Essential clothes to dress your children properly during snow

Playing in the snow is a great way for kids to spend a snowy day, have fun, and make the most of winter weather. In general, babies need one more extra layer of clothing than adults to keep their bodies warm. Follow the dressing tips provided below to keep your baby warm and protected all winter long to enjoy the joys of the season. 

Understand how to dress

Dress your children in at least three layers before they go out in the snow: a base layer to keep moisture away; a middle layer to insulate warmth; the third layer to offer warmth and wind protection.

  • A good thumb rule is to put one extra layer on your child that you will be comfortable in.
  • You can always adjust three layers based on the conditions and climate by adding more than one middle layer or a removable coat liner. 

Stick to synthetics and wool

Whenever buying base layers and socks in particular, favor natural wool and synthetic fabrics over garments made with cotton. Cotton absorbs and retains moisture very easily which traps cold moisture against the body and increases health risks. When you are looking for socks and warm layers, good materials to look out for are polyester, merino wool, acrylic, and polypropylene.

Kids clothing during snow

Find waterproof outwear

Invest in good-quality snow pants and coats that are rated for a certain temperature and the ability to repel wind and moisture. You can buy the best kids winter dresses online from Baby Couture based on the average and predicted temperatures for winters in your area. But know that there is a difference between waterproof and water-resistant, so check the labels and ratings on coats and pants before you buy them. 

Protect against the elements

This goes hand in hand with dressing your kid in layers, but be sure to protect your children from the wind and cold as much as possible. You can also use a cover for your stroller so you can still get in those daily evening walks but your kid won’t be exposed to the cold and wind. And whenever you are out for a prolonged period of time, make sure their head and hands are covered.

Snow kids

Choose the right tops and bottoms

Dress your children in a base layer for the legs and upper body. Base layer garments should fit snugly against the body of your kids, be breathable, and dry quickly so they do not hold cold moisture against the skin. 

  • Buy base layers made up of polyester, thin wool, and other synthetic materials. Avoid buying cotton as it absorbs moisture easily but is very slow to dry, causing remaining moisture around the body to get cold and remain wet. 
  • For a base layer, you can also use thermal underwear as long as they are made from moisture-wicking material and not cotton. 

Top with a quality coat

Look for winter coats that are intended for snow, wind resistance, cold temperature, and water repellency. Check waterproof and cold ratings to ensure that a coat will meet the requirements of your local climate. Always make sure that snaps, zippers, and other fastenings are closed while dressing your children. 

  • Look for coats that are long in size and cover the body past the waist, and have high necks and hoods to keep the cold out from the face and neck. 
  • Ideally, a coat should have plenty of methods for ventilation to release sweat from the inner layers. Look for the sleeve ends that can be loosened. 
  • Zipper pulls are always easy to maintain and handle or modify so that children do not have to remove mittens or gloves to zip or unzip. 

Kids in snow

Get good snow pants

Look for pants that have similar qualities as coats in regards to good construction, warmth, water, and wind resistance. Snow pants are usually thick, insulated pants that are meant to be worn over other layers. You can find the best quality baby winter dresses online from Baby Couture that are in a bib and overalls style that avoid cold and snow from getting in. 

Keep extremities and faces warm

Wrap the neck and even the lower half of the face with a warm knit scarf. Top the head with a warm beanie or hat with earflaps, pull up the hood on the coat for extra warmth and protection. 

Babies and children lose a lot of heat through their heads, so it’s very important that you dress them in a warm hat. Ensure that the ears are fully covered with an ear warmer headband and other accessories. You can go for kids accessories online shopping on Baby Couture and find the accessories matching your kids’ wardrobe during the snow.

Kids playing in snow

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