashion is the last thing that will cross your mind. However, choosing outfits for newborns is quite a simple task. This is because, at this stage, your little one hardly moves, sleeps a lot, and doesn't mind being changed. All you need to take care of is their comfort.

  • Baby Girl

Check out these fantastic newborn baby girl photo shoot outfit ideas.

  • Bodysuits/Rompers

Baby Girl Bodysuits/Rompers

A comfortable bodysuit or a romper is the perfect choice for your little doll's first photo shoot. Moreover, these come in various patterns. You can choose from the printed ones to the solid ones.

Also, do keep the theme of the photoshoot in mind and buy accordingly. Our suggestion, choose a floral printed pink color romper. Pink looks amazing on little girls! Further, do not forget to accessorize.  

  • Dresses


Among all the clothes for girls, dresses are perfect for little girls. This is because one-piece outfits like these are easy to put and take-off when the baby has limited moments.

Therefore, for her first photo shoot, you can dress up your baby girl in comfy and cute dresses.

  • Two-Piece Outfits

Two-Piece Outfits

Two-piece outfits too look great on little girls. Dress up your baby girl in striped pleated tops and pants. Further, choose a perfect background, and you are sure to get mesmerizing pictures of your little doll.


  • Tutu Dresses

Tutu Dresses

A fluffy tutu dress can make your baby girl look no less than a fairy. Also, the images are sure to turn out amazing; you just need to add a pair of cute shoes and a crystal headband.

Further, instead of choosing the tutus in the usual pinks, why not go for a mesmerizing red shade or, how about the amazing black?

  • Baby Boy

Have a look at these fresh and stylish baby boy photoshoot outfit ideas and get inspired.

  • Bodysuits/Rompers

Baby Boy Bodysuits/Rompers

You can never go wrong with Bodysuit/Romper outfit for your little boy. Not only are these comfortable but will also make your tiny tot look fabulous and stylish for the photoshoot.

Make sure to choose one in playful colors. Also, prints on it can be a fantastic idea. We suggest you choose one with a cactus print.


  • Two-Piece Outfits

Although it is always easy to dress up your little ones n bodysuits and rompers, two-piece outfits can also be a great idea. Therefore, instead of rompers, you can go with trendy pants and funky tees.

  • Outfit Ideas for Infants (3-12 Months)

With the availability of unisex clothing, choosing outfits for infants has become a lot easier. Further, your choices are not limited to one section. You can mix and match outfits for your infant from both parts of kids' fashion.

  • First Birthday Outfits

First Birthday Outfits

Your little ones' first birth anniversary is the perfect occasion to capture some moments of this much-awaited event. So, buy an amazing dress for your baby boy or girl and dress them up for some memorable pictures.

You can buy a tutu skirt for your baby girl and a romper for your boy. If the outfit has the slogan first birthday printed on it, it would be like a cherry on the cake. Also, along with the photoshoot, do not forget to throw your kid a perfect birthday party with lots of balloons, sweets, and games.

  • Theme-Based Outfits

Theme-Based Outfits

Alternatively, you can choose your child's favorite cartoon character themed outfit. Ask your kid about their most loved character and buy them a garment with the same theme.

Usually, little boys are fond of superheroes and marvel characters like superman, Spiderman, etc. While, some love other cartoon characters like Disney's Mickey Mouse, Doraemon, Minions, etc. therefore, make sure to ask their choice first. You do not want to make your little rockstar angry and sad.

Girls, on the other hand, love Disney princesses, unicorns, and Barbie's. Kids fashion these days has all such outfit themes available. Dress up your tiny tots in these outfits and let them live their fantasies.

  • Summer Casual Outfits/Beach Outfits

Summer Casual Outfits/Beach Outfits

Outdoor photoshoots during summers can be a great idea. For the girls, you can always choose a comfy cotton dress with stylish shoes. If the outdoor location is a beach, you can get your kid an amazing and cute swimwear. Also, do not forget the accessories.

However, always remember not to overdo them. Let the pictures look as natural as possible. Also, make sure to use sunscreen. You do not want the sun to damage your little one's skin.

Similarly, for the boys, choose comfy summer outfits like tees and shorts. This will keep them playful and happy throughout the shoot and even after that.

  • Ethnic Outfits

Ethnic Outfits

A photoshoot in India is incomplete without traditional dresses. The ethnic suits, lehenga cholis, shararas, kurtas, sherwanis, and achkans look amazing on kids. These Indian attires make our kids look like princes and princesses.

Therefore, plan a royal photoshoot for your babies and create innumerous memories for them to cherish throughout their lives. Also, do not forget to style your kids in a typical Indian way and use matching accessories.

  • Outfit Ideas for Toddlers (1-3 Years)

As the children grow, their knack for fashion increases! Thanks to the innumerous fashion options in kids fashion wear, you get a variety to choose from. However, at this stage, children usually become moody with their choices. Therefore, do not forget to consider their opinions.

  • Girls

Outfit Ideas for Toddlers (1-3 Years) Girls

Your toddler girl is sure to look beautiful and stylish in a cute dress teamed up with a pair of trendy and comfy shoes. For photoshoots, at this stage, you can choose elegant and casual dresses for her. Also, ethnic wear is a good option.

  • Boys

Outfit Ideas for Toddlers (1-3 Years) Boys

For the photoshoot of your toddler boy, choose something that can make him stand out. Do not forget to get him comfy shoes to make his moments easier. Again, traditional wear is also a fantastic choice for boys too.

Steal inspiration from these amazing outfit ideas for your baby girl or boy's next photo shoot. However, when buying these outfits, always ensure that they are comfortable and would not harm your kids' delicate and soft skin.

Plan an amazing photoshoot for your baby girl and boy with our wonderful outfit ideas. You can get a marvelous and comfortable collection of kids’ fashion wear at


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