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India is a land of festivals and the many festivals taking place all year long make it more exciting to dress up for your favorite ones. In today’s technology-oriented world, kids grow fast and they have a voice of their own. Whether it be their favorite cereal or tv show, they know their likes. It is also true when it comes to their wardrobe and clothes. And in a country where everyone, especially girls, like to dress up on different occasions, how can our boys fall behind them? 

Babycouture brings you the handpicked collection of ethnic attire for kids online that will catch your little prince’s heart as soon as he sees them and also make everyone’s eyes turn to him in every function that he attends. Kids love when the adults give them attention and compliment their choices.  And the best way to keep your babies happy is to make them dress smartly like the little rockstar that they are and see them smiling brightly as they interact with their peers. Whether it be an anniversary party, wedding, or festival; the grace of ethnic and traditional clothes is unmatched. And to add this grace and class to your son’s wardrobe, have a look at the must-have clothing articles and sets for your baby boy. Before that scroll down to see the special occasions on which you can style your kids in traditional attires. 

Multicultural Occasions to Wear Traditionals

Multicultural Occasions to Wear Traditionals

Traditional clothes are time-honored clothing sets that have been worn by ancestors and forefathers. Though the task of dressing up your little one can be seen as a tedious one, with easy-going kurtas and comfortable pajamas, the tasks become a lot easier. Let’s have a look at three special occasions where you can style your son like a prince. 


Weddings are grand celebrations in India and the best time to dress in ethnics. A pleasant ethnic outfit made with skin-friendly and comfortable fabric in the latest style is all the hype for your little munchkin. Whether it is a wedding or other ceremony, a well-maintained Kurta Pajama with Nehru Jacket will make him look adorable.


We often dress kids in casual wear but nothing can compare with wearing traditional clothes on auspicious days. Dress your kids in comfortable ensembles that do not hinder their movements and make them look different from the regular days. 

Anniversary Party

Whether it is the parent’s anniversary party or someone else’s, you can choose to dress up your kids in formals. But the personal touch that comes when wearing an ethnic set is incomparable to the flashy formals. You can balance your son’s attire with a kurta, pajama, and jacket. 

Kurta-Pajamas are the basic outfits for dressing your son and they come in so many varieties that you can choose a new style for every different occasion. Are you wondering how and where you can find trendy designs on ethnics? Babycouture is your one-stop destination where you can find baby boy designer ethnic wear online with numerous options and styles to choose from. You can also make your stylish combos by adding a jacket to the kurta or in many different ways. Let’s have a look at the must-haves that you should keep in your son’s wardrobe for different events and occasions. 

Ethnic Wear Must-Haves for Boys

Make your son the trendsetter amongst his friends and cousins when dressed in fashionable and comfortable clothing for every special occasion. A simple kurta can look mesmerizing if properly styled and here is the list of must-haves for boys to style and combine different ethnic clothes in many ways. 


Ajkan set

Ajkan or Achkan is also known as Baghal Bandi. It is a knee-length jacket with long sleeves, a breast pocket on the left side, and buttons from the center or side. The ajkan comes in various color combinations and designs. 

Kurta Set:

Kurta Set for baby boys

Kurta sets come in uncountable designs and are made with different fabrics like cotton, silk, organza, and others. You can conceptualize the perfect traditional look of your son with many combinations that a kurta set can make when accessorized or combined with other clothing articles like Nehru Jackets.

Dhoti Set:

Dhoti Set for boys

Going basic when confused is the thing to do and a dhoti set is the basic smart look for kids. The best thing about dhoti sets is that you can make fusions of traditional clothes with modern styles easily. Don’t forget that a dhoti set with a Nehru jacket and mojaris/juttis is a crowd-pleaser. 

Nehru Jacket:

Nehru Jacket set for boys

Nehru Jackets are a style statement and a must-have for every boy whether teenage or older. You can pair it with different sets for various occasions. It goes well with both dhoti sets and kurta sets and can also be combined with a shirt and pant set for an amazing ethnic fusion. 

There are many other traditional wears like Angarakha and regional dresses from different parts of India but these four dresses and sets can cover almost all the different styles with few customizations. Make your son look admirable in traditional clothes as you search and buy kids' ethnic wear online on Babycouture. Ethnic wears come in many different styles with intricate works like pearls, sequins, embellishments, and many more with vibrant colors. If you are looking to buy ethnic clothes for your son or something else then Babycouture is your one-stop destination.

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