Little Things You Must Keep In Mind To Start Your Baby Talking!

cover-pic for babycoutureWhen it comes to development of speech, each baby is unique. Each one of them take their own time to develop there speech, some start with words in 12 months whereas some takes 18 months, some too take more than that. Well, there’s nothing to worry about it as it is normal but parents of course are eager to listen to their baby’s first word. Parents are found curious to talk to their little angels and thus wants to listen baby talking as soon as possible. Well now the question is, is it possible? Well, yes it is. Let’s have a glance how?

Never use baby talks

This is the most important thing to be looked at. One should not use baby talks, baby talk implies to the way of talking where we mispronounce the words, jumble them up, twist them and say. No doubt they sound sweet but are sweet for long term as your baby will not be able to catch them and even if they do, they will learn wrong. They in this process will delay their speaking and you won’t have the pleasure of talking them early. So keep your words straight and simple. We suggest you to stretch your words a little while talking to them. Say for example use hellooooo babyyyy instead of Hello Baby!

Make Eye Contact

As an adult we understand the importance of looking into the eyes while talking, it boost ones confidence. But do you know that eye contact even helps babies gain confidence to speak. So while you talk to your baby make sure you look into his eyes and speak, this way he’ll be convinced that he’s right in his speech and thus will try to speak more. Also smile and look happy when they speak. Do smile even if the word they said was mispronounced, at least they tried.

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Have Conversation With Your Baby

Who said babies are to small to talk to. They very well understand your tone and expressions, they understand if you are happy or sad. And these little things are the stairs to be a good conversationalist. As per experts if you make babies part of your conversation and talk to them regularly they try and speak too. This way they start speaking earlier as compared to the other babies. Therefore if you want your baby to talk early, share your talks with them.

Use Gestures

It is very important to use your hands, fingers, eyes, eyebrows to make gestures and expressions while you speak. Gestures help them know what you are saying easily. Matching your expressions to your words will help your baby sharpen his language skills automatically.

Pay attention to the babbling

Babies, they don’t start talking at once, words come gradually. They first start with babbling. So one should never ignore or ask their babies to stop when they babble. Babbling is the first stage to their actual speech. So when they start to babble, start appreciating them, babble along. It is seen that babies who babbles a lot, start to talk early.

So parents who wants their babies to talk real soon for sure are full with ideas how to. Aren’t you? Go start the doing and get the pleasure to hear the melody soon. We wish you luck!


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